Boracay, Philippines – Rediscovering Paradise

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The boat stopped in a tiny beautiful beach in Boracay, Philippines. Of course a bunch of vendors approached us selling all sort of souvenir. But one little girl came straight to me and gave me an anklet made of white shells. I tried to give it back because I didn’t want to buy it, but with big smile on her face she told me: “It´s a present for you because you’re beautiful!”, and she walked away.

That was our welcome to Boracay, Philippines, the most famous and visited island in the country. A tiny piece of land located in the middle of  7.107 islands at the pacific ocean. I was expecting an over crowded place, over rated hotels and meals, and a so-called tropical paradise that was already transformed in a busy international town. Thanks God I was wrong!

The smile and the gesture of that little girl broke the ice. I tried to pay her for the jewellery but she didn´t accept. That was the first lesson learned about Boracay, Philippines: the beauty of this country is not only the nature, but the people who live there and the smile they give to us all the time!

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I put my gift on my right ankle and I was ready to discover Boracay. And yes, it is a crowded paradise, it’s full of international tourists and of course it is more expensive than other small and unknown cities in The Philippines. However it´s a stunning island, and you never get tired of looking at the white sand beaches and the golden sunset. Boracay was more than we expected!

Boracay Philippines 3 (2).jpgTravel to Boracay, Philippines, is not an ordinary trip. Most of the time it involves flights, buses, boat trips, some money and top expectations. If you are not prepared for it, there will be a big chance that you´ll end up saying that Boracay is not a worthy destination. Although, the problem is not Boracay, but actually how people organize their trip and what they expected to see and do there.

That said, the first thing you have to keep in mind is: Rediscover Boracay, Philippines!

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What to do in Boracay – A Paradise for Sport & Nature Lovers 

Boracay has options for all tastes and ages. From sunbathing on the White Beach, to scuba diving and kite surfing. There is no way you can be bored there, you just need to look around and be inspired by the beautiful nature.

All the action happens at the White Beach. Divided in 3 stations, the beach is where most of the hotels, bars and restaurants are located. On the beach you can find many companies offering a big menu of  what to do in Boracay. Stop and talk with them, schedule your activities and have fun!  🙂

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» Island Boat Trip & Snorkeling Paradise

Prepare your snorkel gear, some fruits, water and go for a day trip around the island. There is no better way to explore the different islands and sea. You can hire a private boat from one of the fishermen on the beach, the day service will cost around $3.500 Pesos (80 usd) not a bad price if you have a small group of friends.

Or you can do the same as we did: go for a day tour in a shared big boat. We paid only $750 Pesos (17 usd ) per person and it was included snorkel gear, lunch at a local restaurant and 6 stops for diving and swimming. Really a great deal! 

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For me the boat trip was one of the highlights of our stay. Even if you are not into snorkeling, the boat trip is a must thing to do in Boracay. The sea life is gorgeous there, so many fishes, corals and crystal clear water. Rob couldn’t get out of the water, I got stung by a jellyfish, but even though I kept snorkeling. On our GoPro camera thousands of amazing underwater pictures.

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» Learn Stand Up Paddle

It´s never too late to learn a new sport! And this sentence is coming from me, a person that was never good in water sports and outdoors activities. But Thank God things change in life and I fell in love with stand up paddle.

It was love on first sight, or better say, on the first paddle. Since we left Brazil I wanted to try SUP and it was in Boracay, Philippines, that I got the guts to do it. On the White Beach we rented a board for $500 Pesos per hour (11,50 usd) and Rob went to the sea with me.

Rob surfs since he was a kid, so no secrets for him to get on the board. And surprisingly it was easy for me too. I tried only once, and suddenly I was on my two feet standing on the board and paddling towards the deep-sea. OMG!!  No words to describe the feeling » Happiness + Freedom + Achievement + Love.

I paddled during the sunset and couldn’t choose the best moment to do it. I´m sure you can spot my silly happy face on the picture… And please don’t judge my SUP skills, I’m still a beginner. 😀

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» Discover Bulabog Beach – The Kitesurf Paradise in Boracay

If you want more adrenaline and the wind blowing on your face go for a Kitesurf experience! You just need to cross the island (from White Beach you walk towards Bulabog Beach – 15 minutes max) and you will find a paradise of coloured kites, tanned people and really cool atmosphere.

Bulabog Beach is the opposite of White Beach. Despite the many hotels and resorts that lay on the sand this part of the island is still quiet. Bulabog breathes a different air. 

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» Dive in Boracay, Philippines

The crystal clear water of Boracay island is perfect for diving. On the White Beach you can find many dive schools offering courses from Discover Scuba Dive till the PADI Certification for Open Water Dive. The prices and the duration of the courses vary from each school. If diving is on the top of your “what to do in Boracay” list, go for it! I only recommend you to check all the info and the background of the company you choose, diving is a serious sport and safety needs to be your main concern.

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» Water Activities – Let´s Have Fun

If you are not up to learn a new sport but definitely want to have fun in the turquoise water, Boracay has plenty of activities for you! On the White Beach you can find parasailing, jet ski, banana boat, and even a Mermaid lesson (you can learn how to swimming and act as a mermaid, how cool and different is that??!!).

All the activities happen daily and you just need to book one day in advance. Browse around the beach and you will find a big range of price and services. Usually on the Station 3 you will find cheapest option, and they are still good and safe!  😉 

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» Spend the day at Puka Shell Beach – My Favorite Paradise

Far from the crowded streets, this beach is a hidden paradise in Boracay, Philippines. To get there you have to take a tricycle (around $100 Pesos – 2 usd per person), after 15 minutes drive you will arrive on this beautiful long beach with light blue water and coloured corals.

The sand is a mix of corals and shells, and it invites you do sit and relax. The vibe is unique. All the people are enjoying the nature and swimming with fishes. We went to Puka Shell twice and chose it as our favourite paradise in Boracay.

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Puka Shell is not an urban beach, so go there prepared. There are some drink and food stalls there, but I recommend you to bring your own water, fruits and even a biscuit. I´m sure you won’t want to leave this paradise just because of some cravings!

After an amazing day in Puka Shell the way back to White Beach can be a bit difficult. There are some tricycles waiting for the tourists on the beach, however the prices they charge are outrageous. Before getting to the drivers, talk to some people on the beach and invite them to share a ride with you, or walk away from the beach till you can find a tricycle for a reasonable price.


» Explore the Other Beaches and Islands

Boracay is not only the White Beach, Puka Shell and Bulabog, there are other tiny beaches hidden around the island. One day we decided to get a map of the city and walk through the streets until we found these amazing spots. If you have spare time on the island, this is something I highly suggest you to do, you won’t regret!

In less than 15 minutes walking we reached some quiet and untouched places. We had the beach and the view just for us. The world “Perfection” and “Paradise” are not enough to describe what we saw and felt. Maybe a picture can do the service.

To make it even easier for you to find these hidden beaches check out this guide: The 9 Beautiful Beaches of Boracay. It is a detailed guide to Boracay’s known and not-so-known beaches written by Paul Fournier from BoracayCompass. Paul has been living in Boracay as an expat since 2011.

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» Sunset in Boracay – The most Beautiful Spectacle in The Philippines

Sounds cliché to say that Boracay has one of the most beautiful sunsets we have ever saw. But that’s freaking true. Everyday, at 5:10pm, we give up on everything we were doing to walk to the beach and watch the sunset.

It starts with an orange sun, pink blushed clouds and the sea that changes color between turquoise and silver… Couples, kids, locals, everybody come to the White Beach to enjoy the magical moment. The birds sing loud, the waves wash our feet while the sun kisses the water and paints the sky in a purple and orange tons.

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The sunset is such a special moment in Boracay that you can enjoy it in different ways. The White Beach is the common spot, but you can also go for a boat ride during sunset with music and drinks. Or you can walk to the far end of White Beach until you reach the Diniwid Beach. There you will find the Spider House Resort.

Inside the resort, after you pass a tunnel on the rocks, you will find a beautiful bamboo bar where you can sit and watch the perfect sunset while sipping a cocktail. I tell you, life can`t  get any better than this!

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» Adrenaline Paradise in Boracay, Philippines

Tired of the blue sea and white sand beaches? [if it is possible!!] You can find nature and adventure on Boracay island too! You can fly like a superman in a 70 meter zipline or enjoy the stunning view from the cable car.

As we are beach addicted and I discovered my new love for SUP, we didn’t go to the adrenaline park. However, I know that if you want to do the zipline and cable car, you can buy tickets and book your transfer to there from any of the tourist stall on the Mall. Most of the hotels have information and booking service too.


» Shopping & Eating in Paradise 

As I already told you, Station 2 is where all the busy life is centred. On the beachfront you can find everything from super luxury restaurants to McDonalds and hot dogs. Seafood is the big call in Boracay, most of the restaurants sells it by kilogram and you can choose the fish or seafood still alive from the aquariums or shelves.

For budget travellers [like us] you can find some options on the stalls on the beach: pizza, rices, kebabs and the famous fried chicken. Or if you want to avoid the fast food, there are some options of restaurants on “The Mall”, an open air shopping center full of shops, restaurants, markets, ATM and all sort of facilities you need.  Our favourite place was the Smoke, a small restaurant on the Mall. Great food, reasonable price and happy hour deals!

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» Party Time in Boracay

Boracay is the ultimate party destination in the Philippines. After the sunset tourists from all around the world get together at White Beach for some music, drinks and dance (not exactly in this order 😀 ).

Bars and restaurants offer promotions of drinks till 10pm. Fire shows heat up the atmosphere and the beach became a flirt paradise. No doubt that the party highlight was the Boracay Pub Crawl.

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Please don’t judge us… I know we are on our 30´s, but no way we can resist a good party. And the Boracay Pub Crawl was the best pub crawl we have ever attended. Seriously, those guys are super organised and they know how to handle the party people. Thumbs up for you guys!

If you don’t want to get wild (neither with a hangover) go to Station 3. There you can find reggae music and a local atmosphere. Small bars, candles and some guitars on the beach. We love it!! After the sunset you can grab a nice fresh Burger made by a Slovenian guy and enjoy the music. 

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Now that you already know where to eat, how to party and what to do in Boracay, Philippines, let´s go to useful and practical information. Where to stay in Boracay, and how to get to this paradise island!


Sleeping in the Paradise – Where to Stay in Boracay

Boracay has many beaches and in all of them you can find resorts and hotels. Although if you want to enjoy the island and be able to do everything in a walking distance, the better place to stay in Boracay is the White Beach. Ok, this is the most touristy and busy area in the Philippines, but with our tips you will find a good accommodation in the heart of the island.

Keep in mind that Boracay is the most famous beach in The Philippines (and maybe in the whole Southeast Asia) so cheap accommodation is not so easy to find there. 😉


» Station 1 – Luxury Paradise

This is the far end of the White Beach, the area of the luxury hotel and resorts. All kids of beautiful bedrooms and gorgeous villas, with your room door opening directly to the sand.

Perfect place for weddings, romantic getaways and honeymoons. The price range of the places vary a lot, and no doubt the Shangri-La´s Boracay Resort & Spa is the most famous in the island. The property is located in a private beach, the rooms and service are rated as superb on TripAdvisor and booking websites.

For more options of accommodation and hotels at the Station 1 check out and Agoda. We are affiliated with them, and I´m sure there is no better place for search and book accommodation in Boracay, Philippines.


» Station 2 – The Heart of Boracay Island

Located in the middle of White Beach, Station 2  is the busiest part of the island. Restaurants, shops, supermarkets and tons of people. There you can find hotels and rooms for all budgets and tastes.

On our first three nights we stayed at Station 2, and I´m going to be honest with you, we couldn’t stand to the noise from the street. However, there are some nice places around there, we actually didn’t choose the best hotel while booking. So that´s why we did some research and here goes the best options of hotels for you:

» Nu Nu Noos Hotel – With a weird name, this hotel and restaurant is located in front of the beach. It´s a three star hotel and includes breakfast. We visited the rooms and is really nice and spacious. 

» Isla Gecko Resort – Two star hotel. It´s not in front of the beach, but a good alternative to stay in the busy area and still have some privacy and silence.


» Station 3 – My Favorite Place

Station 3 is the laid back area, where Filipino people, expats and tourists hang out together! There you can find the cheapest accommodation in Boracay, budget hotels and simple apartments are everywhere. Station 3 is the place where you can live like a local! 

After our three nights in Station 2, we move to Angol Road (Station 3). We found a nice apartment with kitchen, bathroom, balcony, one minute from the beach for only 30.00 usd per nigh, this rate was for high season! We walked one morning around the city browsing hotels until we found a good match for us. 

You can search for apartments at Airbnb, and if you sign up through this link you get 20.00 usd off on your first booking! A little present from Love and Road!! If you do that, we also got a discount in our next booking too! 🙂

Or you can book some nice and cosy hotels here:


» Bulabog Beach

There are many resorts in Bulabog Beach that offer holiday packages. You can book your kitesurf course and accommodation in only one place. If Bulabog sounds like a paradise for you here is some nice hotels we found there.

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How to Get to Boracay, Philippines?

Philippines is an archipelago with more than 7 thousand island, divided into 3 geographic regions: Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. Boracay is a tiny island located in Visayas, central part of  the country. A sunny destination that can be only reached by boat. But as we all know: Paradise is never on a easy road.

To get to Boracay, Philippines, you will have to fly to Manila and Cebu (the two big cities in the country with international airport) and then fly to Kalibo or Caticlan, the closest towns to Boracay. Happy news: budget airlines like Cebu Pacific and AirAsia have daily flights to there 🙂 Keep an eye on their websites, you can get super cheap flight to/from many other cities around Southeast Asia. 

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At the front door of the airport you will find plenty of options: buses, minivans and tricycles ready to take you to the Caticlan Pier. My personal advice, don’t get the first you find. Check out at least two or three services, prices and timetables. We landed at Kalibo and got a minivan to Caticlan for 200 Pesos (4.5 usd). After one hour drive we were at the pier.

Love and Road Tip: get to the pier before 6pm! During daytime the boat fare is $25 Pesos (0.50 usd) and you also have to pay the Environmental Fee $75 Pesos (1.50 usd) plus the Terminal Fee $100 Pesos (2.25 usd). During night-time the boat ride rises to $100 pesos per person. Be aware that when you leave Boracay you have to pay only the terminal fee and the boat ticket.

The weather in the Boracay, Philippines, changes fast. So while booking your flights and transportation be careful with tight schedules. I highly recommend to you have a buffer of 3-4  hours between your flights.  😉


How to Get Around Boracay Island!

Boracay is a small island in Philippines. The White Beach has 7 km of shore, super easy to move around. You will need the tricycle only to go to Puka Shell Beach or the Adrenaline Park, and a ride would not cost more than $200 Pesos (4,50 usd).

When you need a tricycle try to get one with some people inside already, that means you will pay less than if you get an exclusive ride. Bargain till you find a fair price for you and for the driver. Everybody speaks English in Philippines, especially in Boracay.

Remember that girl I meet when I arrived in the island? So she was only one example of how Filipino people are kind and careful. While rediscovering Boracay, go away from the front beach street once a while. Get to know the small alleys and the local roads. You will see that people there live in really simple way, but they are blessed for living in the paradise.

Boracay Philippines 26a.jpg

I never get tired to say that Boracay is a stunning place. The Philippines wasn’t in our “master travel plan”, but after talking with some friends and hear amazing stories about the island we decided to change our route and land in Boracay for a few days. I regret we didn’t stay more.

Boracay is a very touristic destination (and expensive if compared with the other islands in Philippines), but still has lots of beauty to explore. You just need to look beyond to the travel guides and rediscover your own and personal paradise.

Hope to see you in Boracay, Philippines, because definitely we will be going back there soon. 

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And you, have you already visited a place that was beyond your expectations? Or have you been to Boracay, Philippines? Leave your thoughts! 🙂


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  1. Wow, so many active and adventurous things to do there! And even just looking at your pictures I don’t know how anyone could say that “Boracay is not a worthy destination”!

    • Hi Sab!
      This is a huge compliment! Glad you liked the post!
      You know that we ended up there after talking to you, right?
      So our amazing time in The Philippines is your fault! hahahaha
      Take care!!!!

  2. I’m now teary eyed, I was touched when a foreigner appreciate not only the beauty of the Philippines but also the Filipino people. ” That was the first lesson learn about Boracay, Philippines: the beauty of this country is not only the nature, but the people who live there and the smile they give to us all the time!” — This is worth sharing

  3. I have several family members who have lived in the Philippines, but I never realized it was such a beautiful place. Your post was very thorough and is a detailed travel guide for anyone ready to make the trek to Boracay.

  4. Forget the organisers, thumbs up to you 30 something party animals!

    Sarah & I (also 30 somethings) struggle to stay up that late these days!

    All I see in your posts are visions of blue sky, even bluer water and white sand…


    I think we will have to go and dive there some day.

    Was it your 2nd time there? Why were you rediscovering it? 😀

    • Hi Chris!
      We try to keep the balance: Work hard, play harder 🙂
      In the Philippines you can find all the shades of Blue, for sure.
      First time but it was needed a different approach to not stay on the beaten path and get to know the other side of Boracay 🙂

  5. I’ve been reading a lot about traveling to the Philippines lately and it’s quickly rising to the top of my list! This post with such gorgeous water and landscapes is not helping! 😉 Thanks for the extra inspiration.

  6. “the beauty of this country is not only the nature, but the people who live there and the smile they give to us all the time!”

    That is so true! I’ve been living in Boracay for 3 years and some tourists that I talk to forget that. Of course it’s mixed and most people I talk to love Boracay…

    But for example, recently someone told me “you don’t know the Philippines if you’ve only visited Boracay”. I don’t agree with that because the culture is alive and well in Boracay… and palm trees and quiet beaches don’t make a country, in the end it’s the people that do. At least that’s my opinion 🙂

  7. just avoid the crowd season and ull love it! ( March-may) esp Holy Week n labor day ( first wk of may). Hard 2 see the beauty of this place with the crazy crowds. Tends to get dirty during this time, due to large presence of seaweeds on the shore during this time! Can disappoint some people esp first timer! Afterwards it goes back to normal, and the island do a good job maintaining the cleanliness of the beaches. Again, avoid the big crowd!

  8. Thank you for this great blog entry about my country. It’s inspiring to hear these words from a foreigner.
    Here are my recommendations.

    1. Enchanted river at Surigao
    2. Caramoan (but travelling there is a challenge)
    3. Cebu (but more expensive)
    4. Palawan
    5. Batanes (love this place)
    6. Palaui Island, Cagayan

    • Hi Allan!!
      Thanks for such lovely words and great recommendations!
      We definitely need to come back to Philippines and I´m sure we’ll need much more than a month to explore all the other amazing places!
      Thanks for following us!
      All the best!
      Nat 😀

  9. Hi Nat and Rob!

    I’m glad you’ve enjoyed your stay in Boracay and in our country in general 🙂 Thank you for this very informative article (quite long but I enjoyed reading it! Haha) My last visit was about 7 years ago – when I was still in high school. LOL. I think I should visit it again.

    You should also try visiting Siquijor. It’s just a small Island so you could explore the whole island in just a day or two. A beautiful and quiet island (very laid back, I should say). You could visit Salagdoong Beach and go cliff diving, swim in the cold waters of Cambugahay Falls, or enjoy the fish foot spa in the enchanted century-old Balete tree.

    I suggest you also visit Isla de Gigantes in Iloilo, Kalanggaman Island in Leyte, Biri Island in Samar and Batanes (the northernmost province of the Philippines) to name a few ^_^

    Happy travels!

    • Ohhh Michael!!!
      Now my travel list just got giant, but I really appreciate all your suggestion and information! That’s the amazing thing about Philippines: it´s such a beautiful country full of hidden places and breathtaking islands.
      Sorry that the article was too big, but I felt the need to share all my experience. A small post with a couple of picture won´t show the truly beauty of Boracay!
      Thanks for reading us!
      Wish you all the best!!!
      Nat & Rob

  10. Great article… I guess we do not appreciate our own culture enough until we hear from others why its good 🙂 some things are easy to take for granted… I love to travel a lot too… all over several parts of the world… south america with brazil is on my bucket list.. its just so expensive to get to from the Philippines…

    Anyways, yes, please do come back… I am saddened when touring several parts of Asia that when we ask the other tourists to come to the Philippines, they don’t know where we are…

    We take a yearly trip to Boracay and time it outside of summer so that there are no crowds… between October to March is best…I have done several islands in the PHilippines too… but I was wowed by Surigao Del Sur (Siargao is Surigao Del Norte) it has the Britannia Islands, Enchanted River and Tinuyan falls were just great… roads were great too… ofcourse Palawan both ElNido and Coron are winners… for the North… I was floored by Batanes, must see…some swear by Sagada… I have yet to go…


    • Thanks for such lovely words Joanna!
      And what you said it´s true, we do take things that are easy for granted. Do you believe I don´t know many areas of Brazil (my own country)?? It´s a shame! But that´s what happen, sometimes we think that the beauty is outside there, but actually it’s on our backyard. Philippines is amazing and you should be always proud of your country!!
      Will definitely come back, just need to save more money 🙁
      Thanks for the tips and for following us!
      All the best to you! Cheers!
      Nat 😀

  11. I loved reading your posts about the PH. Try visiting Iloilo, which is about 4-5 hours by bus from Caticlan and Pagudpud, which is also called the “Boracay of the North” as it is located in Ilocos Norte, a province north of the PH.

    May I also commend you on how you noted that some places are touristy and that we should be responsible visitors. That’s a better way of saying that a certain place can be good or bad, depending on how one looks at it.

    I hope you have more fun in your travels! God bless!

    • Hi JH!
      Thanks for stopping by and read our articles!I´m super happy that you like it!
      There are so many places to visit in PH that my list is getting bigger and bigger 🙂 Maybe we should move to your country next year to explore all the places without rush.
      I´m glad that you understood what I tried to say, for sure a place can be good or bad, it all depends on how we approached it!
      All the best!
      Nat and Rob

  12. It warms my heart to read this great post about my country. I recommend you to try going to Batanes in the northernmost part of the Philippines. I’m sure you’ll love the sceneries in there. Best Regards! :*

  13. Hello! I haven’t traveled much, but I certainly enjoyed my time in Britannia Islands and Enchanted River, Hinatuan. Both are in Surigao del Sur. I hope you add these destinations to your bucket list when you return to the Philippines! 🙂

    • Hey!!
      Thanks for stopping by and leave your comment!! really happy with your tips. Philippines is such an amazing place. I keep discovering new places to visit and that makes me wanting to stay there forever 😀
      Nat 🙂

  14. Hi Natalie,
    Thank you very much for your blog about places in the Philippines. I remember visiting Boracay for the fist time in the late 80’s while in college and truly that place is a paradise no electricity and no fancy hotels… what we have is our tent. I went back there several times after it was fully developed and it feels like I’m in the Caribbean or one of the Mexican resort. And you’re right the spirit of the Filipino people made me realized that Boracay is still in the Philippines ;-} Your blog entry give smile to my face, and it brings back memories growing up few hours from Boracay. And it’s very true, if you travel a lot and Once you love the people, most probably you gonna love the place.
    I’d been to Brazil several times as well since I moved here in the US. The fist time I visited Brazil was in Rio not during the Mardigra, since then I keep coming back coz i fall in love with Brazil and its people. My favorite destination in Brazil is Puerto Seguro I love the layback Brazilian life in that small Island. Anyway can’t wait to retire and go back to the Philippines watching that breathtaking sunset of Boracay everyday 😉

    • Woow Rommy!!
      I’m so happy you like your post and that it brought smiles to you! Make me feel accomplished! 😉
      Great to know that you already visited Brazil already and you liked it. My country is so big and full of contrasts, but as Philippines, it is made of happy people.
      If you have an opportunity travel to the south of Brazil, is a completely different world there, with hot summer, strong winters and beautiful nature. I´m from the south (search for Florianópolis, our stunning island) and if you need any tips to go there feel free to ask us!
      All the best, and thanks again for stopping by and follow us!
      Nat 😀

  15. hello there! nice to read your blogs! but need to correct the figures you wrote about the prices of the hotel like 30,000 usd! it should be, maybe 30k pesos only! thanks for sharing your beautiful thoughts to my own country! kudos! mabuhay!

  16. Hello Nat and Rob!

    This is a great article! I think you should try Seco Island, Malalison Island both in Antique and Apo Island in Dumaguete. Also, the Manjuyod sand bar. Have a great time in the Philippines!


  17. Hi Natalie,

    Greetings from the Philippines!

    I came to know your website through Rappler=). You have showcased the beauty of Boracay in your article. Hope you will write more about the Philippines. We have so many tourist destinations that we can be proud of.

  18. Hi Mai!!
    So glad you found us liked our article! 😀

    We deffo will come back to your beatiful country, there many other places we want to visit and see! Just a matter of time, soon we´ll be enjoy Philippines again! 😀
    All the best,

  19. Great post 🙂 Well written about Boracay, I learn more, inspite being local tourist here PHL, on this article of yours… Try visit Coron next time madam (I’m glad you first visit Boracay than this), you’ll be amaze more… and we will be waiting for your next adventure here in PHL, salamat!

    • I have heard amazing things about Coron, so excited to go to Philippines again and discover other islands.
      Super happy that you liked our article, was written with love.
      And thanks for such an amazing hospitality, filipino people are the best!


  20. It looks like you guys had a lot of fun and what a beautiful island! I’m heading for Mindoro Island upcoming september for a few years and I can’t wait! Maybe I also will visit Boracay, the pictures and your story tempt me to!

    • Wooowww… Now I’m jealous! Mindoro is really nice and I´m missing the beach!
      If you have time go to Boracay, at least for a long weekend, I´m sure you´ll like it!
      All the best,
      Nat 🙂

  21. great photos, exciting Boracay adventures and a breathtaking views you’ve captured. Yes, Boracay is very famous not only for there powdery white sand ,crystallize clear water, breathtaking Boracay Sunset and delicious foods, but also to the Hospitality and kindness of the Boracaynon and aklanon people. Like the hotel we’ve stayed there, named The Orient Beach Boracay. The staffs were very accommodating ‘ friendly. they were always greet us with a big smile and the hotel service was a 5 star hotel service. it’s a newly opened hotel and its just a 5mins ride away from the famous white beach boracay and 2 mins ride away also from Puka Beach. .They have also great promos every season and its very affordable. You gotta check it out 🙂

  22. Gorgeous photos! I can see why you enjoyed Boracay so much! It looks like there’s a perfect mix of beach, outdoor activities, and music. I’m glad you enjoy SUP, I’ve become obsessed with it too!

  23. Hi Brooke!!
    I love SUP, never imagined I could have so much fun on a board.
    in Bohol, another island of Philippines I did it at the Loboc River… OMG, what a stunning place ans experience!

    Thanks for stopping by!


  24. I totally agree, paradise really is the only word to describe Boracay! Good on you for managing to stand up on the SUP paddleboard though, I was so rubbish at it and kept falling in! (I totally blame the high winds at the time and not my rubbish balance and complete lack of grace!)

  25. I’ve never been in Asia, but I’d like to go. Philippines looks like a great place to start. From what you are describing and from your gorgeous pictures, Boracay seems like Paradise!

    • Philippines is definitely a good place to start exploring Asia, especially because many people speak English and it has strong western influence there. Then you can jump to more different countries like Cambodia or Thailand with a very unique culture

      All the best,

  26. Hi Nat,

    I saw your comments on Paul’s website. I didn’t expect that you also have your own website and post for Boracay.

    Your post is more detailed when it comes to all the possible activities there. And I liked it!

    I am currently looking for a Boracay Real Estate for sale to start my migration. I hope to find one near the white beach.

  27. Hi guys!

    Que espetáculo de post sobre Boracay! Eu estou há dias lendo tudo que encontro sobre as Filipinas para me ajudar no meu roteiro de viagem.
    Estarei indo em Jan/2016 e na minha lista está Boracay, Palawan e Cebu.
    Muito obrigada por compartilhar valiosas dicas de viagens, de coração, adorei o post e é o melhor de todos que já li soooooo farrrrr… Gostei tanto que é por aqui mesmo que ficarei lendo e lendo rssss.
    Queridos uma perguntinha: Quantos dias vocês ficaram em Boracay?

    Muito obrigada e abraços!


    • Oi Celina!
      Que bom que gostou do post!
      Filipinas é demais!!!!! Vamos voltar para lá em Julho;Agosto.
      Ficamos uns 10 dias em Boracay. Foi o suficiente para curtir as praias e festas.
      Uma dica, nas Filipinas o tempo muda muito rápido e é bom deixar uma folga entre conexões de voos. Atrasos são normais.
      Nossa vez de pedir um favor, faça as reservas dos hotéis através dos links no nosso site. (agoda, …) Vc não paga nada a mais e nós ganhamos uma pequena comissão 😉
      Boa viagem e curta muito!!!!
      Rob & Nat

  28. Hi!
    I’m glad that you loved your (short) stay in Boracay. Because my country is consists of more that 7,000 islands, your 3 month visit here (well, this is what I’ve read so far) isn’t enough! There are lots of beaches (and other non-beaches) to explore in the northern part of my country. May I suggest that to check on these destinations:
    – Anawangin Cove in Zambales
    – Pagudpod in Ilocos Norte
    – Heritage Village in Vigan, Ilocos Sur (it is like stepping back in the 1800s)
    – Anilao in Batangas (recommended for divers)
    – Sabang Beach in Baler, Aurora

    Good luck on your next adventure and hopefully, we get to read your experience.

    • Hello Lourdes,
      I believe that we need more than 3 years to see all the beauty of The Philippines!
      Thank you very much for your recommendations. We hope to go back to your country this year and for sure we will head north too.
      Rob & Nat

  29. amazing post! My boyfriend and I just travelled the Philippines and spent a weekend in Boracay. You’ve just reminded me of how wonderful it was! I wil definitely visit again when I go back to the Philippines next month. Amazing photos too! Thank you for this

  30. hey rob and nat, its more fun in the philippines, eh? ☺️? and oh, theres lots of activities for families too, right? if you bring along your kids, it’ll be no problem.


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