Is this the Best Daypack for Travel? We think so!

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The best daypack for travel needs to be comfy, stylish and practical.

Backpacks, luggage, packing, carrying things around, unpacking, this is our life since 2014 whenwe became full-time travelers. I can say that we mastered the craft of choosing luggage and backpacks.

When it comes to choosing the perfect travel daypack we are very picky, for us, a good daypack needs to be comfortable, stylish, safe, spacious, and durable. It must fit our laptop, camera, charges, and other daily items.

After trying a couple of brands and models we finally found the best daypack for travel and Rob is in love with it.

We put our hands on the Daily Backpack from Standard Luggage, a bag that aims to be the best daypack for travel, work and fun. So we decided to test it and add it to our daily routine, from urban trips to beach getaways.

Rob has been wearing it for the past two months and we need to say that it is as good as promised, and we are thinking of buying a second one for myself.

What makes this small travel backpack so good?

The answer is easy, it’s versatile! it’s the perfect daypack for travelers, from international trips to daily work commuting or weekend getaways.

The combination of features, the design, and the quality of materials make it one of the best travel daypacks in the market, perfect for people who need to carry a laptop and a camera to work or travel. 

Rob tried this urban daypack on our last trip to Australia and loved it.

10 Features of the best daypack for travel


1st –  Ergonomic, comfortable and with a modern design

When we talk about the best backpack for travel and work we need to think about how comfortably it’s gonna sit on your shoulders and if you can wear it for long periods of time. If the straps have nice padding and if there is good ventilation between your back and the bag.

This small travel daypack delivers all these with a modern and stylish look. It can be used by women or men, from casual to smart looking.

Another cool feature of this daypack is that you can wear it in 3 different ways. As a backpack, as a messenger bag, or as a briefcase.

The backpack straps can be hidden in the back pocket and a shoulder strap can be clipped onto the side of the bag giving you the option of carrying it as a messenger bag. If you wish, you can also hide all of the big straps and carry it by the side handle, as a briefcase.

This comfortable and convertible design is a Standard Luggage trademark, we have been wearing their 3-in-1 carry-on backpack for 5 years now and we love it.

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This Backpack can we wore as a daypack for travel, as a messenger bag and as a brief case,

2nd – Spacious and with a clever opening system

I know some people love tons of pockets and compartments. We don’t! For us, the best urban daypack must have smart pockets and a lot of space so we can organize our stuff according to the trip or the situation.

The Daily Backpack delivers what we need, the travel daypack is divided into two main compartments, the big one is where you can place your electronics, clothes, toiletries, or any other bigger thing you need to carry.

The other compartment is smaller and it’s perfect to organize wires, documents, and little things you need to keep safe.

The size of this travel daypack is:

– Dimensions: 44.5 x 33 x 15.2 cm

– Volume: 18 liters capacity

– Weight: 1 kg

The clamshell opening [zipper all around the backpack] allows you to have complete access to the backpack, so you can really organize it, using all the corners of it. For travelers that carry photography equipment, this opening system allows for organizing everything in an easy and safe way.  

The perfect daypack for travelers needs to have space for laptop, cameras and smart pockets.

3rd – Practical and useful pockets

Let’s start with the inside pockets. In the biggest compartment there is one zipper mesh pocket for adapters, snacks, make-up, etc, and two smaller padded pockets that are perfect for cameras [it fits a small DSLR or mirrorless plus lens, or a GoProcheck out the cameras we use here] or for anything that deserves a little extra protection.

In the smaller front compartment, there are two zipper mesh pockets, one big flat pocket that can be used for carrying documents, notebooks, or even a tablet, plus two other small pockets for power banks, pens, and tiny stuff.

Outside the daypack, the pockets are strategically placed. There is a small pocket on the top that is perfect for things you need to reach quickly, like keys, public transportation cards, or even your phone.

There is another small pocket on the front of this travel daypack that we use for Rob’s wallet and our passports, this pocket is super handy, when we are traveling we keep our travel documents, passports, and tickets in it.

On the side, there is a collapsible water bottle pocket. We love it because when we are not using it the pocket can be closed keeping this travel daypack looking neat and sleek. We tested it with different sizes of bottles and it works very well with small reusable bottles, with small umbrellas, and even for carrying our small tripod.

The last pocket is the cleverest one. On the bottom of the backpack, there is a secret pocket, to keep your valuables or some extra cash. The zipper is located between the back padding and the bottom of the bag, so when you carrying it no one can see or reach it. No doubt this secret pocket is one of the top features that made this bag the best daypack for travel.  


4th – It’s a daypack for laptop and tablet

The ultimate daypack for travel and work must have a place for our laptops. When I say laptops, it means that sometimes we carry both our computers in one backpack, and usually small travel daypacks or urban backpacks have only one laptop pocket.

Guess what? There are three big pockets in this practical day backpack that you can use for computers and tablets, of course, it all depends on the size of your computer. Rob has a 13-inch MacBook Air and I have an 11-inch MacBook Air, both fit perfectly in the computer and tablet pockets of the bag.

Here are the computer compartment dimensions:

Laptop pocket: 35.5 x 26 x 2.5 cm – it fits a 15-inch laptop or a 15-inch MacBook Pro

Tablet pocket: 10-inch tablet

For more info about traveling with your computer, read our traveling with a laptop guide and our article about the pros and cons of traveling with a tablet. We share tips from packing to security and how to use your laptop and tablet abroad.


5th – Strong and lockable zippers

Safety is one of our biggest concerns when we are traveling, especially because we have our computers and camera with us all the time.

Thank God, nothing has ever happened to us, but we don’t take the risk, we always keep our bags locked all the time. Many urban daypacks or small travel backpacks are stylish and nice but lack some important safety features like strong and lockable zippers.

Both compartments of this backpack can be locked with a padlock so you can be sure your stuff is safe when you leave your backpack at the hotel or hostel room when flying or even walking around a not-so-safe place.

This daily travel backpack has the RFID blocking pocket for your safety

6th – RFID blocking pocket

Ok, not many travelers take this into consideration and to be honest we’ve never thought about it that much, but this daily travel backpack has the RFID blocking pocket for your safety.

But what does that mean? Well, it has a technology that protects your personal information from being stolen by an RFID reader… Say what?? Yes, it’s a bit confusing, but I’ll try to make it simple: in case you have a credit card that allows you to make payments through RFID [simply by touching it on the machine, without the need of swiping or inserting it into the terminal] you can have your data stolen by a hacker carrying an RFID reader next to you in order to clone your card.

It sounds bad, although it’s not a very common crime. If you want to play on the safe side, it is good to know that with this travel daypack you are protected.

This modern daypack has a USB port on the outside which is connected to your power bank inside of it.

7th – Power bank connection

Carrying a power bank in your pocket is something from the past. This modern daypack has a USB port on the outside which is connected to your power bank inside of it. This way you can plug your phone in easily and keep your pockets free for what is important to carry.

This daypack for travel is made of polyurethane sealed nylon which makes it water resistant, it’s easy to clean and very durable.

8th – Strong and water-resistant material

Another thing we love about this urban travel daypack is its material and the fact it looks brand new even after months of use.

The external material is polyurethane-sealed nylon which makes it water-resistant, it’s easy to clean, and very durable. The zippers and buckles are strong and you can feel the backpack was made to last longer. Not to mention that the Standard Luggage Daily Backpack has a lifetime warranty.


9th – Rain Cover

The backpack material is water resistant, but if you’re gonna use it as your daypack for travel it needs some extra protection. The rain cover is super practical and it really works, we tested it during Songkran in Bangkok, the biggest water festival in the world that happens every year in Thailand.


10th – It fits on your luggage

The best travel daypack needs to work as carry-on luggage as well, and that’s why the Daily Backpack has a back strap that fits perfectly on the handle of a suitcase.

You just need to slide the trolley handle inside the strap and you are ready to roll. The best part is that the backpack dimensions are perfect for the carry-on bag so you don’t need to stress about its size or weight. I personally think it is too small if you are traveling with carry-on only, but it’s perfect to go along with your checked luggage.

If you want to travel carry-on only, read our review about Standard Luggage 3 in 1 carry-on backpack here!

Where to buy the best daypack for travel and work?

Putting your hands on this awesome backpack is easy, go to the Standard Luggage website and order it.

You can only buy it online and the good news is that it can be shipped for free worldwide, how cool is that? The delivery time will vary for each country, we have already had Standard Luggage backpacks delivered to us in Brazil and Thailand, and both times it went smoothly. Just keep in mind that in some countries you might need to pay import fees or taxes.

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After trying a couple of brands we finally found the best daypack for travel. This urban day backpack is comfy, lightweight, spacious, safe and stylish. The Daily Backpack from Standard Luggage has strategic pockets that allow you to pack your camera, laptop and all the stuff you need during your travel days. Read all the features on our review.

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