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5 Reasons Why Iceland is at The Top of Our Bucket List

Iceland has a special place on our travel bucket list, the top! This island country is my dream travel destination since I was a teenager and my first known Icelandic attraction was Björk. Guess what, I grew up and I […]

Bajo Tribe: Finding Happiness With The Sea Gypsies in Wakatobi

When you travel to a paradise island your main expectations are sunbathing, swimming, snorkeling and relax… In Wakatobi you can get it all, but this group of islands in Southeast Sulawesi – Indonesia, surprised me in a different way. I […]

Thai Islands: 11 Reasons to Travel to Paradise at Least Once in a Lifetime

We are planning our third trip to the Thai islands, very excited!! Some friends keep asking us why? Why we go to the same places every year? The answer is simple: we love the Thai Islands! Every trip there we […]

Sak Yant Blessed Tattoo, a Spiritual Experience in Thailand

It hurts! Get a Sak Yant blessed tattoo is not for everyone! However, every drop of sweat, every deep breath I took, and the pain I felt were worth. A Sak Yant bamboo tattoo is not about beauty or fashion. It´s […]

Powerful Lesson from 1 year travelling the world

People travel for different reasons. Some are seeking adventure, others relaxation, people trying to learn about themselves, about a new culture, to feel… I travel to see the world. Our planet is too big and too beautiful, I feel an […]

Love and Road Liebster Award

Liebster Award

The Liebster Award goes to: ♪♩♫♭♪♯♬♪♫♩♫♭ ♪♯ (tcham tcham ram ram…) “Love & Road!!!!”   This is our first award and we are so proud and happy to be nominated to the Liebster Award by Morgan from Mapped by Morgan […]

How to Travel and Live Like a Local

Do you want to Travel and Live Like a Local?  There is no secret to do it, and you don’t need to be a rocket scientist, just embrace the local culture and follow some advice. To live like a local […]

Leaving things behind.Our first big loss.

Travelling is not just fun. Homesickness, sadness and loss will meet you on the way. Last week was the first time I thought about going back to Brazil! Seriously, it was the first time I realized how far we are […]

The big day arrived!

  Months of preparation and finally the big day arrived! We left our home, our confort zone to hit the world! It has been 3 months that we’ve left Brazil, but I still can feel all the anxious and fear […]


How to save money to travel

Saving money is not that easy, specially when your taste goes to expensive things. Said that: How to save money to travel? We’ve never been rich. Actually I came from a simple family and my mom always had to work […]

Where we want to go, and how can we get there?

  Have a close look to the world map. Look at it carefully! Do you know how many countries exist? On January 2013, ONU published that we have 193 countries spread in 6 continents. But the number can be higher if […]