20 Moroccan Mosquito Bites in one day!

Summertime, mosquito bites and an odyssey to find allergy medicines in Marrakech.     Welcome to my first mosquito nightmare! And before you call me a fool, let´s clarify that I bought insect repellent before travelling to Morocco. I even […]

Secrets of Marrakech: DO’s and DON’Ts

A city to be explored. The secrets of Marrakech will blow your mind. We spent 10 days in this ancient city and learnt the DOs and DON’Ts to enjoy this jewel! After a shocking first impression followed by an incredible dinner, we […]

Morocco: dream trip and cultural shock

Our first time in Morocco: a trip we’ve dreamed of. Arabian nights, amazing food and our first cultural shock. Since we started our Love and Road journey we talked and planned to travel to Morocco. In my mind this would […]