How to wait for a flight? Hits and misses…

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Welcome to our 24h layover!! Not really a layover, more an experiment about how to wait for a flight in a budget way.

The story about how to wait for a flight begins three days before the “layover”. We were in Lisbon trying to find the cheapest way to go to Morocco. Half day searching for tickets, connections, busses and ferries till Rob got a good fare flying from Seville to Marrakech.

We booked. Next challenge: get from Lisbon to Seville. Again, in a cheap way!

It was the first time we used BlaBlaCar, we got a ride from Setubal to Seville. The whole story about hitchhiking through Europe you find here. Four hours drive, a little nap and we arrived at the spanish city.

2 seville

Five in the afternoon and I was already feeling tired! It couldn’t be different, we woke up at 7am after a good night out. Damn, we always have a problem with farewell parties!  🙁

The idea was: see the city, walk around, eat, drink and wait for the flight that was booked for 6:40am of the next day. No hotel booked, no place to sleep or rest. Just us and the backpacks! Sounds good, doesn’t it??

 3 seville

We checked the airport website in advanced and they close the terminal after midnight, so we couldn’t wait there. The bus station also closes at 12pm, but they have lockers and should re-open at 4am.

As our shuttle bus to the airport would depart at 4:30am, we had a plan.

Arrive in Seville at 5pm »»» drop the luggage at the bus station lockers »»» Sightseeing and enjoy the city »»» At 4am back to the station to collect the bags »»» 4:30am bus to airport »»» 10am would be landing in Marrakech!

 That’s how you wait for a flight! Sounds Perfect!! 🙂

1 rob waiting

Seville is a stunning city. It is beautiful to explore. The Plaza de EspañaUniversity of Seville, Parque de María LuisaEspacio Metropol ParasolCasa de Pilatos,  Torre del Oro,  Seville Cathedral … Of course you need a few days to visit all the monuments. But just in a few hours we enjoyed a lot! That’s how to wait for a flight and to have fun!

 5 seville

One big surprise was the welcoming party for the Seville`s football team. In the day before Seville won the UEFA European League and we were there in the middle of the party!

5a Uefa

After all the party, some sightseeing and a Spanish tapas for dinner. We were exhausted! Worst than that, we were wrecked, sleepy, sweat and with no place to go! Friday night and all the bars and restaurants around town were closing at 2am.

We kinda thought about going to some club, however we would be spending too much money, and all of them are located a bit far from the old town. Bottom line: we stayed in a Kiosk drinking coffee and eating churros!

No pictures of this moment, too depressed! Better show some other happy time!

6 rob eating

And when you think nothing can get worst. What did happen?

The bus station didn’t open at 4am as we were informed!! 4:15am – 4:20am and nothing!!!! Lot´s of people waiting dramatically in front of the station hoping to rescue their bags and run to the airport!

I was at the door waiting, Rob was in the bus stop looking for the shuttle. And all the communication was yelling and shouting!

Finally the doors opened at half past four! I skipped the bathroom and went straight  to the lockers. We got the bags and ran to the bus stop. Thank God there was a queue to get into the bus! We made it!!!!

Lesson learnt: You can wait 24h for a flight and save some money! But truly, it wasn’t worthy. I would rather have spent a couple of bucks more and had a good sleep!

At least we had a great flight! For the first time we were in Africa!

7 marrakech

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