5 Amazing reasons to teach English in Vietnam

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Woman teaching English in Vietnam, showing painting to students in a classroom
Can you resist to those smiles?

A TEFL qualification can take you all over the world. I’m not exaggerating; teaching English as a foreign language is an opportunity to create a job carrier and travel worldwide while doing it. Let’s assume you already know the benefits of becoming a TEFL qualified teacher and how to become an EFL teacher. Now let’s talk about job location and why you should consider applying to teach English in Vietnam.

Finding a destination that meets your criteria requires thorough research and a lot of thought, but this can be difficult when there are so many TEFL teaching job opportunities. With the world at your feet, an exciting decision needs to be made. 

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Understandably, the decision process can be overwhelming, so let us help you narrow down your options by providing just a few reasons why teaching English in Vietnam might be the right fit for you.

If you are here, it means that teaching in Vietnam sounds like an exciting idea to you. Keep reading because you’ll find below some convincing reasons to get a teaching job in Vietnam and make this incredible and surprising country our new home.

Photo of a lake in the middle of Hanoi city, a popular destination for people who want to teach english in Vietnam.
Hanoi is waiting for you!

Why should you teach English in Vietnam?

There are many reasons why people move to Vietnam to teach English, from learning a new culture to developing your professional skills and to enjoy all the amazing things Vietnam is famous for. And there is the financial side as well, as the salary of an English teacher in Vietnam is quite good. With no more wait, here are the top 5 reasons to get an English teaching job in Vietnam:

1st – Vietnam cost of living

Vietnam is undoubtedly one of the most affordable TEFL locations. But knowing that is not enough, and you are probably asking yourself, how much money can you make teaching English in Vietnam? A certified English teacher in Vietnam salary ranges from £950 – £1,300 ($1,200 – $1,500) per month. While this is not a huge sum of money, the cost of living in Vietnam is low, which means that you can have a good life on the other side of the world. Let’s break down a few prices and basic costs of living in Vietnam so you can have a better picture of what you’ll spend there.

Rental prices in Hanoi, for example, are 84% lower than in London, and restaurants are about 80% cheaper; that’s great, isn’t it?

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To have an idea, you can find Airbnb “Superhost” apartments for less than £ 150 ($ 210) per month, right in the center of Hanoi. If you rent from a local real estate agency, prices can be even lower, which means that your English teacher’s salary in Vietnam will last longer than in other countries. 

From housing to food. A delicious bowl of Pho will set you back £ 2 ($ 3), expect to pay the same or even less for a beer. Not only the price of food that you need to think of, but the taste of it is also worth mentioning.

Photo of two bowls of noodles and a local beer in Hanoi. A must-try combination for those moving to Vietnam to work as a teacher.
Noodles & Beers! What else do we need?

Vietnamese cuisine is delicious, packed with flavors, fresh herbs and street bites. Having the opportunity to experience all these for a fraction of the price you would pay at home is an opportunity not to be missed.

Affordable living means that you should be able to live comfortably, travel, make the most of your experience, and even save money. For more saving tips, read our tips for bargaining in Vietnam

2nd – There are plenty of English teaching jobs in Vietnam

Asia is typically associated with a wealth of job opportunities for EFL teachers, making it a very popular choice. Vietnam, in particular, is regularly recruiting English language teachers for a variety of positions. 

The bulk of TEFL jobs in Vietnam is in language schools, where you could be teaching a range of students. For example, many adults will attend classes to learn Business English in private English schools. You could also be teaching supplementary after-school classes for children. 

Language centers or private school classes tend to take place outside of typical working hours, so you can expect a less fixed schedule. Alternatively, there is work available for EFL teachers in Vietnam’s public schools, with regular working hours, larger class sizes and a set curriculum.  

Which-ever way your schedule writes itself, your free time is yours to make the most of it. So while you are teaching English in Vietnam, take time to immerse yourself in the community, get to know the locals, sample the cuisine, learn some of the languages – get involved!

The TEFL.org runs a Vietnam teaching internship, which is a fantastic way to get started in the industry. It’s a 5-month long teaching placement consisting of 20 hours of work per week. Your accommodation is included and a supplementary living allowance of $700 per month. You’ll be rewarded a further $700 on completion of your placement and offered Vietnamese lessons. It’s definitely an exciting opportunity worth considering if you’re looking to test the waters and try out a teaching job in Vietnam.

With many different teaching opportunities in Vietnam, you are bound to find the right fit for you. Just make sure you do your research first to ensure that both parties are able to meet each other’s requirements. 

Mekong river experience is just one of the many adventures you can have when living and working in Vietnam.
Mekong river experience is just one of the many adventures you can have in Vietnam.

3rd – Incredible travel opportunities

Understandably, most TEFL graduates are motivated by more than just a love of teaching. Your passion for travel has most likely also drawn you to become a certified EFL teacher and seek opportunities overseas. And naturally, travel opportunities will play a significant role in your decision process. 

Bordering China, Cambodia, and Laos, Vietnam is ideally situated within Southeast Asia and is just a short flight away from many of these must-see destinations. The continent opens up to you. What might have been viewed as a holiday of a lifetime will be accessible to you in a fraction of the time and more importantly, at a fraction of the cost.

While affordable intercontinental travel is definitely attractive, that’s not to say you won’t have endless travel options without even having to cross the border. Within Vietnam, there is so much for you to see. Stretching about 1600 kilometers in length and about 600 in width, you’ll be able to explore its depths during your weekends and time off without breaking the bank.

Close your eyes and imagine yourself enjoying the stunning beaches and islands of Vietnam, or maybe trekking through the rice fields of Sapa Mountains. There is so much to see and do in Vietnam that you can go on a trip every weekend of the year.

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Traveler learning how to painting with a local woman from Sapa Mountains in Vietnam.
Learning new skills in a faraway land.

4th – Vietnam vibrant culture

Vietnam has a rich, vibrant culture that differs across its regions. Encompassing a wide range of landscapes featuring breath-taking mountain ranges, rice paddy farms, fishing villages, beautiful beaches, remote islands and remarkably preserved national parks – there is a lot to see.  

Its cities have a lot to offer too. Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Da Nang and Hai Phong are all popular destinations for TEFL teaching jobs in Vietnam. Take in the diverse architecture and learn about the country’s history without even leaving your new hometown.

Only 2.5 hours from Hanoi, you’ll find the mesmerizing Halong Bay that can be explored by kayaks and river cruises. Or perhaps make a trip to Hoi An to attend the Lunar Festival when colorful lanterns are released and light up the sky. Learn about the customs behind the festival and enjoy musical performances and hand-made lanterns.

Nationwide, Vietnamese cuisine is appreciated. Take advantage of experiencing authentic eats in its buzzing food scene. Visit the street markets, interact with locals and taste the dishes that the street vendors have on offer.

And don’t forget to visit Vietnman’s museums, learn about their history, colonization and war. It will give you a different perspective of the world’s history.

5th – No previous teaching experience necessary

Vietnam is a great destination for your first TEFL position for many reasons. Previous teaching experience, although desirable, is unnecessary and won’t prevent you from finding work. You’ll find plenty of opportunities are available as there is a high demand for English teachers in Vietnam.

There is another question that usually arises about Vietnam teaching jobs. People ask if you can teach English in Vietnam without a degree. So, while teaching experience isn’t required, it’s important to note that teaching English in Vietnam without a degree is not possible. Like most Asian countries, you will need a Bachelor’s degree. A degree in any discipline is an essential requirement for a work visa.

By now, you probably want to pack your bags and go teach English in Vietnam. Hopefully, these five reasons have helped clarify your ideas about teaching in Vietnam opportunities and what to expect when moving there. 

However you plan to use your TEFL qualification, Vietnam definitely makes a strong case worth your consideration! Its links to the rest of the continent, vibrant culture and scope of work opportunities make it a difficult one to overlook. 

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