10 Unique travel gifts from USD 20 to USD 2000

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If you have a friend or family member who loves to travels, buying gifts for that person can be a challenging experience. After the first few adapters, luggage tags or travel pillows, it can be easy to run out of unique travel gift ideas.

That’s why we are here, after 6 years of non-stop traveling we know which travel gifts make a traveler happy. Here is a list of cool gifts for travel lovers that will surprise and delight them. From luxurious travel experiences to pocket-friendly gifts you can buy online. Here are 10 unique travel gifts from USD 20 to USD 2000, choose your fave one and be sure that your travel gift will be a success. 


10 Cool travel gifts for any budget

Women by the pool using a sand-free towel suggested as one of the unique travel gifts of this blog post..
Sand-free towels are the best travel gift for women. I love mine!

1. Sand-Free Towels – the perfect travel gift for her or beach lovers

A common pet peeve among beach-loving travelers is having to shake the sand out of their towels after a day at the beach. Sand-Free Towels eliminate this problem with its towels that are made specifically to not retain sand in them. Created using a fine blend of fabric, the towel not only sheds sand with a single shake but it’s light, absorbs moisture and dries super-fast. Yes, all this is true. Rob gave me a sand-free towel last year and I love it.

This is the perfect travel gift for her. If you want to get extra points with your girlfriend, wife or friend, surprise her with a sand-free towel before heading to the next Summer holiday.  

Buy this unique travel gift for her here – Prices start from USD 20


Photo from Tinggly showing they have travel experiences that are a super cool and unique travel gift.
Tinggly Experiences are the perfect travel gift for friends that are planning a trip.

2. Tinggly Gift Experiences – gift ideas for someone going traveling

Tinggly Experience is one of the most unique travel gift ideas available out there. Not to be mistaken for a single experience, Tinggly gift box offers to the traveler a plethora of amazing experiences to choose from.

Based on the travel experience gifts you purchase, your friend will be able to go on a full-day Greek Islands tour or go whale-watching in Iceland, or even learn how to make gelato in Verona. Orders are placed online and can be delivered as gifts or as vouchers via email.

Their Merry Christmas Gift Box offers unique experience gifts and will save you from the hard work of Christmas shopping! We have never met someone that didn’t like this unique travel gift.

Buy this experience travel gift here – prices start from USD 49


A woman standing in a busy station using the Standard Luggage suggested as a good travel gift.
Standard Luggage is our favorite cabin luggage.

3. Standard Luggage – a gift for people who travels a lot or travel for work

Finding gifts for people who travel for work is not easy, or better saying it wasn’t. What about a stylish backpack that goes from work to holiday?

Standard Luggage is a perfectly designed cabin luggage backpack that is regarded by many as the best carry-on backpack of the year [read our Standard Luggage review here]. We can say, it’s lightweight and gorgeous. 

This backpack has a modern design that offers space while blending with style. It looks good without attracting attention, fits perfectly into the carry-on luggage requirements for most international airlines, and can be carried in three different ways, dependent on how you travel. Its design is also functional with space for a laptop, making it the best gift for people who travel for work. They also have a day backpack and packing cube sets check them out!

Buy this useful travel gift here – price starts from USD 179


Women enjoy a wine while cruising the Rhine River in Germany.
We had a blast on our Rolling on the Rhine River Cruise. We recommend it as a travel gift for couples and families.

4. River Cruises in Europe – the perfect gift for luxury travelers

If you are looking for awesome travel gifts without worrying about the price tag, we got what you need. Send your friend, family or loved one on an unforgettable river cruise in Europe. If you are searching for cruise themed gift ideas, why not give them a proper cruise experience?

I know, you might think river cruises are for old people, but you are wrong. U River Cruises has a young approach, with modern ships, party calendars, and themed cruises. You don’t believe me? Get a glimpse of how cool this gift is on our Rolling on the Rhine River Cruises review

A river cruise is the perfect travel gift for couples. You can choose among different itineraries and sending them on a cruise experience you know they will love. U River Cruises’ experiences are entirely hassle-free. All the traveler needs to do is come onboard the ship with their bags and be taken on a journey that touches through many amazing cities with meals, transportation and planned activities already provided. No doubt a cruise is one of the best luxury gifts for travelers. 

Buy this awesome river cruise gift experience here – prices start from USD 2,300


5. Insta360 Cameras – a gift for travel and photography lovers

Travel is all about collecting memories, snapping photos and videos to share during the trip, and to make your friends jealous when back at home. Forget those big cameras, if you want a unique travel gift you must follow the 360º trend.

With its revolutionary technology in 360-degree recording, the Insta360 Cameras allows the traveler to preserve those memories from every possible perspective. Shooting 4k quality in all directions at all times, the Insta360 will catch that beautiful sunset without missing out on the birds in flight. They are lightweight and compatible with all mobile devices and is one of the coolest travel gifts you can give to a friend. Check all the available models at Insta360 Store.

Buy this travel photography gift here – prices start from USD 230

6. Scratch Maps – a gift for world travelers

If you have a loved one who is a regular traveler, the ability to keep visual track of all the places they have been is one of the most useful travel gifts they can receive. Scratch maps do just that, giving the traveler a full-sized map which is designed with a foil layer over the mapped images.

As the traveler explores different cities or countries (s)he can keep track of each trip simply by peeling the foil layer off each location. And of course, as a trophy from the numerous journeys across the globe, the map can be placed where friends can see, often sparking a great conversation about travel memories.

Buy this cheap travel gift here – prices start from USD 20


Man enjoy the pool in a Riad in Marrakech using a dry-quick short suggested as a good travel gift for men.
Rob rocking his dry-quick short on our last trip to Morocco.

7. Quick-Dry Swim Shorts – a travel gift for men

If you are looking for travel gift ideas for him, your male friend, boyfriend or husband, a trendy pair of quick-dry swim shorts would make a fantastic addition to his luggage. Designed to be the perfect pair of quick-dry swim trunks, these shorts transcend the water and are perfect for traveling, going out to lunch, or just lounging in a hotel.

Made to stop guys from wearing boring shorts, these are one of the best travel gifts for men. Rob has one and he loves it, he wears it to go to the beach, pool and even for the gym.

Buy this travel gift for men here – prices start from USD 16.99


8. Lonely Planet Coffee Table Books – a gift for any traveler

If you have a friend who loves to travel but has not been on a trip in a while, these coffee table books from Lonely Planet are a good way to help them dream up their next journey. Lonely Planet reference books collect and show different parts of the world and inspiring experiences like “Epic Bike Rides of The World”, “Dark Skies: A Practical Guide to Astrotourism”, and other books that cover travels to countries around the world.

Buy this inspirational travel gift here – prices start from USD 19


Couple being photographed in Prague Castle, showing Localgraph as a travel gift for couples.
Love and Road in Prague by Localgrapher.com

9. Localgrapher – a gift for special travel occasions

We all love selfies (ok, maybe not everybody), but the truth is that it’s quite hard to take good pictures of ourselves or record videos that aren’t with our phone’s front camera and selfie-stick. This situation becomes even more complicated when you travel alone or if your trip is to celebrate something special that requires a good photo.

That’s why we mention Localgrapher as a great and unique travel gift because having a personal photographer during the trip is super cool. Localgrapher is an international network of photographers and videographers that can cover your special travel events like destination weddings, parties, and blowout vacations almost anywhere around the world. 

Localgrapher Gift Card never expires and you can send it to a friend, family, or even to your partner so you two can use it on the next vacation. We had a Localgrapher on our last trip to Prague and it was amazing, the photos were beautiful. 

Buy this great travel gift here –  prices start from USD 250


Couples drinking at the airport lounge recommending the priority pass as a perfect gift for frequent travelers.
Food & Drinks before flying, perks of our Priority Pass.

10. Priority Pass – a gift for frequent travelers

While traveling around the world can be fun and exciting, waiting in drab airport halls can be anything but fun. If your friend is a frequent flyer, give them the gift of a Priority Pass Experience, which is a program that offers access to the best airport lounges around the world.

Holders of the pass will get to experience luxury privileges like fresh meals, sleeping lounges, shower pods and other perks that come with first-class tickets, even if they are flying economy. This is one of the best gifts for international travelers that usually have to face endless hours in the airport waiting for connections. It’s a small travel gift that will make a huge impact on their travels.

Again, we tested it and approved it. It has been a year that Rob and I have the Prestige Priority Pass and I can’t imagine our travel lives without it. 

Buy this top travel gift here –  prices start from USD 99

Choose your favorite travel gift, buy it now, and make a fellow traveler happy. I’m sure he, she or they will be surprised by your creativity and the uniqueness of your travel gift.

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Unique travel gifts for all pockets and tastes. Here is our list of 10 gifts for people who love to travel, from frequent flyer to luxurious or adventurous ones. Travel gift ideas for women, men, beach lovers, photography savvy and even gifts for couples and families. Travel gifts for any type of person and occasion, from 20 bucks to USD2000. Be inspired and give to your friends and family the best travel gifts ever. #travelgiftidea #travelgift #travelgiftforwomen #travelgiftforhim

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