This post was posted by TheHipmunk on Hipmunk’s Tailwind blog on Sept. 29th, 2015.

Biking isn’t just for kids on dirt bikes or adults in spandex. More people are biking in cities all over the country now more than ever before, and with good reason: bicycling improves muscle tone, promotes fat and calorie burning, strengthens the heart, relieves stress, and even helps with coordination. If you’re an avid cyclist or a newbie visiting a bike-friendly city, these hotels across the country will help you pedal your way to a fun and healthy getaway.

1. The Heywood Hotel, Austin, TX

Austin is an up-and-coming bike town, and the Heywood is one of the reasons for this. The owners of this sleek Austin hotel almost dare you to not cruise the city on two wheels. The Heywood provides free bikes (with helmets, locks, and maps and even a bike-friendly scavenger hunt) and is in close proximity to parks and trails.

2. Bowery Hotel, New York, NY

This Lower East Side hotel, as well as many hotels in New York City, offers guests complimentary bicycles to cruise around this bike-friendly neighborhood. It’s also very affordable and has a rooftop garden: what more could you ask for?

3. Hotel Monaco, Portland, OR

The Monaco and other Portland hotels have bikes, gear, and maps, all gratis for their guests. Take one of the hotel’s bikes on one of the city’s many bike-friendly streets and trails, or join one of the themed bike tours, and explore the area’s history, neighborhoods, beer, or wine.

4. Hotel Lincoln, Chicago, IL

Located right next to The Windy City’s expansive Lincoln Park, Hotel Lincoln in Chicago has free loaner bikes for guests to explore not only this 1,208 acre, Lake Michigan-adjacent urban paradise, but also any of Chicago’s other many bike-friendly neighborhoods.

5. Hotel Palomar, Philadelphia, PA

Philly is another city trying to make its environs more bikeable. The Palomar is all about health and exercise, and not just the kind offered by two wheels; the property also makes jogging and yoga accessible to all guests. After hopping on one of the free bikes, guests can cruise the nearby City Center as well as the scenic Kelly Drive Loop.

Travelers with a hankering to explore a new city on two wheels may be limited in the area they can cover, but there’s no comparing the feel for a city they’ll get when on a bike. You may need to be a bit careful, but the sense of adventure a bike will bring out in your trip will make it all worthwhile.