Flavors of the World: food tips, recipes and more

We travel for food. And you?

If it took you more than 2 seconds to answer, that means Yes, you’ve probably already traveled or will travel to a place because of its food. It may be not only because of the local cuisine but for sure food will be among the things you want to experience there.

A coulpe trying delicious flavors of the world in a food market in Rotterdam.
Ok, but just a bite, because all this is mine!

When we started traveling and blogging, we thought “ok, food is good, but it definitely won’t be relevant to our trips and posts.” We were so naive. Food, flavors, drinks, scents, markets are basically an essential part of any travel experience, including ours.

If your stomach feels happy with this food and travel talking, keep reading. Below you’re going to find blog posts about our food adventures around the world and tips for what to eat and things to do in a destination. But not only that, be ready for our own recipes, delicious dishes we cook at our home or during our trips. Recipes that bring back our childhood memories, our Brazilian flavors, and dishes inspired by travels. 

Welcome to Flavors of The World, enjoy reading it because drooling and stomach growling are guaranteed.


Flavors of the World – Travel and Food tips

I forgot to tell you, this yummy corner of Love and Road is not only about food. Delicious flavors come in liquid form too. So beer, wine, and cocktails are also here. Enjoy the feast of information and tastes.

Cheese are typical flavors from Europe.
Cheeeseeeee! ?

Flavors of Europe

Can you travel around Europe without putting on weight? We just can’t! From Spanish tapas to sparkling wine in the Italian mountains, we have eaten and drank a lot in Europe.






The Czech Republic



A beautiful plate of Indonesia food served in a restaurant in Bali.
Who is up for some Indonesian food feast?

Flavors of Asia

Interestingly, we love Asian food, but we don’t have many blog posts about it. Maybe because we spent all of our time eating instead of writing about it. But worry not: we got you covered in a few destinations.





Craft Beer from New York City.
One more glass, please!

Flavors of North America 

Raise your glass and let’s cheers to good and refreshing craft beer.

The United States of America


Herbs and spices, flavors from Morocco.
Scents of Marrakech!

Flavors of Africa

We have been only in Northern Africa so far, and still we’ve had a feast of flavors there. We just can’t wait to experience more of this incredible continent.



Slice of banana cake made with rice flour, gluten and dairy free.
Our first recipe: Banana Cake! ?

Love and Road recipes from the world

Up to 2019, Rob was the chef from our relationship. We were used to having this agreement: he was responsible for the cooking and I would keep our clothes tidy and clean. As everything changes (Thank God), our housekeeping dynamics changed as well. The year 2020 brought a lot of challenges to our lives: self-isolation, travel cancelations, I started my treatment for IBS – Irritable Bowel Syndrome, and we had plenty of time at home. As a result, I discovered that I’m a freaking awesome baker and cook, and that’s when Love and Road Recipes was born.

Be my guest to try delicious recipes, mostly very healthy, gluten-free, and dairy-free. All tasted and approved by Rob.

Flavors of Love and Road:


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Welcome to Flavor of The World! Here you will find what to eat, where to eat, and recipes from around the world. It's a page full of delicious travel and food tips, plus tasty recipes cooked by us. Enjoy the reading because drooling and stomach growling is guaranteed. #food #foodrecipe #foodtravelideas #foodtours