What We Love, We Use & Travel Resources

Which camera do you use? How do you search for flights? Wich website do you use to book accommodation? Do you recommend any travel books? What are your travel resources? These are common questions from our readers.

After 4 years of non-stop traveling we gathered some experience, useful info and travel resources. To make your life easier we put together all the websites, gears, courses… that we use [and love], that helps on our journey and will help on your’s too!



Your home far from home. Accommodation is one of the biggest expenses while traveling. Our secret to save money? We shop around. Depending on the length of our trip we will opt for hotels, homestays, rent an apartment or even crash on a friends couch.  There are plenty of websites out there, but those are our fave ones to book our beds:

Agoda          Airbnb           Booking.com      Expedia        Tripadvisor       loveholidays.com


To get from point A to point B can be challenging and costly. Or hassle-free and affordable, it depends on where you do your research [you should do it!] and what tools do you use. To compare flights we check Kiwi.com, and SkyScanner .  To rent a car, we use Rentalcars and  Auto Europe. If you wanna have a blast in Europe travel by train, for single tickets we use Omio and for longer trips, we buy passes from Eurail. To find the best bus tickets in Europe we use  Omio as well. Also, don’t forget Rome2Rio, you can search for flights, buses, trains and boat options on a single website.  At 12Go Asia you can search and book buses, trains, and flights in Southeast Asia. At the destination, if the public transportation is not user-friendly we go for Grab Taxi or Uber (get a free ride).


I am crazy to quit a good job and a good life in Brazil. But I’m not crazy to travel around the world without insurance. I’ve done a lot of research and found World Nomads the best deal. Another great option for long term travelers is Safety Wing, great coverage affordable and super easy to use. If anything happens to us, our equipment or luggage, we are covered. Also, everything sorted online, easy peasy!


Electronics, Photography  & Apps

We are more than happy with our Canon EOS Rebel T5i. In addition to the great pictures, the video quality is stunning. Also super easy to use. The lens that is all the time in the camera is the Canon EF-S 18-55mm, very versatile for indoors and outdoors. I also like the lens Canon EF 50mm, perfect for that blurred effect & portraits. The last addition was the Canon EF-S 50-250mm, great zoom and the electronic stabilization comes handy. Since we do a lot of sports the GoPro Hero4 Silver is our camera to go underwater and in those not that safe situations. Memory cards: Sandisk 32GB & Sandisk 64GB.

Our new toy is the Insta360 Nano a super cool 360 camera! Check our 360 photos & videos on Instagram & Facebook.

Writing, photo & video editing, and the relaxing moments watching funny cat videos we do at my Apple MacBook Air 13in and in Nat’s Apple MacBook Air 11in. Lightweight, fast and reliable machines. Couldn’t be happier. We back up all our data in two WD Passport 1T and in one Seagate Slim 2T external hard drives. I also save our photos online at SmugMug, a cloud storage service perfect for photographers.

Editing videos is a time-consuming task,  going through the footage, renaming files, finding the perfect music… luckily I found Veedyou, a company that does all the editing for you. You just upload the footage to a cloud service like Dropbox, give them the instructions like style and length of the video and then sit back and relax. I can’t wait to get our first video done!

While in Europe we used MTX Connect to be connected to the internet all the time. Read our review here.

As for the Apps we are pretty basic: Google Maps, Google Translate, Google Trips, and Xe.com are the ones we use the most.

Packing, Beach & Sports

Standard Luggage is our choice for carry-on, backpack and checked luggage! It’s designed to fit in small cabin luggage dimensions such as Ryanair. And Nat fell in love because is stylish… Check our Standard Luggage review here. For more options, you can check this blog post where 15 travel bloggers share their favourite backpacks [from carry-on to convertible ones].

Our new addition for summer trips is the stylish Tesalate sand free beach towels. Actually, they become our official travel towels as they are ultra absorbent, rapid-dry, easy to pack and the best asset ever, they are sand free. As we pack light they fit perfectly into our minimalist style of traveling adding an extra dose of color and glamour with its beautiful and unique designs. And our readers can win 15% discount! Use the following coupon LOVEANDROAD15 to get your Tesalate with 15% off!  

You know that we love to be out for a good run. I’ve completed 2 half marathons [Chiang Mai and Angkor Wat], 2 marathons [Paris and Singapore] and 2 Ironmans while traveling. Nat did many 10K races and completed the Singapore half marathon. Our current [and favourite] running shoes are from Adidas, incredible light and the best cushion system ever! Nat also love them because they have an urban style what is handy when you have only a few pair of shoes in your bag. For swimming I have goggles from Aquasphere.

To keep track of my training and performance my Garmin Forerunner 310XT is perfect. I use it while running, cycling, swimming, trekking… Just upload my training on Connect Garmin and my coach in Brazil can follow my performance.


Those books either inspired us or gave us valuable tips about travelling & lifestyle. If you don’t want to travel DON’T read it!!!!

Travel Blogging

First things first! You need to decide if you want to blog for your family and friends or if you want to set up a business. I wish I’ve joined Travel Blog Success before started our journey and before launched our blog. It would have saved me a lot of time and effort to find the right way to transform our blog into our business. I’m constantly learning and receiving a great support from fellow travel bloggers at TBS. [ TBS was bought by Nomadic Matt and it will merge with Super Star Blogging soon]

Performance Foundry is our host and I endorse them. Their Customer Service is beyond helpfull and since we moved to PF, Love and Road improved on load speed and have never been down.

To run Love and Road in English and Portuguese we use WPML. This plugin works perfectly to run the blog in 2 languages.


Earning Money on the Road

Wanna make your money last longer? There are many ways to work while traveling, trading some of your expertise for accommodation, food, and money.

Do you know you can travel the world teaching English? That’s right you can be paid to teach English abroad. You will need to get a TEFL certification, decide where you want to go and start working and traveling!

Do you love animals? Can take care of a garden and a house? Have a look at Trusted HouseSitters, there you find several house/pet owners searching for people to look after their house or pets. We already saved over 10 months worth in accommodation by taking care of other people’s house and pet.

What about work for a few hours per day in a Hostel and get a free bed? Worldpackers put together hostels owners and travelers who want to work.

There are several opportunities to set up an online business. I’m doing a course to learn more about e-commerce. I want to launch a side biz so I can have more sources of income. I’m attending the Import Dojo Master Class Course from Manuel Becvar, he has more than 10 years of experience and the course is very detailed.

Udemy hosts thousands of online courses. You can learn SEO, photography, writing… Pick something that sounds interesting to you and start a new career or business.

Yes, some of these are affiliate links and we will earn a small percentage if you buy from here, at no extra cost for you! You will get an awesome product/service and we earn a few bucks. Everybody is happy! And keep traveling, we are here to help you travel more and better!