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How to work with Love and Road, an inspiring travel blog.

Thanks for your interest in working with us!

We are Love and Road, a Brazilian couple travelling and living around the world. Our journey started on April 2014 and since then we have been blogging about travelling, sports and lifestyle. Our nomad life is the fuel for great articles and posts, where we share travel tips, guides, stories, curiosities and some misadventures.

Our mix of useful information and personal experience attracts new readers every day. The Love and Road mission is to Inspire People to Travel More and Better. We know that everyone’s dream destination is just one ticket away, and every trip is possible.

Fans of big cities, passionate about nature and beach seekers, we are always looking for a new destination to explore. We have been together for 14 years, but it doesn’t mean that we are a boring couple. Actually sports, adventurous destinations and parties are on the top of our love to do list!

Blogging in English and Portuguese, we can reach a huge amount of readers. Our unique and original travel tales can spread your brand all around the world, to Portuguese & English-speaking countries. Interesting isn’t it?!

How Can We Work Together?

  • Social Media Advertising
  • Banner Ads
  • Products and travel gears review
  • Products Giveaway
  • Tours review
  • Festival and Club/Party review
  • Accommodation and Travel review
  • Press Trip
  • Promote Tourist Destination and Activities
  • Writer and Photographer
  • Travel Consultant

 If you have any other idea or need more information please contact us. It will be a pleasure and an honor to work with you.

Why Work with Love and Road?

Because Love and Road passion for travelling and writing will give enormous exposure to your brand, products and services. In the last 30 days Love and Road had over 100,000 page-views, with engaged and loyal readers.

Love and Road has more than  140,000 followers  and this number is growing fast.  On Twitter, there are more than 67,000 followers. Love and Road is also a strong profile on Instagram (39,000 followers), Pinterest and Google +.

To talk about travelling and to give advice to our readers is a pleasure to us. Our easygoing personality makes even easier for readers and new followers to reach us.

Nat and Rob have years of experience in business, sales and journalism. Robson has a Foreign Trade degree, and Natalie is graduated in Social Communication and Journalism.  With such strong professional background, their approach to marketing, advertising and writing is really serious.

Blogging and Travelling are not a hobby for them, it is a full-time job. So if you are looking for trustworthy travellers, passionate bloggers and inspiring people, Love and Road is PERFECT for you!

Love and Road Figures: Download our Media Kit here

Media and Partnership

In about 3 years of blogging Love and Road has been featured in many important international and Brazilian websites. Here are some of them:          InsureandGo  E-Dublin            Flight Network      Recortes de Viagem – Zero Hora

 Some of the companies we worked with:

Love and Road Rates

Our work is done with Love and our rates are fair and negotiable. Contact us for all the details and to discuss our partnership. I’m sure we can find the best solution for both of us!

Guest Posts

Do you want Love and Road to write a Guest Post for your website or magazine? That’s great!!  Please send us an email with all the details. 

If you want to have an article published on Love and Road blog send your post and details to our email.

Please, NEVER (never means never, ok??) copy our articles or photos without permission. We are more than happy to share our stories and knowledge, just contact us first and we’ll figure out how.

Happy Travels and Spread the Love!

 Nat & Rob