How to choose a blog name?

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Tks Carlos & Dariia for giving us those personalized T-shirts! We love them!

It took us ages to figure out our blog name. But now, two months later we are super happy with the choice.

Our dream is coming true. One year ago we were at home thinking about this, planning a life-changing trip. Planning a new way of life. By the end of 2014, we decided to quit our jobs, sell our stuff and figure out where we want to go.

We thought about everything, we just couldn’t choose a name for our project, for our blog.

From February to March we didn’t have any good ideas. Two painful months thinking over and over about names, ideas, colors, images… Such a hard time! We needed the name to start the website, twitter and Facebook page, but we got completely stuck and late in our schedule. We planned to launch the blog before starting our journey, but we didn’t.

The name needed to show our passion for traveling also our love and partnership. It had to be nice and available on the internet. We’ve made a list, and instead of dismissing names, we kept adding and adding new possibilities. 

Nomes do blog

During our quest for the perfect blog’s name, we sought help from experienced bloggers, forum discussions, and did endless researches. If like us, you are struggling to choose your blog’s name, click here for some great advice.

For us, the best tip ever came from Adventurous Kate. As she suggested, I pictured myself arriving at a luxury hotel in an exotic dream location. I flash a smile and say with confidence, “Hi, we are Natalie and Rob, the founders of Love and Road”.

How did it feel?? It felt damn right!!!

So that it is: – We travel… We Live… We Love

We want to inspire you. Our goal is to walk around the world with a smile and an open heart, trying to experience and experiment as much as possible.

Four months on the road and almost two months blogging, now I realized that together we can be awesome and the sky is not the limit anymore.

Hope to see you somewhere around the world and share a bit of our story!



11 thoughts on “How to choose a blog name?”

  1. Lindos! O nome ficou demais mesmo, como os donos do blog 😉 e gostei de ver a listinha com as outras possibilidades!

    • Obrigada Carol!!!
      Ainda me lembro bem das nossas conversas sobre o Blog e todas as dicas que você e o Leo nos deram! Valeu amiga!!! Muitas Saudades 🙂

  2. I “love” your name: short and memorable.
    I tend to brainstorm website names with the help of a thesaurus; one word leads to another. I also very much prefer short names because they are easy to remember and don’t lead to too many typing errors. Our name “” finally emerged from a shortlist about six positions long. We chose it as mockery to friends, who all said “you will never do this (sell your house and possessions and go travelling)” and a sort of encouragement to others.
    My business is call webbeetle, where I first only got the, but I researched the name in depth and couldn’t find any “negative baggage” with it, only a dot-com which was redirecting to another site of a web developer in Western USA. As luck wanted it they dropped their domain registration a year later and I was able to buy…

    • Thanks for stopping by!!

      To came up with “Love and Road” wasn’t easy for us, but we are super happy with the choice.
      I love your blog name too, “dare2go” sounds like an invitation to follow you guys. Congrats!!
      But I have to be honest, for me the best name is Berta, she looks awesome!!

      Happy travels! And if you need any info about Brazil, just drop us a line!
      All the best 😉

      • The info about Brazil I would really need I guess you can’t provide…
        We would *love* to come back and spend more time in your country, but – – – as Australians we need a visa. Not a problem as such, but WITH visa you get only 45 days at the border, whereas Europeans get 90 days without a special visa. The problem is: with a vehicle as slow as Berta (and passengers as slow as us – LOL) you don’t get anywhere in a country as big as Brazil. There also aren’t many land borders to leave the country by vehicle = all these stupid rules are for fly-in tourists!
        Never mind… We will try it one day.

        • I´m sad to hear that. Our border rules are not that efficient and easy to deal with… We have the same problem to go to Australia and other countries… Right now we are counting the days to leave Turkey in the correct week so our visa won’t expire.
          Anyway… Wish you all the best, happy and safe travels!!
          Hope we keep in touch!

  3. That´s so true Paul!
    The name is important, but what really matters is the content! Your name is direct but a great choice too, everybody would love to be a “luxury travel blogger”!



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