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Hi, nice to meet you!

We are Nat and Rob, but people usually call us Love and Road, and it kinda makes sense.

Nat and Rob are the travelers behind Love and Road travel blog.
Love and Road in Prague by Localgrapher.com

Love and Road was created in 2014, but our travel life and relationship started way back, in 2006. It was a night out that led to a kiss, that turned into one year dating, followed by the idea of moving to Dublin, Ireland, to study and travel. The Irish season finished in 2009 and, back in Brazil we had a beautiful wedding in 2013 celebrated with a 20-day honeymoon in Europe with a 14-day music festival in the itinerary. After this incredible honeymoon, we were just meant to be together, and we knew we wouldn’t settle for a traditional lifestyle.

This realization made us sell everything to pursue the dream of a nomadic lifestyle. Years went by while we traveled around the world, met amazing people, visited incredible places, and had unforgettable experiences that are registered here on the blog. So it makes sense if you call us Love and Road, as it sums up our passion for life and our love for traveling. 

Now we are living in Turin, Italy, and it feels good to have a place to call home after 5 years of globetrotting. But it doesn’t mean we quit traveling; the only difference is that now we have a place to come back.

Oops, I forgot to tell you, we are Brazilians and, as you expect, we love beaches, dancing, parties and coffee. We also love nature in all its forms, even better when it comes with a dose of adventure or adrenaline. We have traveled to over 50 countries, but we don’t believe in counting stamps.  What really matters to us is the experience we had from all the moments we shared. Nat and Rob, as Love and Road travel blog, is always a work in progress, trying to see the world with positive eyes and fueled by happiness.

I think I just found the perfect line to introduce ourselves: 

− Hi, we are Happy People!

Would you like to know more about us?

If you said yes, here it goes.

Natalie Deduck is a Brazilian Journalist who loves beaches, big cities, cats and good coffee. While traveling the world, she always finds ways to share hacks, travel tips and inspiring stories from the road.

Hey, it’s Nat here, and if you found the first part of this post an overload of information, my apologies. I’m a journalist, so writing is my profession and my passion. I’m good at writing guides, describing places and telling stories, but it’s so damn freaking hard to write about ourselves. Besides traveling, my time is divided into creating awesome content for Love and Road and other outlets and brands. I also spend some time watching cat videos (I’m a cat lady), drinking all the good coffee in the world, working out and meditating every day, well, almost every day. 

I love being outdoors. Put me at the beach, on the top of any mountain or in the middle of a busy city and I’ll be happy. I don’t even mind running or cycling there, as these are my fave sports (+ snowboarding). As I got very personal here, I need to share my new passion. 2020 made me realize I cook amazingly, and I bake cakes that came straight from heaven. You don’t believe me? Check this page for my recipes.

Done with me, let’s give Rob some space. 

Rob is an excellent photographer and one of the business minds behind Love and Road blog.

Before starting this paragraph, I asked if he wanted to write his bio, but I got a shy smile, and “please, can you do it?”. And this is who Rob is: a fantastic character, an awesome friend and partner in crime, just not much of a writer. In fact, he is the guy behind the award-winning photos and videos of Love and Road. His sharp eye for beauty, symmetric lines and life moments has grown side-by-side with his photo techniques.

Of course, he’s way more than my fave photographer. Rob is a triathlete with a couple of Ironman medals hanging on his chest. An adventure enthusiast, travel addicted, and the perfect guy to help you plan your trip. He worked on the foreign trade and shipping industry for over 15 years, and he knows everything about geography and travel routes. Maybe his love for the sea and his dream of having a sailboat is the result of growing up by the beach and working on shipping.

Who knows what the future holds for us, maybe a sailboat, vanlife, or train rides… It doesn’t matter how we travel, what matters is that we keep discovering the world because traveling is pretty much what we do and what we want for life.

If you want to know more about our travel adventures, check out our blog posts here. If you wish to dive into planning to pursue your travel dreams, find all the tools you need in our Travel Planning section

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Happy travels,

Nat ??

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    • Thanks Jon!

      So happy that you liked our story!!
      What a coincidence, while I’m writing to you, Rob is booking our flights to Philippines (we are going to spend January there) your hometown 😀

      Wish you all the best in your travels!

    • Hi Joshua,
      During our planning we saved every penny and got a bunch of money selling all our stuff.
      Our main income is the rent and we also get some money from the affiliated links in our site.
      Tks for stoping by!

  1. Thanks to your post in Urban Travel I found you and I am so glad I did.That’s the life, my friends. I’m doing the same, although I’m probably twice your age. Once the travel bug is in your blood, that’s it. Am now going to read your Istanbul piece because I lived in that city for four years.

  2. Loving the site Robson and Nat!

    You guys have been to some incredible place so far and I’m definitely jealous of you guys. Thankfully I’m back on the road again in 4 weeks so I shouldn’t complain too much.

    I’ll definitely be digging in your site a lot more over the coming days but I thought I’d come say hi and say I hate you (haha, just kidding… Just jealous of the places you’ve been to!)

    • Ohhhh, Thanks Luke!!
      Such a lovely comment!
      Glad to hear that you are back on travels, enjoy every day and every place you go. And if you need any help with your travels, send us a message!!
      All the best,


  3. Hi Nat and Rob! Great to connect! I started my career as a journalist too!

    I’ve now visited more than 50 countries, and just put together a post on how I travel so much here –

  4. I just discovered your blog today and I am amazed! I am a Brazilian currently living in Ireland (lived here since I was around 7 years old) and me and my partner have always talked about travelling the world and just trying to experience life to the maximum of our abilities, so it’s not a surprise that I am just completely in love with your story! I love the blog and congrats on all your achievements, you guys have inspired me to go after my dreams of travelling.

  5. Hi

    Just found your blog while researching Ironman Thailand. Rob, a random question, where did you get your tri suit for the 2017 Phuket Ironman? I’m doing Barcelona this year and need a suit! Perhaps I’ll do Thailand in 2024.



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