What You Need to Pack for a Trip to Europe

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City Hall Antwerp

Image via Wikipedia Commons by Mike Knowles

Getting your luggage ready for Europe might be tricky. To decide what you need to pack for a trip to Europe, you have to consider the weather, the places you are going to visit, the fact  Europeans do take fashion seriously, and your comfort. The weather changes from place to place and in some cities like Antwerp you can have all four seasons in just one day. To make your life easy, we put together a list of all you need to pack for a trip to Europe.


Everyone knows that Europeans are stylish and love to dress up. To blend with the crowd, remember to pack a casual blazer. It will warm you up and your look. A pair of jeans is another piece that you should pack for Europe. Polo shirts are very versatile, some cardigans will help to cope with cold weather, especially at night.

The secret is to wear layers. You can leave your hotel in Cologne in the morning wearing a shirt, cardigan, and blazer, and during the day remove layers according to the temperature. To boost your style, a scarf is a must. Don’t forget to choose your most comfortable pair of shoes — trendy-looking ones, if possible. Add a pair of sandals, and you are all set.


We cannot survive without our smartphones, right? In Europe is super easy to buy a local SIM card to stay online and keep contact with friends and family.

There are several apps that will help you with maps, translation, restaurants reviews, and hotels booking.

To take those unforgettable pictures in Montpellier bring a good camera with you, and an extra memory card, to avoid running out of space.

A good idea is to bring a book that explains the history of the place you are visiting, a suggestion for those visiting Alcudia is  “Dusting Down Alcudia” by D. A. Nelson.


Your passport is the most important document to bring. You cannot travel without it. Check the expiration date, and see f you have enough pages for more stamps. Do research to get information about any visa you might need. Some nationalities can get a visa on arrival, and others need to apply before leaving home. Travel insurance might save you some money if something goes wrong.

What about renting a car and driving around Lausanne? Bring your driver license, too. There are rental companies throughout Europe, and some allow you to return the car in a different city.

Toiletries and medicines

If you want to pack light, you can buy your toiletries when arriving in Europe. Otherwise, pack small bottles of your favorite shampoo, nourishing cream, sunblock, perfume, and everything else you need.

Medicine is widely available in Europe. Just don’t forget to bring with you the  prescription for any stronger medicine.

This list covers what you need to pack for a trip to Europe to feel comfortable and look good. Pack light and have more fun. Don’t waste energy dragging a heavy luggage around. Save your energy to explore the old continent, the food and traditions of Europe.

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  1. I always recommend buying toiletries in Europe – I think the selection is much better, the products are higher quality and the prices are lower! My first stop in Germany is always at a DM!


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