Memories of Irish times

St Stephens Green Park

Dublin is our home away from home. We will never forget the memories of Irish times.

It was August 2007, for the first time I was leaving my mom´s house. Big step for an only child. Before I left we talked a lot, but with Rob she spent a precious time. She knew what she was doing, in certain way he was taking me from her house and surely needed some advice. We were not moving to another neighborhood, we were going to cross the Atlantic Sea to live in a different country, culture and really really far from home.

Big suitcases packed, english school booked and we closed the door of our room leaving everything behind, hungry to discover a new road for us. That was the first time me and Rob hit the road, not like tourists, but as curious nomads looking for excitement, new people and a bunch of new stories to tell.

Back in that time we never though about spending the rest of our lives travelling. The plan was to stay abroad for one year or two. Although I`m pretty sure that inside us, in the bottom of our hearts and souls, that was the beginning of Love&Road. We just didn`t kown yet. Seven years later and I´m here writing about my life changing story. Trying to show through words and pictures how amazing the world is, and that we definitely have to experience it!

To make a long story short and go straight to the point, let´s say that those two years we spend in Emerald Island was the best period of my life till now. I can not say the same about Rob, but   I´m almost sure that he had a blast around there too.Cliffs of Moher, co clare

We went to Ireland as students, like almost everybody does. From Brazil we booked an English school, two weeks in a host family house and got our passports ready to fly. To pay for the adventure we spend back in 2007 R$ 11k (Brazilian currency) each one, nowadays it’s about USD 5k. That included the school, accommodation for two weeks, flight tickets , € 1k that we used to open a bank account (this was a requirement from Irish Government) plus € 1k as an emergency fund.

We were lucky because our Visa let us study and work the whole year, so we used to study at night and work during the day. We were able to improve our language, earn some money and travel a lot. Nowadays is not that easy to move to Ireland anymore, with the crises around Europe, the Immigration Dept. changed their policy: you can study only during the day shifts and allowed to work 20 hours per week. The amount required to open a bank account jumped from Eur 1k to Eur 3k.

All the information you need to go to Ireland for studies is in their website, or you can contact some travel agency in your country. Be aware that the immigration department has different requirements depending on where you are from. Even with all the bureaucracy and the money you will spend, it´s more than worth to go there for 6 months or a year to embrace the irish experience.

What we considered before choosing Dublin as our destination:

– English speaking country (with good courses available)

-Rich culture

-Closer to Brazil than Australia, and much easier with immigration than Great Britain

-Dublin is the capital of Ireland, but not a huge city

-Moneywise best option between GB and Australia

-Good place to set a base and travel around Europe (low-cost airlines)

At that time we didn´t want to go to North America, so we didin`t consider any country from there. In Europe you have such different and nice places to travel around.


Temple Bar


We booked the school and the accommodation trough a travel agency in Brazil, we paid everything from there and got all the documents by post. It was easy and safe, when we arrived at the immigration office we just showed the papers and got the stamp. Than we had 30 days to finish the process at the Immigration Bureau in Dublin. Two weeks later we had already our Irish Immigration Card. Happy Days in a new Country.We will never forget the memories of Irish times!


  1. Natalie, você tem me encorajado com seus posts. Continue compartilhando suas experiências! Beijão.

    1. Obrigada Dani!!
      Toda a segundas e quintas feiras vamos postar matérias novas… Na semana que vem vamos começar a falar da nossa viagem, como foi deixar nossa casa e chegar em Madrid!
      Beijão xxx

  2. Meu casal Paris,

    parabéns pelo blog, parabéns pela iniciativa e parabéns pela coragem.

    Isso tudo tem muito a ver com vocês.

    Desejo que vocês sejam muito felizes nessa nova jornada. (Na realidade, não tenho dúvidas de quão já estão sendo e quão ainda mais serão).

    Fiquem com meus beijos e abraços.

    Bon Voyage,


    1. OI Belinha!!!
      Que bom que curtiu o Blog! Te desejo tudo em dobro, muitas conquistas e felicidade! Casal Paris foi o melhor apelidos que recebemos até hoje!!!

      E não esquece, quando for viajar avisa a gente. Quem sabe ainda nos encontramos por esse mundo afora! Seria demais!!!

      Super beijo, saudade!!!

  3. It seems like you really had a great time in Ireland. I guess that than it was so exciting and intriguing for you to go to Europe that everything did seem interesting. I think that moving to another country when you are young is the best because then you are open for all differences and charms of the new place. When graduated school I really wanted to go study abroad but at that time my parents didn’t let me move away and after all I went to collage in Britain. I love your post! Thank you for sharing your experience! 🙂

    1. I´m so happy you liked the post Myra!
      Thanks you very much for stopping by!
      No doubt travel is one of the best experiences you can have in life, and you can do it in all age. Doesn’t matter if you are young, adult or on your 80´s, what really matter is to have fun and enjoy life.

      All the best,


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