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We are Love and Road! Nat & Rob, a Brazilian couple in love with travel, storytelling and new adventures. Travel tips, inspiring stories and post cart photos. Follow their journey around the world.

Crazy about life!! I think this is the best way to introduce us. Together for about nine years, we have been through a lot of things: travels, parties, family problems, job problems, parties, more travels, dreams, realisations, more parties… So many things that just made our partnership stronger and stronger…At the beginning of 2014, we decided to quit our jobs, sell our stuff, pack our bags and hit the road again!

But how did all this travel thing started? And why did we end up here with this Blog?

First things first: we are Brazilians and we used to live in a small city called Itajaí, south of Brazil.  To make a long story short, our tale started in 2006, after some months together we made our first lovely trip. We went to Buenos Aires to attend an Electronic Music Festival and got bitten by the “ travel bug ”. One year later we found ourselves moving to Dublin, Ireland.

Dublin is our second home, those two years we spent there were freaking amazing. As they say: “we had great craic”. Our plan was to travel as much as possible around Europe, so every month we hit a different place. Sometimes on a budget, other times in a fancier style, but always trying to live like local, trying to discover great people, great food and awesome parties. 

We have pinned some countries, travelling through Spain, France, England, Northern Ireland, Italy, Germany, Belgium, Poland, Latvia, Russia, Turkey, Greece, Croatia, Slovenia, Switzerland, Andorra, Ukraine, Netherlands, Czech Republic, Hungary and the travel list goes on and on. Every trip with an epic experience.

Despite all the fun around Europe, in 2009 we went back to Brazil. It was good to catch up with family and friends but was really hard to get back into a normal life again…  Around South America we made some trips: Argentina, Uruguay and Chile. Good food, good wine and the yearning for long travels got back in our hearts.

2013 was “the big year”!!!! Finally we got married (I thought Rob would never propose to me) and for our honeymoon we went to Turkey, Ukraine and Ireland . As a consequence we decided to give up of everything and travel for good, we decided to become digital nomads.

And that’s how we ended up here, with LOVE&ROAD!!!


We quit our jobs,  rented our house, sold our car, clothes, furniture, books, everything that would not fit into our backpacks. Now we just carry some clothes, electronics, lots of love and dreams… And I’m pretty sure that it will be enough!

But who the hell are we?


Natalie Deduck is a Brazilian Journalist that loves beaches, big cities, cats and good coffee. While traveling the world she always find ways to share hacks, travels tips and inspiring stories from the road.

I’m Natalie Deduck, but you can call me Nat.

I’m already on my thirties, and finally I realized that I don’t need to be on my high heels to feel sexy. Also discovered that life is so much easier when you smile and stay positive. Don’t waste time with things that aren’t worth… I’m Journalist, I have worked as a  reporter, news reader, TV presenter, shop manager and I have owned a Beauty Salon.

Work is not a problem for me, my big challenge is not to party too hard… As they say, I’m a worldwide party animal. I love food, wine, a good laugh, meet new people and cats. I am crazy about cats!

Robson Cadore is an aspiring photographer, web design, digital nomad, surfer and triathlete. And he manages to combine all his passions and talents while exploring the world.

Robson Cadore is my love and my partner.

He worked for 15 years in the shipping industry. Vessels, ports and containers were his universe. It’s so good, he knows where all the ports, cities and countries are, he is almost an atlas book. Patient and a little bit more serious than me, Rob is a sports enthusiast. From surfing to triathlon, from snowboarding to running, he is always involved with some kind of sports activity. One of his best assets: he is an amazing cook!!!!


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