5 Things to do in Belém [and eat]

Historical buildings, beautiful landscapes and the original Pastel de Belém. One afternoon in one of the most beautiful neighborhoods in Lisbon. To help you enjoy the area here is a useful guide:  5 Things to do in Belém! The day we choose […]

Lisbon’s food secrets!

Delicious food that you cannot miss when you are visiting Lisbon. Hey Folks! Time to have breakfast and later explore the city. But please don’t rush, this is the first meal of the day and it needs to be enjoyed. Specially […]

Lisbon True Colors. Our Photo Travel Guide

  The sun, the architecture, the nature and the street art. Nine days and 550 pictures for our photo travel guide!  Lisbon true colors! Lisbon received us with a sunny and warm weather.  We arrived early in the morning after a […]

Street Art around the world.

Now we have a  beautiful gallery about street art around the world ! A collection of stunning pictures! You are walking around the city, checking the museums, churches and other attractions. Suddenly you look to a wall and : WOW!!!! […]

8 hours in Toledo » What do you do?

Almond smell, historical buildings and a trip to the past. You can have it all in a one day trip to Toledo, Spain. It was a Monday morning, we got up early, grabbed a coffee and went to the bus station. In […]

Toledo’s history in a quick glance.

Jews, Muslim and Christians made Toledo a historical and cultural city.   It is impossible to explain in a few paragraphs the whole history behind the city of Toledo. Many centuries of political conquers, wars, religions and cultures influences that […]

Leaving things behind.Our first big loss.

Travelling is not just fun. Homesickness, sadness and loss will meet you on the way. Last week was the first time I thought about going back to Brazil! Seriously, it was the first time I realized how far we are […]

Our lovely guide to Madrid – Part II

Madrid, art and parks at the Spanish Capital. Our lovely guide to Madrid!  Madrid has so many things to do and see that we couldn’t write just one post about the city. I tried, truly, but we kept adding more […]

Where to Stay & what to do in Madrid!

Madrid, the lively Spanish capital. The first stop of our around the world tour. The biggest city in Spain, home of Spanish Royal Family and Government. Madrid is the capital and it is located in the middle of the Iberian Peninsula, […]

The big day arrived!

  Months of preparation and finally the big day arrived! We left our home, our confort zone to hit the world! It has been 3 months that we’ve left Brazil, but I still can feel all the anxious and fear […]

How will we survive $$$???

Even in an open plan travel you need to be organized. Especially with money! Here we explain how will we survive! Said that let`s go straight to the point: we are travelling on a tight budget, everything needs to be […]


How to save money to travel

Saving money is not that easy, specially when your taste goes to expensive things. Said that: How to save money to travel? We’ve never been rich. Actually I came from a simple family and my mom always had to work […]

Where we want to go, and how can we get there?

  Have a close look to the world map. Look at it carefully! Do you know how many countries exist? On January 2013, ONU published that we have 193 countries spread in 6 continents. But the number can be higher if […]