Great Places to Visit in Italy

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Florence is one of the greatest cities to visit in Italy.

The capital of fashion, delicious food, renaissance, beautiful architecture, superb beaches, picturesque scenery, gorgeous weather, dons and godfathers. Italy has it all. Situated in Europe surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea, this wonderful country with such an abundance of culture and history is defiantly worth a visit. Here is a list of some of its top destinations and attractions you must visit in Italy.

A visit to Italy is not complete without a stop in Rome, the Italian capital is stunning.


The ancient capital of the Roman empire and current capital of Italy is an important hub for religion and culture. Rome has an abundance of ancient history. You can spend days wandering around the city viewing the many attractions Rome has to offer. Wander around the remains of iconic roman structures, the Vatican City or take a tour around the many stunning cathedrals and plazas this beautiful city has to offer. Here it is worth noting if you do plan a trip to Italy it is advisable taking out backpacking insurance in case you suffer any loss, theft of equipment or need medical assistance.

Tuscany is a diverse region to visit in Italy with breathtaking views.

2. Tuscany:

Considered one of Italy’s most famous regions, Tuscany is a region made up of extensive rolling hills, scattered with olive groves, cypress trees and is a patchwork of vineyards. There is no better place to escape from all your problems than Tuscany. Along with stunning countryside, there are also beautiful cities to explore such as Florence with its wealth of Renaissance art and Pisa which is home to the iconic leaning tower of Pisa.

If you're looking for romance, Cinque Terre is the place you must visit in Italy.

3. Cinque Terre:

Located in the North-western coastal region of Italy, Cinque Terre which means ‘five lands’ is a beautiful cluster of five villages, Riomaggiore, Manarola, Corniglia, Monterosso and Vernazza. Cinque Terre offers breathtaking scenery consisting of panoramic sea views, steep cliffs, quaint coves and wine terraces. If you are looking for a romantic getaway Cinque Terre is the place to be. The area is great for hiking with many established hiking trails such as the Blue trail which connects all the villages.

4. Sicily:

Sicily is the largest Mediterranean island located just off the coast of southern Italy. This island has a strong sense of Mediterranean culture as well as a diverse mix of Greek temples, Baroque palazzos and Norman churches. There is much to do and see here. Relax on one of many beautiful beaches along the southern coast or trek to Mount Etna, one of Europe’s active volcanoes. Sicily has a mild to hot climate making it an attractive destination all year around for sun seekers.

5. Italian lake district:

Stretching across northern Italy is the Italian Lake District, composed of five major lakes each with unique distinctions. The landscape surrounding the lakes is compiled of both flat plains and rugged peaks. Combining attractive scenery with good weather ensures the Italian lake district should be top of the list when visiting Italy. There are plenty of accommodation options surrounding the lakes for all budgets and plenty of activities to do on the lakes including boat rides offered by many companies all around the lakes.

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