Best tips to learn a new language to travel

The Best Way to Learn a New Language to Travel

This post is sponsored by Rosetta Stone and features affiliate links, but as usual you get our honest opinion from services and products we’ve tried and recommend. Learning a new language can be a difficult task, especially when you have […]

15 Best Backpacks for Travel by top bloggers

Best Backpack for Travel: Tips to Buy The Perfect Travel Bag

Traveling with a backpack is easy! But choose the best backpack for travel is a bit more complicated. That’s why we asked 15 top travel bloggers which travel backpack they have, why they love it and why it could be […]

Singha Vip Experience & Carlos Santana Live in Bangkok, that’s how we party!

Night out in Bangkok, one of the best in Southeast Asia and we love it! After eight months travelling around Thailand, our budget breakdown proved that we spent more on night outs than on groceries…  No shame on that!! On […]

Amari Watergate» Affordable Luxury in the Heart of Bangkok

In Bangkok location is everything! Thailand´s capital is huge, busy and intense, to enjoy the city you need a comfortable place in the right spot. For us Amari Watergate was the perfect choice, in the heart of Bangkok it has luxury […]

Sama-Sama Hotel » The best hotel for a layover or a Trip to Kuala Lumpur

Sama-Sama Hotel got in our travel plans in a hurry. Our flight from Bangkok to Koh Phangan had a layover in Kuala Lumpur and we need a place to rest and get ready for our Travel Blogger Retreat [a conference […]