5 Cool Gifts For Traveling Couples

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Traveling as a couple is one of our expertise. It has been over 4 years roaming around the globe, collecting incredible experiences and unforgettable memories. And just like us, there are millions of traveling couples out there and you probably have a friend or two that can fit perfectly in this wanderlust category. We also know that finding the best gifts for traveling couples is not an easy task, it seems that they have done, seen and bought it all. That’s why we are here, it’s time to share our tips and help you buy the coolest gifts for couples who love to travel. I’m sure this guide will make your life easier and the couple’s next trip more enjoyable.

So if you know a couple that loves nothing more than being on the road together, seeking out new places to inspire their friends, here’s a list of the perfect gifts for traveling couples that will help them blaze a trail.


5 Best gifts for traveling couples

Tinggly Gift Box is one of our favorite gifts for traveling couples, you can give it as a wedding gift our to help them plan their next holiday.

  • Tinggly Gift Box

There’s oodles of scientific research backing up the idea that experiences make us happier than material possessions. So why not give to your favorite travel couple a unique travel experience? If this idea sounds like the coolest travel couple gift ever check out Tinggly.  What makes Tinggly so special is they’ve collected 100s of the best experiences all over the world, perfect for travelers and couples. All you need to do is select the type of gift voucher you want to buy according to your budget, and the couple can be sent a stylish gift box, or an e-voucher, which is useful if they’re already traveling. Then they can choose whatever they want to do, whenever and wherever they are. Tinggly even has gift vouchers for couples so they can share their passions. An extra tip here, travel experiences are a great wedding gift for traveling couples, they can even use them on their honeymoon!


  • Travel Pillows

Nothing says romance like a set of matching travel pillows, right? So what about buying a matching travel pillow? Seriously, when you’re on a long flight or train journey, a comfortable travel pillow is about the biggest luxury you could hope for. A lot of people do have them already, but if your couple does, then who’s to say you can’t upgrade them? You can even get travel pillows that can be personalized with a unique design!


  • Solar Charger

Most traveling couples will have a number of devices stowed away when they hit the road. Maybe you already got them a drone! But for sure they’ll have their phones, perhaps a GPS, a tablet, a Kindle or a GoPro camera. How to keep them all charged, especially if they’re in a remote place without a reliable source of electricity? A solar charger is the answer. All you need is a patch of sunlight and you can continue making calls, taking photos or listening to music. This is also one of the perfect gifts for traveling couples that are conscious about the environment and want to make their trips as green as possible.


If you want to make a good impact choose a drone as the perfect gift for couples who love traveling.

  • Drone

The standard selfie in front of an iconic landmark doesn’t cut it anymore. Today’s traveling couple needs to go above and beyond – literally. Capturing scenes with a drone allows for incredible overhead panoramas, and the latest technology means that these cool devices are more compact and robust than ever before – easily fit into a backpack. Sure, this is one for those of you with a higher budget to spend, but if you really want to see some impressive holiday pics when they get back, you need to get them one of these. Side note here, this is Rob’s favorite travel couple gift idea.


  • Airline Coupons

Your traveling couple probably needs very little encouragement to hop on a flight whenever the mood takes them, but you can give their plans a boost by buying them airline coupons. This allows them to get amazing discounted rates on all kinds of flights around the world, perhaps even an upgrade.

Need some inspiration to find the most romantic destinations to send your traveling couple? What about classy and romantic Paris? Or maybe a mix of culture and romance in Bangkok, Thailand? For couples who like adventure and nature, Langkawi in Malaysia can be a unique idea. And don’t forget The Philippines, one of our fave beach destinations.

Airline coupons or tickets are also a great idea if the couple is on the road for a long time and you’re hoping they might make it back for a special occasion – a hint that you’d be happy to see them again and by the way, I already got your plane tickets covered so now you have no excuse! No doubt this is the best gift idea for couples who travel and are complaining they can’t go back home for holiday season.

This gift list could go on and on, and we might update it as soon as we discovered other cool gifts for traveling couples that goes beyond the traditional travel journal or power adapter. Not that those items are not good enough, actually they are essential to any traveler. What we want is to find gifts, experiences or products that will make your couple travel gift the coolest of the party, so maybe on the next trip, your travel couple brings to you an extra special souvenir.


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