Manchester for Couples

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When people think of the city of Manchester, most will immediately think of the well-known football teams, especially sports fanatics. Let’s face it; the city isn’t the first to come to mind when thinking of places to visit in the UK, falling behind London in terms of popularity, but the city has done wonders for pop culture, and despite its rich industrial heritage, Manchester is also known for icons such as Coronation Street, The Smiths, and the revitalized Doctor Who series.

It can be a haven for travelers as well –especially for couples traveling together. Getting to Manchester is easy even for backpackers, as Parking4less explains, Manchester Airport offers train services 7 days a week and bus services as well to get to the city centre. These bus services take travelers across a variety of different locations, perfect for exploring the many attractions across the city, such as…


Waterside Dining

Sure, it’s not Venice, but Manchester’s canals have also become quite well-known. There is nothing quite as romantic as dining at a waterside restaurant like The Wharf, a purpose-built pub that has recently been refurbished and reopened in 2012. After a romantic dinner at The Wharf, you can then enjoy some…



Live Entertainment

The perfect romantic date night could also include watching a play or a gig in the heart of the city. Right along the Bridgewater Canal, a walk or boat ride from The Wharf, sit the Bridgewater Hall, Manchester Opera House and Palace Theatre. This makes for an excellent change of pace for the couples so used to backpacking through the continents. For a more intimate understanding of the city, however, you could try…

Bike Tours

It’s hard to get out of the habit of wanting to explore everything yourself when you’ve gotten so used to traveling so often, and if you and your partner would rather get up close and personal with the city, Manchester Bike Hire is the best choice. You can hire a tour guide and take a bike tour across the city, or purchase some maps and explore on your own.

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