How much does it cost to travel in the Philippines?

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How much does it cost to travel in the Philippines? Almost once a week I receive an email with this question, so we decided to breakdown our travel costs, share some figures and prove that you can enjoy paradise without going bankrupt!

We spent almost a month travelling in the Philippines, no doubt that Nature and People are the best assets of the country, and I’m sure you can have a great time there even with a tight budget. The Philippines is an archipelago with more than 7.000 islands, where you can find from luxury hotels and services, to budget accommodation and local food. You can spend thousands of dollars or just a few bucks, it all depends on your style and way of travelling.

During 20 days,  we travelled around two incredible islands, and that was enough to sparkle the desire to come back there soon. We visited Boracay, known as one of the best beach destinations in the world, and Bohol, a Filipino wonderland.

To make your life easier and help your travel dreams come true, here it goes everything you need to know about the Philippines & Money. Travel tips, secrets from the road and actually how much does it cost to travel in the Philippines.

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The Philippines in figures

The values are in Pesos, the local currency, by the end of the article we’ll convert the totals to US dollars. All the prices are for two people.

Dates: 01/13/2015 to 02/01/2015

Days: 20

Cities: 8 days Boracay / 2 days Cebu / 9 days Bohol / 1 day Manila

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 How much does it cost to travel in the Philippines? Is it an expensive destination?

Well, yes and no! It all depends on your travel style and where you come from. Inbound and outbound flights can be the major expense on your trip, that’s why transport will be the first topic on our talk about how much does it cost to travel to the Philippines. 

In our trip we flew from Bangkok to Manila and got a really good price with Cebu Pacific Airline. Almost all big cities in Southeast Asia have cheap flights to Manila and Cebu, you just need to do a good research. Have a look at Skyscanner and compare the best deals.

On the other hand, if you are coming from USA, South America or Europe the cost of arriving and leaving the Philippines will be more expensive. That’s why we are not including these tickets on the cost of transportation.

Inbound: Bangkok (Thailand) » Manila by flight

Outbound: Manila » Phuket (Thailand) by flight

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» Transport Cost in Philippines = ₱ 17,643

[it’s not included our inbound and outbound flights] 

Intercity: ₱ 13,833

Local transport: ₱ 3,810

Usually, there is no fixed price for local transportation around the islands, the tricycle drivers will charge the price according to your face and destination, so use your bargain skills and get the best prices. Good tip: share the tricycle with other people and you will only pay half of the price.

In Boracay you don’t need to worry about transportation, the island is small and super easy to get around. But in bigger islands as Bohol, a motorbike is essential. There are many companies renting bikes on the islands, you can find deals around 3-5k Pesos for a weekly rental. Just be careful when renting and driving. We wrote a quick guide about how to rent a motorbike in Bohol [and anywhere in the world]. Precious tips that are worth to read!

Intercity transport can vary a lot too. You can travel between the 7 thousand islands by boat or by flight. Budget airlines cover the main islands in the Philippines and you can find good prices. Boats are definitely cheaper, but they will make your trip longer. If you have spare time travel by boat to enjoy an amazing experience.

You can book your transport online with Bookaway, easy and safe!

Transport is one the smallest expenses we have in our how much does it cost to travel in the Philippines spreadsheet, that happened because we changed islands just three times and in all them we got good deals.

Here is how much we spent on our intercity transport:

3 flights = ₱ 12,819

1 boat trip = ₱ 1,014


» Accommodation in Philippines = ₱ 23,031.00

Hotel – 10 nights = ₱ 11,945

Apartment – 5 nights = ₱ 8,100

Airbnb – 4 nights = ₱ 2,986 (GET USD 35 credit using our link!!!)

As I told you, the cost of traveling in the Philippines can vary accordingly with you style of travel. When people ask me how much does it cost to travel in the Philippines, I always ask them back: how much do you want to spend on hotels in the Philippines? This answer is crucial to set the travel budget. 😉

We are kinda of budget travellers, we chose simple and comfortable accommodation in the Philippines. Even though this was the biggest expense we had there. Boracay, as expected, was the most expensive place. The first 3 nights we stayed in a hotel,  then we found a nice apartment with kitchen and balcony only two minutes from the beach on Station 3. Keep in mind that if you travel to Boracay during the low season the prices can be cheaper.

All our accommodation in The Philippines were booked through Agoda and, no doubt they have the best rates and a reliable customer service. Airbnb was a good option to save money too. We use it to rent a room on Panglao Island and in Manila. Click here and get $35 usd off on your first booking, start planning your trip to Philippines saving some money.

However, if budget accommodation is not your thing, don’t worry. You can find incredible hotels in Philippines, 5 stars, international cuisine, spa, private beach and all the services you need to pamper yourself. I can’t tell you how much does it cost to stay in a top rated hotel in the Philippines, but I can show you where to find them!

Top hotels that we recommend in The Philippines:

Shangri-La Boracay

Discovery Shores Boracay

South Palms Beach Resort in Panglao, Bohol

Eskaya Beach Resort in Panglao, Bohol

Mandarin Plaza in Cebu

Pan Pacific in Manila


For more tips on how to book the perfect place to stay, read our Accommodation Guide (click here).


» Food in Philippines = ₱ 18,083

Market: ₱ 5,497

We didn’t spend much money on markets because most of the time we ate out. Just in Boracay we save some bucks having breakfast and lunch at our apartment. A curious thing about shopping groceries in the Philippines is that they sell everything you can imagine and need, in little packages, like sachets. What is super handy and cheap. Also the fruits were fresh, delicious and affordable. I was delighted with the sweet mangos and mangosteen, Rob was happy with the giant pomelos. 😀 

6 How Much does it Cost to Travel in Philippines pomelo.jpg

Eating Out: ₱ 12,586

Most of the time we ate dinner and lunch out. In Boracay was a little bit difficult to find good food for an affordable price. The restaurants on the White Beach are amazing, but also more expensive if you compare to other islands. Even though we manage to find good food at small and local dinners. You just need to look around.

In Bohol we had far more options of food and there we had the opportunity to try real local dishes as jackfruit and coconut soup, malunggay soup and fish with rice. Almost every day we had our meals at small eateries on the villages. A simple restaurant where the pots are set over a table in front of the house, you can look, try and choose what you want. Hummm… delicious and so cheap, we had lunch for less than 40 pesos per person. We tried some fancy restaurants too, but those small family eateries got us by the flavors and cozy atmosphere.

Another good thing is that everywhere in the Philippines you can find tiny shops selling bread, cookies and a coffee machine. If you are on a go and don’t want to starve until you reach your hotel or restaurants, those tiny coffee shops are perfect for a quick stop. And please, try the Pan de Coco, a coconut bread for only 2 pesos, you won’t regret. 

 7 How Much does it Cost to Travel in Philippines snorkeling.jpg

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» Attractions in Philippines = ₱ 3,845.00

There are so many things to do in the Philippines that you will get tired just of thinking about them. In my opinion, this is the best way to spend your money. Boat trips, parasailing, SUP classes, snorkeling, dive, kitesurf, zipline, cable cars… Plenty of attractions for all tastes and pockets. We spent most of our time in the sea, swimming and enjoy the crystal clear water.

Of course all these activities will cost some money, that’s why it is so important to check the prices and the services before you book a day trip or a boat ride. Keep in mind that group tours are always cheaper than private tours. Among all the activities you will find in the Philippines, there are some of them you must do. Here is the highlights of our trip and how much we spent having fun:

– Boat Trip + Snorkeling around Boracay – ₱ 850 per person including lunch and equipment

– SUP on White Beach, Boracay – ₱ 500 for one hour SUP rental

– Boat Trip to Balicasag & Virgin Island in Bohol – ₱ 430 per person, no food included.

Chocolate Hills + Tarsier Foundation in Bohol – ₱ 100 per person, just entrance fee. 

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» Night Out in Philippines= ₱ 2,834.00

Fun, party and drinks are always part of our expenses. Even when we get hammered [what doesn’t happen so often, but did happen in Boracay 😀 ] we still manage to keep track of our expenses. I’m proud to announce that on our how much does it cost to travel in the Philippines list, the figure of night out is the smallest one. Doesn’t mean that we didn’t have fun, actually we had an amazing time, it means that in Philippines the beer is cheap and bars/clubs don’t charge entrance fee… Happy Days! 🙂

» Other Costs = ₱ 10,317

Souvenirs: ₱ 20

Internet / Print: ₱ 322

Doctor: ₱ 2,100

Pharmacy: ₱ 3,880

Beauty Products: ₱1,490

Books: ₱ 1,570

Shoes: ₱ 120

Electronics: ₱ 700

Laundry: ₱ 115

Wooww, our “other costs” in Philippines were a bit expensive. But you don’t need to worry, just some of them are related to the trip itself. On our how much does it cost to travel in the Philippines spreadsheet we just need to add ₱ 557 (souvenirs, internet, shoes and laundry). The expense with internet was a bit high because most of the budget accommodation in Philippines don’t have internet connection. 🙁 Also, once a week you have to wash your clothes, and a new pair of flip-flops is a must for every traveller.

The other ₱ 9,760 were spent on things related to a nomadic travel lifestyle. I decided to put them here to show how important is to have some savings and always be prepared. Our first day in Boracay was a little disaster!

9 How Much does it Cost to Travel in Philippines doctor .jpg

We arrived in Boracay late at night, I wasn’t feeling good, and in the other day I got worst. For the first time in almost one year travelling I went to a doctor. After an appointment and 2 injections I was fine, but we needed to cash out ₱ 2,100. It’s was cheaper than use our travel insurance, but was enough to teach was a lesson: never travel without insurance! The doctor wasn’t expensive, but if I needed to be removed for a hospital outside the island that would cost us a lot.

Don’t forget to buy your Travel Insurance!

We use World Nomads and SafetyWing. Just click on the name of the company and book your insurance now. If you need more information, read our Travel Insurance Guide here.

In the same day I got sick, my computer charger exploded :-0 unbelievable!! We used our savings to buy a new one and the medicines for me. After some scary moments [when I got really sick and the big storm that hit us while sailing to Balicasag Island, Bohol] we decided to pamper ourselves: beauty products and books. These are the type of expenses you have in a nomadic life, when once a while you have to buy anti-wrinkle creams and study.

Talking about books, I bought a really nice one: Travel Writing (Lonely Planet) by Don George.  A good read for all travel bloggers, writer and journalists that want to improve some skills,  🙂

Even with all the extra expenses, books, doctors and a fake Havaianas [the famous Brazilian flip-flops], we manage to stay under our travel budget. In the beginning of Love and Project  we decided that we could spend only $50 usd per day per person,  and so we did! 

For more travel tips and a list of all the platforms, services and brands we use and recommend, check out our Travel Planning page.


How Much does it cost to travel in the Philippines?

Only ₱ 61,920.00! This amount was for two people, during a 20 days trip in January 2015 [high season]. That means we spent ₱ 30,960.00 per person.

Our cost to travel in Philippines per person / per day – $ 35.14 usd

We enjoyed the paradise for less than a $50 usd per day, that’s awesome! I’m gonna say it again: you can travel on a budget and have tons of fun. What you need is to travel wisely, find the right ways to book accommodation, flights and keep track of your expenses. No miracle, no tricks, just planning!

Now that you discovered how much does it cost to travel in The Philippines, be inspired by some stunning photos from Boracay and Bohol. I’m sure they will cause severe wanderlust and you will find yourself planning your next holiday to Philippines. Don’t worry it happened with all of us! 😉

Our friend Will also wrote a great post about his Backpacking in the Philippines, check it out!

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Flights, hotels, food… For sure you will need money for all these expenses. But after organizing all the figures of our how much does it cost to travel in the Philippines spreadsheet I reach a very important conclusion:

Fun, amazing nature and great people are the top attractions in the Philippines and they are for free! Don’t you agree with me??

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  1. Hi Nat and Rob,

    Hope you both are doing well, love your pictures 🙂 We would like to visit Philippines someday. With this detailed breakdown now we know how much it is going to cost us to get ourselves there 🙂

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    Found your blog through your fab write up in rappler. It’s nice to know that you enjoyed your visit to the Philippines and hope you can come back soon and visit Palawan.

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  4. Hey guys. I love these type of posts. I am addicted to doing them too and they are always popular for us as well. It is so helpful to see the real info and expenses. Sorry about you being sick and your computer charger. Things like that happen with travel, but you still did well with the spending.

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      Glad that you liked the post!! And if you have the chance, go to Philippines, it absolutely amazing!! Your kids will love it!
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  8. Hi, Nat and Rob! Glad you enjoyed the Philippines even with some hiccups. 🙂 Thanks for sharing your experience. Hopefully, it would encourage many more to visit our country as well. Come back soon and visit Batanes and El Nido! Would gladly show you around. 🙂

    • Hey Anne!!

      We fell in love with Philippines and definitely will go back soon… So many amazing places to visit and people to meet..
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    • Hey Sonja!!

      We didn’t put the price in US dollars in all the items because the exchange rate changes a lot, so you wouldn’t have the real value of the purchases. With original price in Pesos you can converted it before travelling and plan the real costs of the trip.
      Nat 😀

  10. Less than $50 per day for paradise sounds like a great deal. But I agree, it’s very difficult to give people an idea of how much it will cost them because travel styles can vary quite a bit.

  11. Hi Natalie,

    Way cool breakdown. I imagine being budget conscious cuts those costs, big time. Go with motorbikes where you can and fly in from SE Asian lands to get those sweet deals.

    Tweeting from Bali, thanks!


    • Hey Ryan!!!
      You make me jealous now!! Enjoy Bali while I’m freezing here in Berlin 🙁
      Keep control of your expenses is the best way to spend money wisely, and if you want to do a long term trip, save money is the key!
      All the best, 😀


    • Hey Lux!!

      The injection was painful, but nothing can beat the beauty and positive energy of Boracay. No way to stay sick and sad in the paradise!! 🙂
      Hope we can go back to Philippines soon, missing this amazing country!

      Happy Travels,

  12. This is a great and informative post. Sometimes its hard to get an accurate breakdown of costs online. I’m a budget traveller so its important that I can go to places and not break the bank. The Philippines does look like paradise and I’m surprised its not more expensive. Thanks for sharing

    • Happy you liked the post Kate!
      If you travel on a budget, Southeast Asia is the perfect place to have fun and save some bucks.
      Philippines is not the cheapest country there, but is an amazing place to be!

      Safe travels,
      Nat 😉

  13. Terrific information while planning a trip to the Philippines. I especially liked that you talked about the unexpected expenses you just never know when these type of things will come up. Nice to have a little cushion just in case.

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    • Hey Laura,
      If you like beach and kind people I definitely recommend you to visit Philippines, it´s an amazing place.
      Also not expensive, you can leave like a queen and still save some money 😉


    • Don´t tell me Francesca, I was so afraid. We have travel and health insurance, but didn’t want to go to the hospital. Was really afraid that it would be something serious. But Thanks God after the 2 injections I was fine… And one thing is true, this was the most beautiful place I have ever been sick 😉

      Happy Travels

  15. Thanks for breaking this down guys! We’re moving to Australia later in the year so would really love to use our base as an opportunity to explore more including the Philippines. Great guide!

    • I’m glad you like the post Megan!!

      If you have time, please go to Philippines! It´s is a wonderland, I’m sure you will love it! If you need any info about PH and Malaysia, let me know.
      All the best


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    Love your site, you two… <3

    • Hey Shannon!!
      So happy to hear that you enjoyed Philippines too!
      Definitely I will check your posts out, it´s always good to learn and discover amazing places!
      All the best!
      Nat 😀

  19. Hi Nat & Rob-

    First time to the blog. Fantastic breakdown of costs. I saw that you had to pay for internet in some locations. How was the speed? Just curious as I will have to do a little work myself!

    Thanks and I look forward to reading more!


    • Hi Kiki!!
      Welcome to Love and Road, hope you liked our blog!
      Just check out yous and its look really nice. Love the curiosities about Shanghai. 😀

      The internet was the bad part of traveling around Philippines, in Boracay and Bohol we got 1 or 2 Mb, really tough times!

      All the best,

  20. Hey Natalie..I don’t know much about the Philippines..but now I know where to come to! Your post is so detailed, you have blown me away..

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    • Thanks for such lovely words Pragati!!
      So happy you liked the article, if you have the chance go to Philippines, it is an amazing country and the people are incredible.

      All the best,

  21. Nice website Nat. If you ever travel through the country again, I would suggest island hopping to remote areas, like through the site I’m setting up for some boat operator friends of mine The locals are so much sweeter when you get off the beaten track, and there are so many unexplored islands of the country’s 7,107. My favourite is the North Palawan area between El Nido and Coron. A true paradise here, and easy enough to find places for only 200p a night.

    • Thanks for the tips Karel!!

      We will go back to Philippines soon. And I´m sure next time we´ll stay for at least a month.
      We’ll definitely explore different areas and I will remember you and your precious tips 😀

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  22. Hi Grasya!!!

    So happy that you liked the article.
    My Husband and I love your country! 😀
    I know we paid a little more, but as tourists we never get the chance to pay the same price as locals. But it´s ok, the money was worth spent.
    All the best and enjoy your travels,

  23. Thanks for the very helpful post! I’m in Tuscany on Stop #1 of a “grown-up gap year” world tour and Philippines is on my list for November. My budget is $60/day including transportation, averaged over the year (Italy and Israel will be more expensive than Vietnam and Cambodia, so it’s the average that matters). It’s great to know I can make up some money in the Philippines so I can splurge a bit in Italy 🙂

    • Hi!!
      I´m sure you will love Philippines, it is an amazing country. Not as cheap as Thailand, but still a great value for money comparing with European prices.

      Enjoy your around the world trip, wish you all the best. If you need any tips or info about the places we have been, just email us!
      Cheers and safe journey,

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    got here via Twitter – thanks for the useful information! Philippines are on my list, too, hope to get there soon!
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  25. Hi Tatiana!!
    Happy that you have found us!!
    Philippines is an affordable paradise, especially if you explore the less touristy island, that have amazing nature and cheap price tag! 😉
    If you need more info just email us!
    Safe journey


  26. This post is very detailed! I must study your backpacking skills for cheaper travels. I traveled Cebu, Philippines for 4 days and I spent almost 7,000 already.

    I am glad that you liked our country, I hope to stumble upon you guys during my travels~

  27. Hey Aye!!!
    Thanks for stopping by! 😀
    I have to tell the truth, we are really good on budgeting and spend money wisely! And of course Philippines is not the expensive, nature and good people are for free. So We always have a good time with a little money! We loved Philippines and we are thinking to go back soon, maybe December or January.
    Where you live there? Would love to meet you for a coffee or a beer! 😀

  28. This sounds like an awesome trip! Also amazing that you guys did it for under $50 a day. Philippines has been on my travel list for ages. Time to make it happen. Great to find you fellow travel bloggers!

    • Go to Philippines!!!
      And you will be surprised how far you can go and the amount of amazing things you can do with 50 usd a day. Of course, if you choose a super fancy resort your budget won’t stretch too much… But it’s worth! The Islands are stunning!!!
      Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful 2016!!

    • Hi Jayce!
      We planned to go to El Nido, but we were caught by a typhoon , so we had to stay longer in Boracay and re-arrange the travel plans. We are thinking to go back to Philippines this year on July or August, this time we gonna stay for at least two months and enjoy this stunning country!


  29. Thanks for a very useful read – I’m going to the Philippines next month, so I’m glad I came across this 🙂 Sorry to hear that you got sick and had your computer charger explode on the same day – that’s all kinds of suck…

    I’m hoping that, a year on, things won’t have changed much in terms of prices, but yeah, I agree, I’m hoping the best things the Philippines have to offer won’t cost me a thing! Plus your awesome photos have got me properly stoked for when I go now. Thanks again 🙂

    • Hi Joe!
      I´m glad to hear that you found our post useful! Thanks! 🙂
      I think the prices won´t change too much, and don´t forget to bargain, you can always get some discounts during the trip! Philippines is stunning and every penny you spend enjoying the islands is worthy! Wish you a great trip!!

  30. Thank you for sharing this. I’m currently debating with friends whether to book a hotel room or go with Airbnb. I’ll share this with them so we could decide. We’re planning to go to Boracay and Palawan very soon. Wish us luck! Cheers!

    • Hey Clark!!
      In Boracay there are so many offers of hotels and Airbnbs that you won´t have problem to find the best option for you and friends… We never been to Palawan, so I can´t give you any tip!
      Enjoy your trip and have fun!

  31. I’m a travel blogger specializing in international travel with a small dog (small as in 3.5 pounds) and have had my eye on the Philippines for a while since we are also divers. I’ve heard a lot of conflicting information on the Philippines, including from friends of mine who live there full time. That the police is corrupt, that it isn’t safe etc. So … if you were travelling as a couple with a tiny pint size dog … would you recommend the Philippines?

    • Hi!!
      Live in a place is different from visiting it as a traveller. The Philippines is an undeveloped country, and it has crime and corruption as any other place, so live there is a bit complicated. But the positive aspects of the country as the lovely people and the natural beauty overcome the bad. I would say to go for it! If your dog is used to travel by boat, tuk tuk and buses, you can do it!! And you probably fall in love with the country as many travellers do. Don’t believe too much about what the news tell us, there are much more to do and see in the Philippines, and you will be safe and amazed!

      Happy Travels!!

  32. This is fantastic and so valuable to my trip in the next couple of months! I agree with you travel insurance is so important. Most of the time we think, yah what a waste of money. But then something happens (even tho you didn’t use it), and you are hit with a massive bill etc.

    • You are so right Sara!
      Travel insurance is a must for any kind of trip, but especially with you are going abroad and you plan to do sports, water activities and endless flights and boats connections!
      Enjoy the Philippines and if you need any more info send us an email!



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