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You can call me crazy, but we are about to give up from our traditional and bulky backpack to travel the word with only a hand luggage. It´s not a simple and easy decision, but we just found the best carry-on backpack and we are willing to change our packing habits. Actually, it´s not only a carry-on backpack, it´s a modern, practical and stylish cabin luggage. I´m not joking it’s the perfect 3 in 1! 

Let me tell you how I found this great hand luggage / carry-on backpack / my new perfect cabin bag, you can name it… After 1 year travelling the world Rob´s front pack torn apart, and my backpack needed to be fixed a month ago, so we decide to look for a new bag, something that can be practical, strong and good value for money. That’s how we end up finding Standard Luggage, and falling in love with it! 

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Why is it the best carry-on backpack / luggage?

First things first! Have I told you that this cabin luggage is beautiful? Oh yeah baby, it´s stylish and modern. I know most of the travellers, specially the ones that travel light are more interested in weight and size, but for us [especially for me] I like to carry a beautiful bag.  I can be a full-time traveller, but never an ugly traveller. Standard Luggage is perfect for me and for all the travellers that want a cabin luggage that matches with their style, looking nice without being too flashy or too sporty.

Since we are talking about luggage, have a look in our video, 10 Packing Tips for Carry-on.

Now that I had my girly moment let´s go to the real facts. Standard Luggage is the best carry-on backpack because it is versatile and it has 10 features that are essential for us, or for any traveller that want to travel light and smart. Doesn’t matter if you only fly with a cabin luggage, or if you are looking for a carry-on to go with your traditional suitcase. Standard Luggage suits everybody.

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» The Perfect Cabin Luggage Size

I was happy with the promise that Standard Luggage was made to fit into most of the Airline carry-on Luggage rules, but I wasn’t too sure about it. My jaw droped when we received the bag and checked its dimensions. And indeed, it fits even in  Ryanair (55x40x20 cms), EasyJet (56x45x25) and AirAsia (56cmx36cmx23cm) carry-on baggage allowance.

Standard Luggage dimensions: 55 x 34,5 x 19cm when zipped and 55 x 34,5 x 24cm when expanded.

Volume /Capacity: 35 liters zipped and 45 liters when expanded.

Weight: 1,7 kg.

That’s what I call carry-on luggage sized to perfection! The only tricky part is the weight of the bag after packing all your stuff. Some airlines allow 10kg per carry-on backpack or suitcase, other only 7kg. You need to check the baggage weight rules from your flight, so you know if  that extra pair of shoes fits or not.

The weight is our major concern on giving up the traditional backpack and start travelling only with the carry-on luggage. Our stuff is way too heavy for the 7kg allowance, however, for the 10kg hand luggage rules we can cope. [I hope]

best carry-on backpack 4

» 3 in 1 carry-on luggage

Carry-on backpack, carry-on suitcase or even a messenger bag, You choose the way you want to carry it! That´s why we called the best carry-on backpack  3 in 1, we are the type of travellers that love to carry our stuff on our backs, like a turtle, but if you fancy the traditional suitcase style you can have it too.

What is nice is that the backpack straps are hidden in a back pocket, so you can put it out only when you want to carry it like a backpack. The shoulder strap is also removable, giving you freedom of choice. Even being a 3 in 1 hand luggage, all the straps are strong, with proper padding and fits well on the body.

best carry-on backpack 5

» Fits to your suitcase

If you don’t like any of those three ways to carry the Standard Luggage, maybe you will like to attach it to your trolley suitcase. Oh yeah baby, the best carry-on backpack / luggage also have a slot on the back of the bag where you can slide  inside the handle of your trolley. Voilà: your hand luggage doesn’t need to be carried anymore!

» Clam-shell opening and expanding size

This feature was designed for suitcase lovers! The carry-on backpack opens all way around, like a suitcase. So you can organize the whole bag and fold your clothes nicely. I´m a big fan of the fully open system, even my old backpack works like this, and I can’t imagine myself trying to organize my clothes only through a hole on the top of a backpack.

Another great feature of this cabin luggage is the expandable zip. Instantly you add 10 liters space to your hand luggage, it´s not magic, it only a zip, but helps a lot when you bought extra souvenirs a during the trip and don’t want to pay for an extra check in luggage. Just be aware that when expanded, the bag can become bigger than the size allowed by some airline companies. 😉

best carry-on backpack 7

» Laptop and electronic pocket

We are digital nomads and we need a carry-on backpack that fits our work stuff: laptop, tablet, mobile phone, chargers, notebooks and pens. Bottom line, we need a carry-on luggage that is also an office, where all our paper and electronic devices can be organized, protected and easy to reach.

The 3 in 1 cabin luggage has a back slot special for us, it should be named as “Office Slot”. There we can fit our Laptops, cables, external hard drive and even my notebook. It´s a separate pocket, what means that it´s easy to reach at the airport X-Ray or during the carry-on backpack 8

» Smart pockets

I have to be honest with you, I hate those hand luggages that are full of pockets, where your 10 liters space are divided into 5 small compartments that you can’t fit anything bigger than a flip-flop. Said that, I´m glad to announce that I found a cabin backpack that has smart pockets.

Two external pockets perfect for documents, books, the plastic bag with toiletries, and your life saver scarf. And even better, this 3 in 1 carry-on bag has three smart inside pockets: two for your underwear, socks, or whatever you want to put there, and a third one that is perfect for a shirt, a jacket or a fancy dress.

I´m a full-time traveller and a backpacker, but I will never give up on my girly side, what means that this third inside pocket is perfect for my fancy dress! I have been carrying this lovely dress for almost two years, trying not to squeeze it too much, so it won’t look too wrinkled when I wear it. But now, happy days!! My dress will travel flat and smooth in an appropriated compartment!

» Water resistant fabric and has a rain cover

Most people don´t think about rain and water damage when they buy a hand luggage. But the truth is: you should! We lived for two years in Ireland and we know how much trouble is to travel to rainy cities without a proper gear. Or imagine going to London during winter without a rain cover on your backpack. The result will be wet clothes and a dripping laptop.

We consider Standard Luggage the best carry-on backpack because it is made of water-resistant fabric and it has a rain cover. No doubt, one more point for them!

best carry-on backpack 9

» Urban and modern design

For us a backpack needs to functional and stylish. But it´s not only beauty that matters. When we say modern and urban design it means that you will have a carry-on backpack that is pretty but not too flashy that will catch unwanted attention. Also, it matches with all style of travellers and people. Smart looking guys, business woman, sports enthusiasts, party people or girly ladies, the best carry-on backpack suits every taste with an elegant and modern design.

best carry-on backpack 10a

» A touch of colour

Black is basic and beautiful, but a sparkle of color is always welcomed. To break the all black look, Standard Luggage comes with interchangeable leather tags, handles and details. You can choose between  orange or blue, or mix them up. For couples is the best carry-on backpack because you can have a different color for each one, on our case Rob choose the orange and I love the turquoise blue.

» Carry-on backpack and packing cubes

Be the master of packing!! This feature will convince you that Standard Luggage is the best carry-on backpack ever: packing cubes to maximize space on your cabin luggage!

Since last year Rob was trying to convince me to buy packing cubes. But I always thought it would be a waste of money, that it wouldn’t help too much on our packing routine. I was completely wrong!! In addition to our Standard Luggage we got a set of packing cubes and a daypack/cube, and I had to admit that Rob was right [Damn it, I hate when he makes me say and write this!! ].

best carry-on backpack 11

The packing cubes changed our lives, when I put all my clothes inside them, I realized that I was able to travel with a carry-on backpack, that all my stuff could be well organized into the cubes and fit into a cabin size luggage. After almost two years none stop travelling my packing habits changed drastically. And that’s why we are thinking to ditch our old bags and travel only with this new best carry-on backpack.

The packing cubes come in a pack of 3 units, each cube has 32x25x7,5 cm and fits a volume of 7 liters. It is very lightweight bags, with strong but breathable fabric. Plus It has a convenient velcro interlocking system that looks like you have a personal dresser when you hang them together. The daypack is a small backpack [38 x 25 x7,5] that turns into a packing cube too. Perfect for everyday activities and to carry my small laptop [11inches]. 

We have already tried the Standard Luggage 3 in 1 carry-on backpack in a few trips around Thailand and love it. So, the idea now is to retire our old bulky backpack and travel the world only with a carry-on luggage. Do you think is it possible?

We want your opinion on this backpacking life decision, do you think we should ditch our old and bulky rucksack and start travelling the world only with the best carry-on backpack? Help us! 

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  1. I love products that have features that are packed all in one, particularly this bag. It gives you that convenience, while you travel in style. That is one bag that you should use all the time because I would! 😉

  2. I try to do carry-on only when I travel. I hate waiting for checked bags at the airport, and the possibility of my bag getting damaged or not arriving on my flight is enough to make me do carry-on.

  3. I actually have the Standard Luggage bag. Since I mainly fly Air Asia, I’ve never been able to take it as a cabin bag. With only a 7kg allowance, that’s just over 5kg of stuff! Maybe okay for a weekend away but impossible for long term travel esp with a laptop.

    Tbh, I can’t carry it with the shoulder strap. It cuts into my chest bone too much. The backpack straps are great. I had about 13 kg of luggage and found it difficult to deal with but I’ve cut down to 12kg and it is suddenly manageable!

  4. You get the best of three worlds and it looks more stylish than a traditional backpack. Based on your post, sounds like it’s definitely worth a try! I would love to use this on future Air Asia flights, since I fly AirAsia quite often. My current daypack is a bit too small to fit all the stuff but a traditional carry-on is inconvenient to carry around.

  5. What an opporunity! I still travel with a giant suitcase, but i’m going to have a little trip from Chiang Mai to Laos and i don’t wanna to take all my belongins with me. But i realy need to take my computer and some warm and good looking clothes, so it think this it THE BEST Carry-On Backpack i can ever find! 😉

  6. Essa mala de mão é perfeita! Segue o padrão de empresas low cost, vira mochila, espaço pra laptop!!! Ai minha gente! Precisooo!!! Kkkk

  7. Great post! I try to do carry-on only when I travel. I hate waiting for checked bags at the airport, and the possibility of my bag getting damaged or not arriving on my flight is enough to make me do carry-on.

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