Street Art around the world.


Street art in Lisbon.

Now we have a  beautiful gallery about street art around the world ! A collection of stunning pictures!
You are walking around the city, checking the museums, churches and other attractions. Suddenly you look to a wall and : WOW!!!! There it is, a beautiful graffiti.

I’m sure that this has already happened to you while traveling or at your hometown.

Street Art is not limited to spray painted graffiti, artists express themselves through stickers, street installations, wheat paste posters, yarn bombing and video projections.

The target can be the government, politicians or to make everybody stop for a while and think about life.

This kind of art became really popular in the 80’s specially in New York.  Since then it has spread all around the world.

We took a lot of pictures of street art during our trip. We found nice ones in Brazil, Spain, Portugal and even Morocco!

Today we are launching our Street Art gallery and every Friday we will add a new picture !

Also, if you have a nice shot and want to share, we can feature it in our gallery of street art around the world!!!

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