5 Reasons Why Langkawi, Malaysia is The Perfect Romantic Getaway

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Langkawi Malaysia boat 1.jpg
I was lost in my thoughts, amazed by the sky, feeling the fresh wind on my face, until the gentle waiter interrupted me with a big smile and one more glass of wine. What a perfect evening, Rob and I on this beautiful boat, sailing during sunset time. I didn’t expect that a trip to Langkawi, Malaysia, could become such a romantic getaway. Ohh, well… let´s enjoy it!

It was a perfect moment, and believe or not, that was only our first day in Langkawi, Malaysia. I never thought the island could be such a romantic destination. We knew Langkawi as a nature paradise, but we never thought it would be a perfect place for a honeymoon. In our case, second honeymoon.

So if you are looking for a romantic destination to celebrate love, spend precious time with your soul mate or just spice up your relationship: go to Langkawi, Malaysia. I’m not going deep on details, but I can say that this trip to Langkawi made a good impact in our love story! 😛

Langkawi Malaysia cruise 2 a.jpg

Our mission in Langkawi, Malaysia, was to explore the beautiful island and enjoy all the attractions. A big thanks to Naturally Langkawi and LADA for inviting us, the island was on our bucket list since we arrived in Southeast Asia. However, I never thought I would be writing about Langkawi as a romantic destination. What a great and lovely surprise!


Why Langkawi is a Perfect Romantic Destination?

I know, this is a silly question! But some of us don´t have romance flowing in the veins, so I will use my sassy skills to explain a very simple thing: Langkawi, Malaysia, is a lovebirds’ paradise. And I only need to give you 5 reasons!


– 1º » Beautiful beaches & untouched forest.

Check this photo out!!

Langkawi Malaysia beach 3.jpg

The famous beaches in Langkawi are Pantai Cenang (busy and watersports hub), Tenagh (not so crowded but still an urban beach) and Tanjung Rhu (white sand secluded beach surrounded by small islands and fabulous sea).

If these beaches are not romantic enough for you, I have a solution: rent a private boat and explore the other 99 islands around Langkawi. Trust me, you won’t regret it! Even in high season, you can hide yourself in some magnificent spots.

Langkawi Malaysia swing 4.jpg 

Also read: The Ultimate Guide to What to do in Langkawi, click here!


– 2º » The hotels are an explicit invitation to stay in bed all-day

(should I blush when I’m writing this?)

Langkawi hotels are amazing, the island has some of the best luxury resorts you can think of. Seriously, they are so beautifully designed, so comfy and with such a good service, that you don’t feel like leaving the room. Or you can just go from the bed to the beach, and that’s not a bad idea.

If you want to celebrate love, here is our suggestion for hotels in Langkawi, Malaysia… Some of them have been romantically tested by us! 

Langkawi Malaysia berjaya 5.jpg

At Berjaya Resort you can get more than a view. The chalet on the water is the ultimate lovebirds’ paradise, from the jacuzzi you will have the best sea view on the island.


Langkawi Malaysia berjaya jacuzzi 7.jpg

Langkawi Malaysia berjaya view 6.jpg

Berjaya resort was our nest for a week, but we have the opportunity to check other hotels in Langkawi and two of them blew my mind. If you want to stay in a stunning place, with a private beach and a swimming pool only for adults, the Four Seasons at Tanjung Rhu beach is the perfect romantic address for you. The rooms are top-notch!


For a different atmosphere and unique experience stay at Gemalai Village.  The bungalows are built on stilts over a paddy field. The design combines the Malay traditional houses with modern facilities and comfort. The place is unbelievably beautiful, surrounded by fields, birds and buffalos. Like a fairytale! 


Langkawi Malaysia gemalai village 8.jpg

Langkawi Malaysia gemalai village 8a.jpg 

– 3º » The activities in Langkawi are meant to be done by couples

If you had strength enough to leave your beautiful hotel, go and enjoy the island. Langkawi, Malaysia, is a natural paradise. In 2007 UNESCO has nominated Langkawi as a GeoPark and since that the environment has been even more protected and eco-tourism received a big boost.

Some attractions in Langkawi, Malaysia, are truly romantic, meant to be done by couples.

– Sunset dinner cruise:

No doubt this was one of the most romantic things we did in Langkawi. A huge boat sailing around the islands, delicious dinner, drinks and stunning sunset. It can´t get wrong! For your perfect cruise contact Naam Adventure, those guys rock!

Langkawi Malaysia sunset cruise 9.jpg

 – Massage on the beach:

Most of the hotels have special service and packages for honeymoon or romantic getaways. Talk with the staff and check their options for couples massage.

 – Private sailing:

Many companies in Langkawi offer private boats for day sailing. You just need your sunglasses and sunscreen. Don´t forget to ask the captain to take you to secret beaches and hidden spots.

Langkawi Malaysia cruise 10.jpg

 – Spa & wellbeing centers:

I don’t know you, but I never get tired of being pampered. In Langkawi, in the middle of the island, the seawater flows from the ground in high temperatures. At Air Hangat Village (saltwater hot spring) you can relax your feet and legs in one of the pools and after go for a massage, jacuzzi or some beauty treatments. Naturally Langkawi has a good Spa Guide, where you can find all the information about the facilities, services and locations. 

Langkawi Malaysia hot spring 11.jpg


– 4º » Someone Ssid: “Food is aphrodisiac”, I agree!

Good food is easy to find around Langkawi, Malaysia. Seafood lovers will be in heaven there. My pick for a delicious fish meal is definitely Orchid Ria on Pantai Cenang beach. You can choose your dish straight from the aquarium and eat in a local atmosphere. Nothing is fresher than that!

For a romantic dinner go to Seashell Restaurant. Book a table outside, in the middle of the paddy fields. You won’t regret it. The vibe of this place is unique, there we tried the traditional Malaysian recipes, seafood, fish and the most delicious meal we eat in the whole trip!

Langkawi Malaysia fields 12.jpg 

Langkawi Malaysia food 12.jpg

If you don’t want to leave your hotel paradise, ask them to organize a lovely dinner on the beach. Candles, nice meal and the most romantic atmosphere ever… Great idea for a proposal too! 😉


– 5º » Sunsets are perfect for drinks & kisses

After a long day exploring Langkawi or sunbathing on the beach, the twilight is the moment everybody is waiting for. From the boat, from the beach or from the balcony of your hotel, doesn’t matter, sit beside your love and enjoy the beautiful nature! One more day is finishing and tomorrow a new opportunity to life and love, that is an excuse enough to be happy and celebrate! One more wine, please!

Langkawi Malaysia sunset 13.jpg

I know that not everybody is romantic as me (actually I don’t consider myself a super romantic girl), but for sure Langkawi will melt your heart. The island is so relaxed, friendly and full of couples, that seems love is floating in the air… It´s something contagious I think! Even Rob was caught by this lovely wave. I didn’t complain at all!

Langkawi Malaysia 15.jpg

During our stay in Langkawi, Malaysia, we met couples from all around the world. From USA, France, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and Syria. As usual, we were the only Brazilians there. But my point is, Langkawi is a perfect romantic destination for different types of couples because it has so many different attractions. No doubt you will find a perfect activity and perfect accommodation for your romantic style too. 

Langkawi Malaysia kiss 16.jpg

For me, the only downside of Langkawi is that all the attractions and hotels are far from each other. So be prepared to use taxi or rent a car, because the lovely mood won’t last after such long walks. However, a positive thing: the taxis have fixed rates. You will pay a fixed price from one point to another in the town and most of the hotels have the price list at the reception. So you don’t need to bargain!

Apart from all the romantic stuff, Langkawi has another really interesting asset, it´s a tax-free island. So if you get tired of your partner, or if you need a quick break, go shopping!!! There is a shopping center where you can find worldwide brands… Better than a romantic getaway only a diamond ring. 😉 


Now that you know that Langkawi is super romantic, it’s time to plan your trip there. Here is our guide about Langkawi where you will find information about how to travel there, attractions, and places to visit. If your holiday includes a stop at the Malaysian capital, read our guide to Kuala Lumpur here.

And if you like sports or triathlon, don’t forget to read our article about the Ironman completion that happens every year in Langkawi. Rob raced it and wrote a great review about Ironman Malaysia Langkawi.
Do you plan romantic getaways? Have you already thought about Langkawi as a romantic destination? Leave your thoughts!


88 thoughts on “5 Reasons Why Langkawi, Malaysia is The Perfect Romantic Getaway”

  1. Aaaaw I love seeing you guys happy! So glad you enjoyed the trip to Langkawi! Too bad we missed each other, we should have gone there at the same time…. Hugs to both of you!!

    • Hey Sab!!!
      That´s so true, we would have tons of fun together!!
      But it´s ok, I´m sure we´ll catch up soon in Europe!
      BTW, have been talking with some Filipino girls and they asked If I know you. I told them we are friends and now they gave me the idea of travelling there together… No a bad plan at all! 😀
      Big kisses xx

  2. That place looks like you’d never want to leave! Does anyone bring children there or are they intentionally marketing themselves as a couples-only resort?

    • Hi Rachel!
      Langkawi is super beautiful… There are plenty of families and children around there, some of the hotels have different swiming pools, one for children and families, and another one just for adults that want to relax in quite vibe.
      The island itself is perfect for childen, specially because of the quite and shalow beaches.

  3. Looks like you had a lovely time!

    It is very rare that a stay at a resort/higher end hotel is our kind of thing (we’ve stayed in 2 over the past 6 years of travel together), but I know Langkawi is incredibly popular with Australian honeymooners.

    Looks as lovely as your Philippines pictures 🙂

    • Thanks Chris!
      We don´t stay in top hotels all the time, but once a while we do it as a treat to ourselves. And in a romantic place as Langkawi, we deserved a romantic room 😉
      Happy Travel,

  4. Wow, what a superb post…very inviting especially for couples. All your reasons are aphrodisiacs! Do you think they will still work for a couple in their sixties and seventies? Hehehe

  5. You had me with that first cruise photo. It looks absolutely the most romantic ever. I’ve not made it to Malaysia yet, although I have wanted to go for a while. Now you’ve put Langkawi on my radar.
    And that fish! Can you share what seasonings typify the local cuisine?

    • Hey Linda!!
      I´m happy you got interested in Langkawi. It is definitely an amazing place to visit.
      About the food… OMG! Super tasty, a bit spicy but delicious.
      The picture shows small portions of local food: fish crackers, grilled fish, clear soup, rice with garlic (lots of garlic), fresh salad and sauces. The fish was grilled just with salt and curry power but not too spicy. The sauces are really hot based on curry and chilli, one of them was sweet and sour, and that was my favorite. 🙂


  6. What gorgeous photos! Everything looks unbelievably romantic…the cruises, the hotels, the meals…I will have to experience this one day 🙂

    • Thanks Leah!
      For sure Langkawi is a truly romantic destination, but also there plenty of things to do and see there. If you like tropical beaches and stunning nature put Langkawi on your travel list! 😉


  7. This sounds perfect, thanks for featuring Langkawi!! We’re always on the look out for romantic spots around the globe – technically we were married back in 2013, though we like to see our world travels as one never ending honeymoon 😀 So glad you both had a spectacular time!

    • Thanks for stopping by Meg!
      Langkawi was nominated as our second official honeymoon. But as you we also think that our adventure around the world is never ending romantic trip, and that´s a good excuse for good hotels, nice dinners and a bottles of wine 😉


  8. Romance oozes in Langkawi! I can tell from these photos that its scenic views, and laid back atmosphere are perfect for any couple. I’m hooked on that resort though! The bath and accommodation’s facilities are kind of making me jealous!

    • That jacuzzi is definitely the highlight of the hotel Andrea!
      I couldn’t believe that was true till the moment I step in the room…
      The best bath and view ever…hahaha
      Thanks for stopping by!

    • Put Langkawi on your next trip to Malaysia, I´m sure you won’t regret!
      This week we´ll be publishing a new post about Langkawi and all the activities in the island… Stay tuned for more travel info!
      Nat 😀

  9. Nat, I definitely have to contact you about this great itinerary and that hotel room is really pretty!!! I am glad you guys are having fun in my continent. It’s been years since I was in Malaysia!

    • Hey Trisha!!
      Will be my pleasure to share all the details about Langkawi, send me an email with all the questions you have.
      We left Southeast Asia a week ago and I´m already missing that lovely part of the world! 🙁
      Happy Travels

    • Tracie, if you like seafood you will be in heaven in Langkawi. The seafood and fishes are amazing there and actually it´s a bit hard to find beef and chicken there… The fishes are always so fresh and tasty that we didn’t think about eating anything else..

  10. Loved your blog post if you can delete my previous message, I entered by accident. Awesome photos and a destination that looks so inviting 🙂

  11. Hmmm, I can’t believe you stay in Berjaya Hotel still within your daily budget ($50)?

    I’m Malaysian, and my first experience in Langkawi wasn’t that happy, and that is my last trip to Langkawi.

    • I´m sad to know that you didn’t enjoy Langkawi that much 🙁

      We had a great time and met lovely Malaysian people.
      As we mentioned in the post we got invited to visit Langkawi, that´s why we had the chance to stay at Berjaya. But even with our tight budget of 50 usd per day, once a while we pamper ourselves with good hotels. It´s just a matter to find the balance and research well!

  12. Oh ya

    Malaysia government always treat good to foreigner!! Not local!!! Haa.. sorry to spam your mailbox.

    Hope you n Rob continue enjoy your life and wish your travel series NOT end soon. Will come back for answer when i got PLAN to FLY!

    • Don´t worry Tan, you don’t spam my mailbox. It’s always good to have new comments and share our travel stories…
      Hope we could help you, giving you more idea on how to travel more and better…

      All the best,

  13. I totally agree, Langkawi is amazing and you both looked like you had an amazing time there.

    I also loved Tioman island in Malaysia, just to give a comparison, not as upmarket or fancy as Langkawi, but the hidden, untouched feel – especially on Juara beach – was just as perfect for me.

  14. Firstly, I would like to compliment you on your photos. Your shots are really clean. OMG! If Langkawi doesn’t say romantic, then I don’t know which destination will. The beaches, sunset and everything else are really beautiful.

  15. Nothing says sexy like a sea view jacuzzi! I’d have to say Havana (as much as Cuba had it’s downfalls) was pretty romantic. A solo male we met travelling said he would go back but with a significant other. The cars, the cocktails, the salsa…

  16. WOW!!! You guys have sold me on this island. I’ve never even heard of it. That jacuzzi with a view…. The paddy field restaurant, the food— the pictures are gorgeous!

    I’m surprised that you were the only Brazilians there. Seems like I meet many everywhere I go lol. Y’all are taking over the planet…

    Amazing post! Thanks for sharing!

  17. Does one really have to be romantic and travel there with a partner to enjoy it? Because I am single and NOT romantic at all, but you guys made me wish I could go there!

  18. What a stunning paradise! Malaysia is on our SE ASiA hit list when we make it over there. While it may not be relaxing with two little boys running around, i can’t complain about sitting on beautiful beaches like those!

  19. It’s easy to see why Langkawi is a romantic destination! It looks like the perfect ambiance and atmosphere to escape to with a loved one. I can feel the romance just from your pictures alone!

    • Thanks Arzo!
      Langkawi is a special place, we have been there twice and can´t get enough of it.
      Happy to know that you enjoyed it too, and that you liked our photos! Thanks for stopping by!


  20. i totally agree…just came back from Langkawi last week..Celebrated our first wedding anniversary there and really had a great time!

  21. It’s so lovely 🙂 I have been near (in Penang island) but didn’t have time to go to this island 🙁 Maybe next time like Penang is really good place to make visas for Indonesia 😀

  22. Really a lovely share!

    Spending some days at an Island is really an amazing experience, that could create beautiful memories which you can keep in your heart for long life. After seeing the images of this beautiful island, once again, I am willing to be there.

  23. Amazing recommendations. Maybe you need to check the Rooftop in Cenang too — for they have a small open air movie on top of the roof, and by the beach next time you’re there.


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