5 Unique And Cool Things to do in Bangkok

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Discover a new side of Bangkok! Follow our tips for the unusual, unique and cool things to do in Bangkok. Hidden places and memorable experiences in Thailand.
Let’s unveil another side of Bangkok…

Bangkok, Thailand: love it or hate it! It’s one of the best cities in the world, but to say this it took me almost 8 months of living in Bangkok. On my first trip to Bangkok, I simply hated it! I hated it with all my soul…  But then, after doing some research and meeting local friends I finally learned to enjoy the city, and I also learned how to find cool things to do in Bangkok, awesome places, and unique experiences that only this great city can offer.

You may be traveling to Bangkok for a holiday, or a few days stopover before heading to the amazing Thai Islands [click here to read our guides to Thailand]. If this is the case, we know you can’t waste any time trying to discover the cool things to do in Bangkok.

To help you make the best of your holiday, we wrote this guide. It’s an upgrade of the Ultimate Guide to Bangkok we wrote with all famous tourist attractions and transportation tips and everything you need to know about Thailand’s capital.

We also have a guide about safety in Bangkok, read it here!

You will find in this article unique things to do in Bangkok, places and experiences that will turn your trip to Thailand quite memorable. I wish I had a guide like this before my first trip to Bangkok, it would have saved months of my unenjoyable life here. 

There are many cool things to do in Bangkok, visiting the ancient temples as Wat Poh is only one of them!
The Temple of the Reclining Buddha (Wat Pho).

Before we get started let’s assume you already booked your flight to Bangkok [if not, click here for the best airfares]. In case you are traveling overland, we recommend checking 12Go Asia, where you can search for and book trains & buses.

And let’s also assume you already have an idea of what the main tourist attractions in Bangkok are, if not discover them here. And this is important because this post is gonna give you extra tips on how to have fun and enjoy Bangkok that goes beyond all that. That means we’re gonna focus on some amazing hotels to stay, local experiences and even some adventure.

A quick tip to help you enjoy Bangkok and save money :

To see different sides of Bangkok and SAVE MONEY on the way, get your Bangkok Day Pass!

It’s a digital pass that gives you access to attractions (like the incredible Mahanakhon Skywalk), restaurants, boat transportation, tuk-tuk- tours, massages and more. It’s way cheaper than if you would pay for each activity separately.

We used the Bangkok Pass and loved it (here is a video of our itinerary).

If you like the city pass idea, they also have the Phuket Day Pass (here is our video traveling with it), Chiang Mai Day Pass, Chiang Mai Premium Pass, Ayutthaya Day Pass, and Pattaya Day Pass.

The activities, attractions, restaurants and benefits in each city are different, so it’s worth checking them out.

Now, are you ready to follow us on a journey through the unique and cool things to do in Bangkok?

1st – Sleep in style and wake up with the best views of Bangkok

First things first: you need a place to stay in Bangkok. And it has to be a hotel that is well located, close to all tourist attractions, comfortable, and preferably with a scrumptious breakfast. And, if you are looking for awesome things to do in Bangkok I would add a great view, a stylish room and art to the list. It’s Bangkok, so a unique experience in the city starts with a unique hotel.

We have stayed at many hotels in Bangkok and some of them are incredible! Here are three suggestions of the best hotels in Bangkok for an out of ordinary stay:

One of the unique and cool things to do in Bangkok is stay at top hotel and enjoy the amazing views from Lumpini Park and the city skyline!
The pool at SO Sofitel is an Instagram dream!

» Artistic and with a view to die for: SO Sofitel Bangkok

The hotel concept was created by “monsieur” Christian Lacroix for the renowned French hotel chain Sofitel. The result is a hotel that goes beyond your senses, that will make you feel you’re in some type of art gallery, or in a trendy bar or restaurant, rather than in a hotel in Bangkok.

You can choose from 238 rooms spread across 30 floors and 4 themes: Metal, Earth, Wood and Water. You can pick a room that suits your style or even try something new. We stayed at the SO Comfy Earth room, the edgy style and the view of the corner suite were jaw-dropping.

Book your room at SO Sofitel here!

Stay at So Sofitel Bangkok, the hotel itself is one of the awesome and cool things to do in Bangkok!
State of the art facilities.

SO Sofitel gives you more than a good night of sleep. Among the cool things to do in Bangkok, a few of them are literally inside the hotel. Pool party with gourmet food and special cocktails checked! Rooftop bar on the 30th floor with the best view of Bangkok, checked! A breakfast and swimming pool overlooking Lumpini Park, checked!  

Where else in the world can you stay in a French design hotel, overlooking a cosmopolitan skyline eating noodles for breakfast? Only in Bangkok, baby!

» Classy and luxurious: Oriental Residence Bangkok

Oriental Residence is one of the best hotels in Bangkok and we nominated it as one of the best choices for a romantic trip in Bangkok [check our full list of Romantic & Honeymoon Hotels in Thailand].

The hotel has everything you need and desire, with elegant service and flawless decoration. It’s luxurious, classy and clean. There is nothing that seems over or maybe too much: everything there is always perfection.

Oriental Residence is one of the best hotels in Bangkok. There you get amazing rooms, superb service and will be close to all the attractions and cool things to do in Bangkok!
Très chic!!

It’s the perfect choice for people who want to be closer to all the attractions in Bangkok, with superb rooms and good options for dinner and breakfast at the hotel. We stayed at the Grand Deluxe Suite and loved it! The room had a homey feeling, all you need after a long day exploring all the awesome things to do in Bangkok.

Check Oriental Residence Bangkok availability now!

» Affordable luxury and the best hotel for shopping in Bangkok: Amari Watergate

If your idea is checking all the interesting things to do in Bangkok, staying in a great hotel and also saving some money, Amari Watergate is the perfect place for you!

The hotel is huge, and it’s right in the heart of Bangkok, surrounded by shopping centers, street markets and food stalls. But what we loved about Amari is not the strategic location, it was the Executive Club they have.

Amari Watergate Hotel is in the heart of Bangkok, perfect for shopping and to check all the cool things to do in Bangkok.
Stylish and strategically located, yet affordable?

We stayed at the Executive Suite and had access to the Executive Club, which means we had the privilege of staying on the top floors, and also access to a lounge on the 32nd floor with special breakfast and daily happy hour only for executive guests. Super comfy rooms, great views and daily free drinks and gourmet food to start the evening. This was the best deal ever!

Book your stay at Amari Watergate now!

2nd – Escape from the urban & chaotic Bangkok

When I say I hated Bangkok, I was telling you the truth. The traffic in the city is mad, some days the air pollution can make you dizzy, and the smell of Thai food can be surprisingly overwhelming. You will find yourself tired of haggling with taxi drivers and hopping for one stunning temple to another. When you feel you had enough of the urban and chaotic Bangkok, it will be time to see the other side of the city. It will be time to visit Bang Krachao, a unique attraction in Bangkok, still unknown to many travelers.

Bang Krachao is still a secret for most of the tourists that travel to Bangkok! And is definitely one of the most unique and cool things to do in Bangkok!
Try discovering a greener side of Bangkok on two wheels.

Most of Bangkok travel guides only mention Lumpini Park as the green escapade of the city, but actually Bang Krachao, an island in the middle of Chao Phraya River, is the green lung of Bangkok. A big part of the island remains preserved, with a few houses and cars, some local businesses and a park. The best way to get around is by bicycle, so prepare your comfy clothes and just go biking around.

Join a tour to discover Bang Krachao Island like a local!

Visiting the island is not that easy, but it is totally worth it. No doubt it’s one of the cool things to do in Bangkok, and if you go during the week it will be very quiet and enjoyable.

The best way to go to Bang Krachao is to take the BTS Sukhumvit Line till Bang Na Station, there you’ll get a taxi and ask for Bang Na pier or Wat Bang Na temple [here is the map from the station to the pier]. At the pier you will find a ferry to Bang Krachao: don’t worry, people and motorbikes go all together, it’s fine.

Among the cool things to do in Bangkok and at Bang Krachao island is cycle along the park and visit workshop of handcrafts!
We had such a lovely time cycling through Bang Krachao.

When you arrive on the island, just beside the pier you will see a stall selling drinks and renting bikes. Rent a bicycle for the day, buy some bottled water and don’t forget to ask for a map. And then go explore Bang Krachao! You might ride a lot, but the vibe is awesome. And you might get lost, but don’t worry, it’s an island, you will ride your way back to the pier for sure.

On the island, there is a nice and hipster hotel [Bangkok Tree House] with a cafe for a strategic stop and some refreshments. If you feel like doing local stuff, there is a cooperative group there, and they teach local activities, such as how to make herbal pillows – you can get a massage there too. And there is another place where you can learn how to make joss sticks and other Thai handicrafts. Don’t forget to visit the ancient temples, they are stunning!

Search for hotels in Bang Krachao here.

While exploring Bangkok you will visit many temples, but one of the cool things to do in Bangkok, specially at the Bang Krachao island, is to visit the ancient an non touristy temples.
You can visit ancient and non-touristy temples like this one on the island.

3rd – Surfing is one of the cool things to do in Bangkok

Traditionally all the Bangkok travel guides will tell you to watch a Muay Thai Fight and do it, it’s super great! On the other hand, as we are talking about cool things to do in Bangkok and the unique experiences you can find in this amazing city, I will give you a different suggestion. When traveling to Bangkok, just go surfing! No, I’m not crazy, I’m only taking your holiday trip to Bangkok to a different and awesome level!

I'm sure you never thought about this, but one of the most exciting and cool things to do in Bangkok is to surf a static wave in the middle of the town!
Who would imagine surfing a static wave could be so fun?!

It’s no secret that Rob and I love water sports. While traveling around Bangkok we found a great way to fulfill our desire for adrenaline: we went surfing! And it turned out to be one of the coolest things to do in Bangkok. The name is Flow House and there you can surf on a static wave, try your balance and surf moves, or just laugh yourself off with all the falls. From kids to couples and friends, everybody can have fun, and you don’t need to be a surf expert.

Travel Advice:

Don’t forget your Travel Insurance! You don’t want anything to ruin your trip, right? So don’t take the risk! Reliable travel insurance can help you in case of travel issues, from accidents to health problems, travel delays, and lost luggage.

There are many insurances in the market, our picks are HeyMondo and SafetyWing. We used both and always had a good experience. Click on the insurance names to get a quote.

4th – Discover delicious coffee and hidden places in Bangkok

Thailand produces a lot of coffee, and if you travel to the Northern part of the country you can visit hill tribes that produce organic coffee. But if Chiang Mai is not on your travel plans, you can satisfy your passion for coffee in Bangkok too. You can take your taste buds on a journey of heavenly coffee and discover hidden places in Bangkok. Cafes, restaurants, and well decorated bars, with a stylish crowd and some specialty coffee.

Fulfill your passion for good coffee! Bangkok has many hidden places serving specialty coffee and discover these cafes was one of the cool things to do in Bangkok!
Hmmm… coffee time!

Our journey through the best cafes and coffee in Bangkok was guided by Pippo, a lovely Thai guy that knows everything about espresso, cappuccinos and lattes.

We found him through TakeMeTour, a really cool company that connects local people and travelers. You get to experience the best of Bangkok with a personal and passionate guide. We love coffee and the 4-hour tour we had with Pippo was beyond our expectations.

Pippo’s tour was the first coffee tour on TakeMeTour website, now they have different coffee experiences that you can choose from. My suggestion is to check all-day trips and choose the one that suits your taste buds better.

Book your coffee experience with TakeMeTour here!

We went to 5 different cafes, all of them hidden in trendy neighborhoods and small streets that we would have never found if we were by ourselves.

Pippo drove us to all of those places, and at every stop, we got to hear about a new story and other cool things to do in Bangkok. We tried different types of specialty coffee from Thailand, Colombia, Costa Rica and many other places.

We not only learned a lot about coffee, but we also discovered a new side of Bangkok unknown to most tourists: local designers, artists, coffee lovers, and young entrepreneurs. All this while sipping good coffee and eating delicious Thai food!

Coffee from all around the world, roasted and grounded in Bangkok. Ready to satisfy your desire for good coffee! So many different and cool things to do in Bangkok!
Thanks for the amazing coffee tour, Pippo!

Five stars for Pippo! What a unique experience in Bangkok we had! But if you’re not a coffee lover, worry not! TakeMeTour has many other local tours and I’m sure you will find other unusual and interesting things to do in Bangkok with them.

5th – Gourmet food market, one of the exciting things to do in Bangkok

Thai food is delicious [at least for us]! But I totally understand when travelers tell us that after a week in Thailand, they are tired of eating Pad Thai and fried rice, that’s totally normal. That’s why our list of cool things to do in Bangkok includes food, but not only Thai food.

Before jumping on our 5th unique thing to do in Bangkok, a quick piece of advice about street food: if you feel adventurous, go and try everything from the streets. If it smells good, if it looks clean, eat it!

Hungry? Let's try something new! One of the most delicious and cool things to do in Bangkok is to explore gourmet food market!
Explore the gourmet food market, you won’t regret it.

However, if you are not confident enough about trying street food, we got you covered! One of the cool things to do in Bangkok is to go for lunch or happy hour/dinner at the Commons Market.

It’s a mix of gourmet food restaurants in an open space market. It’s basically a food market where people get together to share food and good moments, which is such a unique thing to do in Bangkok.

The crowd is a mix of expats and Thai. All the restaurants are gourmet, cooking with the best ingredients, and fusion recipes, in a cool and modern atmosphere. You can try Thai dishes and also the international menu, such as lobsters, pasta, french pastries and many more.

Have you fallen in love with Bangkok already?

Hope your answer is “Yes”! We want to inspire you to discover a new side of the city and all the unusual things to do in Bangkok. Thailand’s capital is more than temples and handcraft/souvenir markets, more than Khao San Road and Chinatown. All these places are great, interesting attractions that you must visit, but you should definitely go beyond them.

Bangkok is a destination itself, a place you can stay a week or more and your days will be packed with unique activities and awesome things to do.

When planning your trip to Thailand, don’t use Bangkok only as a base to arrive, shop and leave the country. Stay some extra days and follow our tips for cool and unique things to do in Bangkok.

I’m sure you will leave Thailand with a different perspective and a desire to come back! If you wanna know about prices and how much it costs to travel in Thailand, we have another blog post with all the costs to travel and live in Thailand, ready to help you!

Do you like our suggestions? Any more tips about unique and cool things to do in Bangkok? We are always in search of awesome experiences!

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Discover a new side of Bangkok! Follow our tips for the unusual, unique and cool things to do in Bangkok. Hidden places and memorable experiences in Thailand. Go beyond the traditional tourist attraction in Bangkok and fall in love with the amazing city!

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  1. Thanks for all the great tips and advice. We’re still planning to spend a few months in Thailand next spring so your ideas from across the country have been a great help. Keep having fun you guys!

  2. Great write up! I may just print this out and follow your exact footsteps, looks like some very cool things to do (and places to stay). I’m especially interested in the surfing part! 😀

    • The surfing is awesome Vanessa!!
      Such a cool and unusual thing to do in Bangkok!
      If you need more tips to enjoy the city in a different way, feel free to email us! 😉


  3. I absolutely adore Bangkok! I must admit I always stay in the same little boutique hotel when I come but the Sofitel looks amazing – those views, I may have to reconsider 😉

  4. You are a rockstar!! (you are a star and you rock :-D). I love your style, pics and this post. Why did you hate Bangkok at first?
    The hotel looks great and the views show me a city so green… I didn’t expect it!

    • Hi Sabrina!!
      Thanks for the rockstar 🙂
      Bangkok is too busy, too dirty, too many people… it takes you out of your comfort zone very fast and intensely… That’s why I didn’t like love it at the first sight, but now I love it!


  5. One of my favorite hotels in the world is in Bangkok – I stayed there five years ago and still send family and friends there. One great thing about Bangkok is that there are so many hidden corners and undiscovered amazing things there, you almost always feel like you’re the first to find something or stumble upon something. it is pure magic.

    • Your are so right Drew!! I think we could live in Bangkok for 5 years and it won’t be enough to see and discover all the hidden places. That city is amazing and keeps surprising me!

      Thanks for stoping by!


  6. I’ve heard mixed reviews about Bangkok – we have the opportunity to visit soon, though we’re generally not big city travelers – we enjoy nature & the outdoors. So I’m thinking an escape from the urban & chaotic city center may be right up our alley. I hadn’t heard of Bang Krachao, so I’m glad I came across your post! Thanks!

    • You are welcome Meg!
      Definitely you gonna like Bang Krachao, it so relaxing and green there, very different from Bangkok. If you like outdoors, maybe is worth to check Koh Kret another islands on Choapraya River but on the north side, around Nonthaburi area.

      Enjoy Thailand!


  7. Love the idea behind this post! I’ve passed through Bangkok quite a few times, but I’d love to stay for a while and get to explore all it has to offer.

    • Thanks Taylor!!
      We want to show a different side o Bangkok. Most of people only visit the temples and go shopping there, but the city is amazing and worth a long stay!
      All the best,

  8. I can only do big cities for a few days at a time without getting a bit claustrophobic so cycling around the green space on Bang Krachao is really appealing to me and stumbling across an old temple or two would be a definite bonus. You are right that it’s somewhere you don’t usually here about so tips on getting there are really appreciated.

    • Hey Toni!
      Bang Krachao is a stunning place, completely different from the urban Bangkok.
      Thank God it’s hard to find the place, so we can keep it calm and relaxing…

  9. I didn’t love Bangkok on my first visit either. But now, it’s not my favorite place but I really enjoy going partially because you can find a lot of hidden gems. Great job pointing some really good ones and a few I didn’t know about. You picked some great hotels and next time I go I’m going to check out Bang Krachao.

    • Good to know that I’m not alone in this love and hate relationship with Bangkok! 🙂
      And please put Bang Krachao on your next trip, I’m sure you gonna enjoy it!
      Happy Travels,


  10. I love the hotel choices. One of the most important thing for us when we are choosing a hotel is the view. I would love to visit the Gourmet food market as well as learn to surf.

  11. Great list! We always tend to skimp on the accommodation wherever we go so that we have a bit of extra cash to enjoy the destination – but your hotel recommendations are incredible! I might try living it up in style on my next visit to Bangkok.. and anywhere else!

    • Hi Vicki,

      We are very concerned about saving money too. But we always talk before planning a trip and we choose if we want to stay in a nice hotel to experience it, or if we only need a place for shower and sleep. So in some trips we go for budget options and in other we splurge a bit. the secret is to keep the balance! 😉

      Happy Travels,


  12. To complement a Bangkok excursion, I would recommend KOSY massage & cut on Sukhumvit Soi 23. It’s a gem of a massage parlour. Affordable, great decoration and very professional.

  13. You are absolutely right. These things you have put here are all great and compulsory to do in bangkok. I love the food of bangkok especially noodles. The Thailad is more beautful than I have heard


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