What to do in Borno, Italy guide

Discover Borno! What to do in This Unspoiled Italian Town

The fresh air of the mountains. The lush green forest. The smell of homemade pasta served with local wine. The “Dolce Vita” is real and it’s waiting for you in Borno, Northern Italy. This charming city is the truly Italian […]

Best tips to learn a new language to travel

The Best Way to Learn a New Language to Travel

This post is sponsored by Rosetta Stone and features affiliate links, but as usual you get our honest opinion from services and products we’ve tried and recommend. Learning a new language can be a difficult task, especially when you have […]

Things to do in Bregenzerwald, Vorarlberg in summer

Summer Adventure in Vorarlberg – Things to do in Bregenzerwald

The landscape and the mountains are so beautiful that doesn’t look real. I knew the Alpine region of Austria has gorgeous nature, but I wasn’t prepared for such a stunning place. We spend a week this summer in Vorarlberg and […]

The places for Instagram photos in Budapest Hungary

Most Instagrammable Places in Budapest

A city of wide and beautiful boulevards, monumental buildings, rich architecture, narrow cobbled streets and numerous spas. Budapest lies on the Danube River, crowded with boats and full of cafes, bars, and restaurants on its shore. This stunning city lure […]

Love and Road in Prague by Localgrapher.com

Cool Things to do in Prague – Top Attractions and Hidden Gems

Prague is love at the first sight! When you arrive you feel there is something special and unique in the city. We felt like this on our first trip to Prague, but took us a second visit to see beyond […]

The Best Things to do in Český Krumlov and Lipno

It feels like Český Krumlov is not real. Seriously, everything is so beautiful and so old that I had the feeling I’ve traveled in time. Český Krumlov is the ultimate tourist destination in the Czech Republic. After Prague, it’s definitely the […]

The Most Instagrammable Places in Bangkok

Our love for Thailand is nothing new. And Bangkok has a special place in our hearts and tons of photos on our Instagram account. It’s easy to explain, the city has numerous places for great photography. So if you love […]

Bohemian Switzerland National Park – One of The Best Hikes in The Czech Republic

The wind was blowing strongly. I was feeling a bit tired, but what really took my breath away was the beauty of Bohemian Switzerland National Park, not the hiking itself. When I heard about Bohemian Switzerland I didn’t know exactly […]

One day in Kuala Lumpur: Itinerary and Travel Tips

Kuala Lumpur is a big travel hub in Southeast Asia. It’s the entrance door for tourists that come to discover the beautiful Malaysia or are connecting flights to other countries in Asia. What most of the people don’t know is […]

The Best Time to Visit Liberec is Now!

Mountains all around and a stunning town hall in the center of the city. Liberec is an interesting travel destination! Located in the north of Czech Republic, Liberec is the fifth biggest city in the country, yet unknown by international […]

What to do in Brno and in South Moravia

Unique Things to do in Brno – Nightlife and Day Trips

The second biggest city in Czech Republic is the address of great architecture, castles, vineyards, hipsters cafes, fine dine and adventure. With such unique things to do in Brno our 4 days in town flew by. Not to mention Brno’s […]

best of Florianópolis tour

The Best of Florianópolis – A Stunning Island in South of Brazil

Let’s talk about Florianópolis, a stunning island in South of Brazil. A place you can travel in time and see the Portuguese heritage through the architecture and the way of living. And be enchanted by beautiful beaches, sand dunes and […]

3 days in Budapeste what to do and where to stay

3 days in Budapest – The Best Places to Visit and Where to Stay

Budapest is a gem in Central Europe. Hungary’s capital is known for its stunning architecture, history, baths and nightlife. The truth is that there are so many things to do in Budapest that even if you stay there for a […]