1 Year Travelling Around the World – Our Costs & Secrets

I can’t believe, 365 days have passed by since we started our nomadic life! Love and Road is celebrating 1 year of life, 1 year travelling around the world. The biggest life decision we have ever made, and we never […]

5 Tips to Enjoy Barcelona Like a Local

Barcelona has beautiful architecture, culture, nature and lots of tourists. So here is our 5 Tips to Enjoy Barcelona Like a Local. We will teach you how to escape from the crowded spots and get the real Catalan feeling. This […]

20 Moroccan Mosquito Bites in one day!

Summertime, mosquito bites and an odyssey to find allergy medicines in Marrakech.     Welcome to my first mosquito nightmare! And before you call me a fool, let´s clarify that I bought insect repellent before travelling to Morocco. I even […]

Moroccan Food – A Feast of Flavours

Moroccan cuisine is famous for the Tagine and the Couscous. For sure these two recipes are delicious, but Moroccan food is much much more. It is a feast of flavours. I love eating, but sometimes I can be a bit […]

Secrets of Marrakech: DO’s and DON’Ts

A city to be explored. The secrets of Marrakech will blow your mind. We spent 10 days in this ancient city and learnt the DOs and DON’Ts to enjoy this jewel! After a shocking first impression followed by an incredible dinner, we […]

Morocco: dream trip and cultural shock

Our first time in Morocco: a trip we’ve dreamed of. Arabian nights, amazing food and our first cultural shock. Since we started our Love and Road journey we talked and planned to travel to Morocco. In my mind this would […]

How to wait for a flight? Hits and misses…

Welcome to our 24h layover!! Not really a layover, more an experiment about how to wait for a flight in a budget way. The story about how to wait for a flight begins three days before the “layover”. We were […]

Port Wine and Douro River

North of Portugal is famous by his Port Wine and Douro River. Beauties that deserve at least two days of your trip. Be prepared to witness a stunning landscape and to taste fine wine. By boat or by train you can […]

Porto: History and Magic

It is a special city, has it own time and an amazing past. Porto: history and magic. When you get to know this place it puts a spell on you! Porto is an unmissable destination in Portugal. In the north […]

One day in Sintra

One day in Sintra, an UNESCO heritage patrimony, easily reached from Lisbon. We spent one day in Sintra and loved it! Such a beautiful place, the castles, the hills, the nature… The train from Rossio Railway Station , in Lisbon, is the […]

Love and Road Liebster Award

Liebster Award

The Liebster Award goes to: ♪♩♫♭♪♯♬♪♫♩♫♭ ♪♯ (tcham tcham ram ram…) “Love & Road!!!!”   This is our first award and we are so proud and happy to be nominated to the Liebster Award by Morgan from Mapped by Morgan […]

How to Travel and Live Like a Local

Do you want to Travel and Live Like a Local?  There is no secret to do it, and you don’t need to be a rocket scientist, just embrace the local culture and follow some advice. To live like a local […]

Our first time with BlaBlaCar

More than 1 thousand kilometres, 8 cities and some nice people we met while hitchhiking using BlaBlaCar. Rob and I always search for the cheapest transportation, most of the time we use buses to get from one place to another. […]

Sonus Festival » Good and Bad things

One week of serious partying, amazing beaches, great Djs and some disappointment. Get to know everything about Sonus Festival 2014 and why we are not coming back! Croatia is the ultimate party destination, in August people from all around the world […]