Top 10 non-touristy places to eat out in Barcelona

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Discover 10 hidden restaurants, the best place to eat out in Barcelona, Spain
Find out some of the best-hidden gems in Barcelona.


After a long day, you’re excited to relax at a great restaurant in an amazing city. But you don’t want a frozen paella on the Ramblas, you want a local experience. Think mouth-watering, finger-licking, brag-to-your-friends-about authentic food.

Here we give you a list of Barcelona’s finest, non-touristy restaurants, our top 10 places to eat out in Barcelona that will ensure you come home with a real taste of the city.


1 > La Flauta

If you’re looking for a classic tapas meal, La Flauta is your spot. We recommend going on the early side of Spanish dinner time if you don’t make a reservation, as this restaurant is a fan favorite amongst locals. We highly recommend you try the cheese rolled in almonds with jam and the grilled squid. La Flauta also offers an extensive list of local wines and sangrias, which perfectly accompany your authentic tapas meal. This casual destination is perfect for a date for two or an outing with a group. You can’t get any more convenient than Eixample, so be sure to check this place out!   Address: Carrer d’ Aribau, 23


2 > Quimet D’Horta

Quimet D’Horta is perfect for a casual yet quality outdoor dining experience. Specializing in sandwiches and tapas, this restaurant has been a hole in the wall gem for years now. You must try their classic tapas dishes like the brioche with anchovies, but you cannot leave without tasting one of their legendary ciabatta sandwiches, like the one with ‘botifarra’ sausage, bacon, cheese, and peppers.

Address: Plaça d’Eivissa, 10


3 > Can Tosca

Can Tosca offers a little bit of everything: authentic food, low prices, and a vibrant location.  It’s no wonder so many have decided to come back for more! Perfect for breakfast, lunch or dinner, this Gràcia hotspot is a hit for anyone looking for food or a drink at any time of day. And don’t be surprised if you’re the only non-local in there! Be sure to try the pepper stuffed with sausage to really make the most f your meal.

Address: Carrer del Torrent de l’Olla, 77


4 > Sagardi

If you’re looking for a high-end restaurant that’s not a feeder for tourists, Sagardi is just for you. This Basque restaurant offers a massive range of delicious ‘pintxos’ (tapas on bread pinned with a toothpick). Attentive staff and artfully prepared dishes are hard to refuse. Definitely make a reservation if you’re able to, and come spend a couple of hours in the heart of Eixample. Better yet, take advantage of Sagardi’s beautiful terrace and enjoy a glass of wine before your main course.

Address: Carrer de Muntaner, 70


Precious tips for the best 10 place to eat out in Barcelona.
Can Pineda’s beautiful dish presentation.

5 > Can Pineda

Voted in the top 5 for traditional Spanish food on Tripadvisor, Can Pineda marks the return of classic, delicious food in a tourist-driven metropolis. A diamond in the ruff in Poblenou, this food fiesta is well worth a visit. We recommend any of their fish dishes, the poached egg with foie gras and the chocolate truffle to finish. Definitely make a reservation if you don’t want to have to wait in line! This locals’ paradise is a must-go during your stay.

Address: Carrer de Sant Joan de Malta, 55


6 > Cientoochos

For a meal as tasty as the drinks to accompany it, you should try Cientoochos. Specializing in tapas, the menu here vows to never let you leave less than full. The T-bone steak, grilled artichoke hearts, and bouillabaisse are classic crowd-pleasers. With a cozy vibe and friendly service to match, this destination will definitely have you coming back for more.

Address: Carrer de Girona, 108


7 > Aguaribay

A vegetarian and vegan’s heaven, Aguaribay specializes in fresh, local food that looks good and tastes even better. With an engaging staff and a family-friendly atmosphere, this restaurant is perfectly balanced. Definitely try the vegetable curry and lasagna to take full advantage of your visit. If you aren’t able to make a reservation and are stuck waiting for your table, take a walk along the pretty Rambla del Poblenou.

Address: Carrer de Ramon Turró, 181


From traditional Spanish food, to Japanese dishes, here are best 10 place to eat out in Barcelona.
Minamo has a very warm and romantic setup.

8 > Minamo

If you’ve had your fill of tapas and can’t resist your sushi cravings any longer, treat yourself to a dinner at Minamo. Not only are their classic Japanese dishes top-notch, but the ambiance of the restaurant is something to write home about. You’ll love the butterfly enclosure along the wall and the captivating waterfall, as good as dinner and a show! We recommend the Wagyu beef and literally all of the sashimi dishes. If you’re looking for a romantic dinner for two or a nice evening with friends, this one’s for you.

Address: Consell de Cent, 360


9 > Can Vallés

For local, Catalan food and busy surroundings, book a table for Can Vallés (in advance). A restaurant with great service and wonderful food, Can Vallés has a variety of stellar menu choices, including the pork cannelloni and octopus. Next to Jardins d’Emma de Barcelona, this restaurant offers a fine dining experience for an intimate dinner.

Address: Carrer d’Aragó, 95


10 > Espai Mescladís

A casual yet secret spot, Espai Mescladís serves Spanish food with a Moroccan twist. Great for parties who love outdoor seating, this cute and comfortable destination will make you feel like a local. We highly recommend the lentil burger and the hummus as a starter. For a light, extremely satisfying meal, this is your place!

Address: Carrer dels Carders, 35


Now you know the 10 top non-touristy places to eat out in Barcelona, pick your favorite, or maybe try them all and enjoy this delicious city. Have a look at our tips to discover Barcelona like a local and our wrap-up of 1 month traveling around the country, our travel costs in Spain. If you are planning a trip solo, read these 9 reasons to visit Barcelona alone.

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This article was written by Sophie Cheston, a student from New York and a writer for apartment rental company AB Apartment Barcelona. To see more about what to do and where to eat in Barcelona, visit their blog.

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