Hong Kong Itinerary to Local Experiences & Top Attractions

She was whispering around me. I had to close my eyes as the smoke from the candles and the paper burning was getting stronger. Suddenly she stopped walking around me, she sat and started hitting the little people drawn on […]

Amazing Things to do in Xi'an and how to travel to China

10 Amazing Things to do in Xi’an, China

We traveled to China! Until now I can’t believe that we have been to Xi’an, one of the most important cities in China. This last minute trip turned to be an awesome experience and a great initiation to Chinese culture […]

Macau Tourist Spots and Best hotels

The Best of Macau: Tourist Spots and Attractions

Macau is a travel destination that people love it or hate it. Before we venture ourselves in this tiny part of China, we heard mixed opinions: “it’s all casinos” or “I love the casinos”. We were really excited and curious […]