5 Unmissable European Cities for Food Lovers

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Food and travel are two passions that together can turn any weekend getaway into a mouth-watering trip. When it comes to food destinations, it’s hard to beat Europe — the entire continent offers a wide range of delicious foods.

With so many options to consider, planning a trip to Europe requires a lot of research, especially when you need to find the best way to visit all those yummy places. The good thing is that Europe has a vast transport network. You can choose from buses, trains, planes, or boats to reach your destination.

No matter which destination you choose, there’s nothing better than exploring a new city and tasting its cuisine. You can even learn about the culture and the history while savoring delicious meals.

To satisfy your cravings, plan your trip to these unmissable European cities for food lovers.

Best European Cities for Foodies

Mamma Mia!

Naples, Italy, for Pizza

Naples is one of the oldest cities in Italy, and it’s world-famous for its pizza. In Naples, locals, tourists, and famous celebrities prefer pizza to any other food. Don’t miss Da Michele, a rustic pizza place that serves only two kinds of pizza. There’s no reservation policy, and the place is always packed with customers. Brandi, by contrast, is famous for its numerous pizza varieties and traditional Italian dishes.

Once you are in Naples, plan a visit to the Amalfi Coast for more food experiences. Discover how to get from Naples to Positano here

Valencia, Spain, for Paella

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Valencia, Spain’s third largest city, is known for its paella. This famous rice dish attracts tourists from all around the world. Depending on which part of the city you’re in, you can taste different versions of this dish.

For the best paella in Valencia, visit Casa Carmela. The paella cooks slowly, so make your reservation at least two hours before you plan to dine. In nearby El Palmar, Restaurante Mateu is the perfect place to taste authentic paella and other local specialties.

If you want to explore the region and eat all the paellas you can, then renting a car in Valencia is the best option. 

Dublin, Ireland, for the Full Irish Breakfast

Dublin is famous for its mouth-watering full Irish breakfasts. If you’ve been to Dublin but have never tried one, then you must return for a weekend getaway or for a backpacking trip in Ireland. At the Bakehouse, you’ll find delicious brunch dishes and the traditional full Irish breakfast. This is a top place to relax and enjoy the hearty food and the great view of the River Liffey.

Also in Dublin, O’Neill’s takes breakfast seriously. At this Irish pub, you can have a local feast. Enjoy a traditional breakfast made with Irish ingredients and free-range eggs.

Do you want a bite?

Berlin, Germany, for Currywurst

When in Germany, go to Berlin for the currywurst. This dish of German sausages and spices is the best street food you’ll find in town. Try it at Curry Baude, which has the freshest homemade currywurst. If you try Zur Bratpfanne, you might have to wait in line to dine, but don’t lose hope — it serves some of the best currywurst in town. The currywurst is just one of the many German food you must try.

Lyon, France, for Modern French Cuisine

Lyon is one of France’s most important cities and the birthplace of modern French cuisine. Sample French cuisine at Le Canut et les Gones, an exotic restaurant with a fascinating series of dining rooms. Dine at Bouchon Le Jura for traditional flavors, a great wine list, and the result of more than 40 years of cooking French cuisine.

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Has all this food talk made you drool? The only solution is to plan your next foodie trip! Pick one of these mouth-watering destinations and plan an adventure through the flavors and aromas of Europe’s foods and drinks.

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