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“Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer”, said someone wise and probably a travel enthusiast. While everyone loves to talk about travel, not everyone likes to talk about money and financial education. So here we are, let’s discuss traveling costs and how to plan your travel budget, as making a holiday dream come true needs open wallets.

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Costs of Traveling: how to organize your travel budget and save money

Nothing compares to the lessons you learn from traveling, we all agree on that. We also know that as any good outcome in life, travel demands investment. It can be just a few bucks or the entire savings account you built during years. It doesn’t matter the amount you want, or are able to  invest in traveling. The important thing to know, though, is that you can save money if you plan your travel budget wisely. How can you do that? Keep reading, we’re going to show you how in 3 important steps. First, there is a little talk about saving money to travel, second the costs of traveling to different destinations worldwide, third the costs of nomadic life.

We have been traveling non stop since 2014 and we have managed to keep track of all our expenses. Planning how much we would/could spend on accommodation, transportation, activities and food is part of our daily lives. So here it goes: our cost of travel hacks that will help you plan your next trip.


#1 Tip: Saving money to travel

The first thing you should think about is if you need to save money for traveling. It doesn’t matter how long the trip will be, how expensive, if it’ll be a backpacking trip, a sabbatical year or a summer holiday, the question is:  Do you have money for this trip or do you need to save it? If you answered yes then have a look at our simple and yet effective tips on how to save money to travel (click here to read) and here you find tips to save money while traveling abroad.

Saving money to travel sounds like a hard task for you? Then I will share what Rob told me when we started planning our nomadic life back in 2013. Every time I was sad for not buying something, or especially for not going out to parties and dinner with friends, he would tell me “You are giving up something big for something bigger!” He was damn right, and I’m grateful for this lesson.

Another option to save money is doing so extra work before the trip or work during the trip. The second option can be tricky as you need to have permission to work in a foreign. The safest option is to join working holiday programs like volunteering abroad, becoming an Au Pair in France, or teaching English in Vietnam or any other country.


#2 Tip: Discover how much you need to travel to a place

Money is not a problem? Yay, happy days ahead! However, even if you don’t need to save money to travel, it’s always a good idea to know how to spend your bucks and how to make wise choices while traveling. You can make your travel budget last longer or make the whole travel experience better just by knowing the prices of a destination in advance. If you are done with the pre-trip money saving task, you can go to the second step. It’s time to discover how much it costs to travel to a destination. So you know what to expect, how to spend, or even better, how to stretch your money so you can travel for more days, weeks, or even months.

Right below there is a list of articles on costs of traveling to destinations in Asia, Central and North America, Europe, Middle East and Oceania. This list is growing fast, so if you don’t find the country or city you are looking for, come back in a few weeks. We are working hard to make this cost of traveling guide as complete as possible.

More tips to save money while planning your trip:

After the costs of traveling per country/cities, you will find our travel round-ups. Blog posts about the costs of nomadic life, how much we spent on our 1st and 2nd years of travels. Enjoy and happy savings!


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Costs of traveling in Asia

We love Asia, more precisely, we love Southeast Asia. We have traveled and lived in Thailand for a while and we gathered information and data enough to write our biggest blog post ever about travel costs. You can read below the costs of traveling to Thailand, The Philippines travel prices, and saving tips for Tibet.


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Costs of traveling in Europe

The costs of traveling in Europe can vary a lot. Although many countries share the same currency, Euro, the cost of accommodation, transportation, activities and food can be totally different among them. We can say that, as further North as you go, travel tends to be more expensive. If you are traveling on a tight budget, then Southern Europe will be the best bet. It doesn’t matter where your destination is: just planning ahead, and making wise choices can help you save money when traveling in Europe. Be ready for useful travel budget tips for Denmark, England, Portugal, Spain and Switzerland.


Costs of traveling in the Middle East

The Middle East is home of incredible buildings, man-made cities, and freaking expensive hotels. Yes,  it also has outstanding nature, incredible culture, and heavenly food, but most of the well known destinations come with a high price tag. Discover how to save when traveling to Dubai on our post below.


Costs of traveling in Oceania

The countries in Oceania are known for being not that cheap, but there are ways you can travel there without spending all your money and signing bankruptcy. The land down under is quite far but totally worth the time traveling and the investment.


Costs of traveling in Central America

Central America has 7 countries packed with natural beauties and amazing culture. Unfortunately, we haven’t traveled that much over there (that never-ending bucket list), but we do have a guest post about how much it cost to travel to Arenal in Costa Rica. Cool isn’t it?


Costs of traveling in North America

North America has so many incredible destinations that are quite different from each other. It will take us a while to cover the countries and their cities, but we started with some really cool destinations in the USA.


Costs of traveling in Africa

Africa is a huge bucket list for us, so far we have only visited the North part of the continent and a few islands. But we started writing about the costs of traveling there with a very special and stunning destination:

Don’t forget, you must add travel insurance to your cost of traveling. So it’s better if you can choose a good and cheap one, right? We use HeyMondo and SafetyWing, click on the name of the company and buy your insurance now. If you need more information, read our Travel Insurance Guide here.

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Nomadic life travel costs and budget tips

Now it’s time to travel back in time to share how much it cost to travel the world for 6 months, 1 year, and also 2 years. Back then we were nomads, jumping from one country to another, living from our suitcases and juggling between our taste for good and expensive things and our financial planning to make our savings and income last as long as possible.

We traveled full-time for almost 5 years and we never ran out of money (I mean, hardly ever LOL). We started traveling around the world using our savings and the money we made by selling all of our stuff. While traveling, we built our online businesses and Love and Road was born. Together with other projects, they created the income we needed to travel more, until the day we decided to settle for a while. But this is a story for a different post, let’s go back to how much money you need to travel the world. Enjoy the reading!

That’s a wrap! I hope you found some useful information on how to plan your travel budget, save money and travel more!

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