Is this the Best Pocket Wifi in Europe? We think so.

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Have a portable wifi for travel is the best way to have unlimited internet in Europe.
Stay connected wherever you go ?

After 3 years of nomadic life and visiting over 30 European countries there is one thing we’ve learned: it’s not easy to find good and free wifi in Europe. Or better saying, it wasn’t! I’m embarrassed to tell you that it took us a while to finally have our own international pocket wifi, but now that we have it life is so much easier.

I’m sure you have already snapped a great photo and had to wait to be back at the hotel to upload it on Instagram. Or even worse, you find yourself lost in a new city without any internet access to check Google Maps … That’s sucks!

This year we decided to get an international pocket wifi for travel and never thought a tiny device could impact our lives so much, but it does. No more roaming fees, changing SIM cards all the time, looking for free wifi in cafes and shopping malls. No more slow and annoying connections in hotels and hostels. Now we have unlimited wifi connection on the palm of our hands. With only one password I magically had access to internet in Europe and almost everywhere around the world.

Let’s go to the facts, because having a reliable portable wifi for travel is essential for your social media stuff and also for your travel planning and survival. If you are not familiar with portable wifi devices or if you are not sure why you should have an international pocket wifi, keep reading. I will try my best to explain the tech stuff in an easy way.


What is an unlimited portable wifi device or pocket hotspot?

It doesn’t matter if you call it a portable wifi device, pocket wifi international, pocket hotspot, portable hotspot, MiFi rental Europe… it all means the same: wifi on the go! It’s a tiny gadget that works similarly to your internet router from home. It creates a wireless hotspot to which you can connect your phone, tablet, or computer. It’s your personal and portable internet, a hotspot device that gives you the freedom to connect anywhere and anytime you want. For as long as the battery lasts, of course.

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It’s portable and it’s tiny. Not all international pocket wifi devices are the same, but the Teppy Wireless portable wifi that we have is smaller than my hand. It’s smaller than Rob’s iPhone and it fits in my purse so I can have unlimited wifi on the go even when partying.

With a Tep Wireless pocket wifi in Europe you can have internet in over 100 countries.
With good internet, we travel much more relaxed, right?!


How does pocket wifi work? How does Teppy Wireless work?

In a blink of an eye Teppy can figure out which country you are in and choose the best network for you. You do nothing but turn the portable wifi device on and the magic happens. Ok, it might take a few minutes depending on where you are, but the good thing is that you don’t need to worry about settings, SIM cards, anything… it does everything automatically. 

When I read the FAQs on Teppy website I thought it was too good to be true. As a girl that doesn’t like tech stuff, I was on a mission to try this portable wifi for travel that promised easy and fast connection. We received our Teppy device while traveling in Portugal, so we first used it as a wifi hotspot rental in Europe.

To my surprise, Teppy travel wifi was able to find signal and delivery good internet connection even in remote beaches where Rob’s SIM card wasn’t working. We tried it in Lisbon as well and it was flawless. 

While in Portugal, we got invited for a last-minute cycling trip to Taiwan and we decided to use our Teppy pocket wifi there. It would be the ultimate challenge, to try Teppy international wifi hotspot in Taiwan’s countryside while cycling.

The good news is that it worked perfectly and we were able to share our internet connection with the other cyclists. We had the same excellent experience using our pocket wifi in Europe and in Taiwan.


Why do you need international pocket wifi?

You need a good internet connection while traveling not only for social stuff. Internet is essential for communication, booking accommodation, getting around, calling an Uber, book activities and restaurants, checking the weather forecast, telling your mom that you are alive, and also posting your killer photo on Instagram.

With a portable wifi hotspot rental you have the freedom to connect to internet anywhere and anytime you want. In Europe and worldwide.
Oh, to go on about work stuff literally anywhere… can’t complain.

Although an internet connection is vital for travelers, hotels, hostels, and airports are getting annoyed over offering it for free to the guests. So don’t be surprised when booking your hostel or hotel in Europe if they give you the option of paying for wifi services, or in some cases, the wifi is free but only at the reception and lobby.

Some European cities do offer free wifi in tourist areas but for many of them you need a local number to be able to sign in. Again, not useful and not traveler friendly. If you decide to buy a local SIM card to have internet during your trip, you will find that the language barrier can be a real problem to buy the correct SIM card and choose the data plan.

Or you can be stuck during all the settings and the endless messages that arrive on your phone in a local language that you can’t even guess what they are talking about. Summing up, getting wifi in Europe can be a daunting task.

Teppy Wireless hotspot is ready to use, once you get it you only need to charge it, turn it on and start using the internet. No settings, no messages, no different language. A straightforward service that you need while traveling.

Tep Wireless international pocket wifi is so small that can fit in any bag or pocket.
A blogger modern needs.


Why did we choose Teppy Wireless international wifi hotspot?

We knew that we’d be using our international portable hotspot for travel and work. That’s why when we were looking for the best portable wifi device we decided to buy an international hotspot device instead of going for a Europe wifi rental only.

To have a bigger picture of the market, we searched for the best pocket wifi in Europe, Asia, South America and globally. Then we could see which brands have the best coverage and reviews on the destinations we travel more often. We searched for the best option that could fit in our pocket [size and cost wise], that Rob and I could use at the same time, that has worldwide coverage with unlimited internet connection and that we could not only rent but buy it.

Teppy portable wifi device fulfilled all our requirements and offered more. Here are 10 reasons why you should get a Teppy wifi hotspot Europe or global:


1st – Teppy price

The rates for day passes are fair and you can choose if you want internet just in Europe, in a specific country or global. If you choose to get Teppy as a portable wifi rental you only pay for daily passes. Compared to some countries in Europe a 10 days Teppy pocket wifi rental is cheaper than buying a SIM card + data plan in a country. And I’m not even adding the extra roaming fees you will have to pay if you decide to use the same number and data plan in another European country. If you decide to buy the Teppy wireless hotspot than you pay for the device plus the daily passes.


2nd – Unlimited Internet connection

When you activate your day pass you get unlimited internet connection for that day. You can buy as many day passes as you want and use them whenever you want, it doesn’t need to be consecutively. If you use more than 1GB of data in a day the connection speed will be slowed to 512kbs, and get back to normal the next day you use it.


3rd – Teppy works in over 100 countries worldwide

When renting your Teppy pocket wifi you can choose the region you wish to use it in, as Europe, South America, Oceania, per country or you can get the global device. It’s your choice.


4th – Teppy is easy to use

As I said before, no settings, no changing SIM cards, nothing… Switch your Teppy on and it will show on the screen the wifi name and the password. Type it on your phone or computer and you have your wifi on the go!


5th – Up to 5 devices can connect to your Teppy

This is brilliant for any couple, group of friends or family… in one portable hotspot you can connect up to 5 devices [phone, computer, tablet] at no extra cost. If you are traveling with friends you can split the costs of the Teppy rental, have unlimited internet in Europe and save money.


6th – Teppy is the best portable wifi device for travelers

Teppy Wireless is small, it fits in any bag, purse, hand luggage. The international pocket wifi weighs only 134g and its dimensions are 10cm x 5.85 cm x 1.5 cm. Tiny, tiny! The Teppy hotspot will be delivered at your home address up to 3 days after you rent it or buy it online. Or you can schedule the delivery to your travel destination. How convenient! If you decided to stay longer you can extend your rental period by contacting Teppy’s customer service. Easy peasy!

The best part is you can have a portable wifi for travel and get unlimited internet connection in Europe, even at the beach.
The sun, the sea, the signal ? ?

7th – It’s a pocket wifi 4G connection on demand

For an extra fee you can have 4G connection in Europe and worldwide. Some people might find this option essential, to be honest, we had the normal 3G connection during our travels in Portugal and Taiwan and it worked just fine!


8th – With Teppy you can make calls and send SMS messages

Download the Teppy App, top-up credits and start calling and messaging. I know most people communicate through Social Media and email but if you need to make a call, Teppy has you covered. You pay for what you want to use, nothing more.


9th – Teppy is easy to return

When the trip is over there will be no fuss to return your Teppy hotspot. If you are in London you can return the portable wifi at the London Heathrow Airport. Travelers who live in the UK or USA you can use a pre-paid envelope to send your device back to Teppy Wireless. If none of these options suit you, Teppy can help you arrange the FedEx pick up service at your place.


10th – If you fall in love with your pocket wifi you can buy it

After renting the Teppy Wireless pocket wifi you can buy it. But before splashing your cash think about your traveling style. Are you a frequent traveler? Are you a digital nomad? If you said yes, then buying a Teppy Wireless pocket hotspot might be a good option for you. But if you travel just once in a while, you can rent it when you need it! You spend less and it will be one less gadget sitting in your drawer.

Now you know everything about Teppy Wireless portable wifi, how it works and how you can get your own international pocket wifi. There are many portable wifi companies in the market, so before you buy your Teppy or any other pocket wifi device read carefully the instructions and search for reviews like this one. You are investing money, time and choosing a gadget that will make your trip stress-free, so it needs to work well.


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Stay connected in Europe and around the world. How to have your own international pocket wifi and have access to unlimited internet while traveling. All you need to know to rent and use a portable wifi on your next trip.

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  1. I love this idea Natalie an Robson. Eventually I have to cave and get one because the SIM situation and the possible free WiFi connection situation and the overall lack of reliable connections on the road makes Teppy a steal. Smart financial investment. Especially for travel bloggers like us because we build our businesses on the road. Thanks for the share guys.


  2. I used such pocket wifi service on my trips from Teppy and Rent-connect. They were really comfortable for me. To find visiting places, my hostel and uploading photo was really easy.


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