Easy tips to help you save on your next vacation


It would be hard to find a person who does not dream of travelling – it is such a pleasure to go somewhere you have never been before, at least once a year! Travelling long-term is hard to afford, both financially and emotionally, but to leave home and go on an adventure for at least a couple of weeks is not that difficult. If you think that the financial aspect is the issue, you are probably mistaken – this is either an excuse or a sign that you don’t know how to save money, or both. Even though it may be hard to overcome inner fears and leave your comfort zone, financial issues are much easier to cope with. So what are the ways to save money on your vacation?

Bad eating habits

The key idea is not just to avoid fast food and prepackaged dinners, but to start spending less on lunch and try to eat out not often. It does not mean to eat less, just to spend wisely. If you, for instance, bring lunch from home instead of paying for it in a local canteen, it could save you a fortune! As for restaurants, it’s better to forget about them, even if it seems that going to the restaurant once a week is not that expensive. It is not, of course, at least until you calculate how much you have spent in restaurants over the past year.

Coffee addiction

One more expense item is coffee shops. If you can’t deny yourself this pleasure, at least try to refuse from whims like peppermint hot chocolate or caramel brulée frappuccino. If you want to drink a cup of coffee – do this, but remember that spending $2 instead of $5 saves $1,095 a year even if you drink coffee every day!

Create a plan of savings

You need to calculate how much you are going to spend – you will then know the total amount of money you need and this will make your goal more specific. After this, try different methods of savings:

  • Needs vs. Wants

Try to cut your daily expenses, whatever obvious it may sound. In order to do this, start to keep record of your spending and at the end of the month analyze what your real “Needs” are and what are no more than your “Wants”. As soon as you understand this, slowly exclude all the “Wants” from your purchase list.

  • Side income

Find an additional source of income and add all the money it brings to your travel fund. This may be basically anything, depending on your skills and time resources, beginning from small business or Glenmore Investments to writing articles or pizza delivery.

  • New bank account

Open a new account with your bank and feed it if not daily, then at least weekly. Make it a painless funny habit – transfer some money (even as small sums as $3) every time you need to check your balance. In a month or two, you will see that the account is growing!

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