Party Time

Singha Vip Experience & Carlos Santana Live in Bangkok, that’s how we party!

Night out in Bangkok, one of the best in Southeast Asia and we love it! After eight months travelling around Thailand, our budget breakdown proved that we spent more on night outs than on groceries…  No shame on that!! On […]

KaZantip is not just a Music Festival – It´s an Experience!

We are going to KaZantip Bitch!! Sorry, I mean Beach! It´s not just a festival… It´s not just great music on the beach… It´s 10 days of awesome party, nice people and great vibe. Because we are such big enthusiasts […]

5 Tips to Enjoy Barcelona Like a Local

Barcelona has beautiful architecture, culture, nature and lots of tourists. So here is our 5 Tips to Enjoy Barcelona Like a Local. We will teach you how to escape from the crowded spots and get the real Catalan feeling. This […]

Sonus Festival » Good and Bad things

One week of serious partying, amazing beaches, great Djs and some disappointment. Get to know everything about Sonus Festival 2014 and why we are not coming back! Croatia is the ultimate party destination, in August people from all around the world […]