KaZantip is not just a Music Festival – It´s an Experience!

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We are going to KaZantip Bitch!! Sorry, I mean Beach! It´s not just a festival… It´s not just great music on the beach… It´s 10 days of awesome party, nice people and great vibe. Because we are such big enthusiasts of the project, we decided to write a post about KaZantip Republic 23º edition and Why you Should Go with Us!!

 Before we start talking about 2015 Southeast Asia KaZantip Republic edition, let me explain what it is and why we love it so much. Don´t worry is not a boring story… Actually is a great, really great one!

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KaZantip means Love to us!

 July 2013, finally we got married (I say finally because we were together for 7 years, was more than time to Rob put a ring on my finger :-p). What do “normal” couples do? They go for a romantic honeymoon in some romantic destination! What did Rob & I do? We went to a 14 days electronic Music Festival in Ukraine. What??!!!!

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It is true. We went to KaZantip Republic. It was a great trip and the best festival we ever attended, and to be honest we have been at quite a lot :-D. During 14 days we had an awesome time = beautiful beach + great Djs + nice crowd.

We even got married there! KaZantip Fast Marriage: as long as the love exists and the music is playing! After the honeymoon, when we got back to Brazil we decided to leave everything and travel the world. Now I can say that KaZantip was part of our “Wake up call” process.

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 Actually, KaZantip Republic is not a festival, it´s a project that has been developed since 1992. Why you never heard about it? Because cool stuff we keep in secret, just sharing with friends and right people! That´s how the festival keeps its essence without becoming mainstream.

 On the past it used to happen only in summer time at Popovca beach, south of Ukraine. But now they have conquered an even cooler spot to get away from the frozen european winter. KaZantip 2015 is going to happen in a private untouched island in Southeast Asia. You are not getting crazy, you read it properly: Southeast Asia – Cambodia – Sihanoukville – Z Island – 10 days party!


 The best part of the story: We are going to KaZantip Cambodia!! The festival starts on 18th of February and for 10 days we’ll be enjoying the finest electronic music, sunny days, wild beach and friends. We are going to celebrate our 1st Marriage Anniversary there, and will be nice if you can go and celebrate with us. You just need to search for a crazy Brazilian couple, and you will find us!

 If our celebration is not enough to convince you to go to 23º  KaZantip Republic Cambodia, here goes a bunch of reasons, pictures, and info that definitely will change you mind.

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Why you should go to KaZantip?

1º » It´s not a Festival, it is a Republic of Great Music & Fun

 The whole concept behind the party is what makes KaZantip such a unique experience. The KaZantip Republic was created to organize the party, to set rules of fun and respect, to improve the happiness of the Z- citizens (us), and to promote culture and creativity. As they say in their manifest: “ Article Four: The KaZantip Republic is a Utopian Society focused on achieving the impossible – freedom from social, political and historical clichés, sophistication of citizenship, democracy, culture and order.”

 And it works perfectly! Respect, love and fun walking side by side… The Kazantip Constitution is the best way to understand and get on the Z Mood! I would recommend to read the Criminal Code too, so you´ll realize that definitely we are not just a bunch of crazy people. We are a bunch of organized crazy people! 😀

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2º » Best of the Best in E-Music

 In their 23rd edition we expect a massive line up. As usual the names are announced just close to the party dates. But that is not a  problem, the Z-citizen know that the project will never disappoint and every year the quality of the  Djs is amazing.

 Just for you to have an idea, some of the names on the latest editions were: Marco Carola, Audiofly, Maceo Plex, Mano Le Tough, Jamie Jones, Tale of Us, Martinez Brothers, Anja Schneider, Art Department, Blondish, Booka Shade, Denni Daze, Ellen Allien, Infinity Ink, Lady Waks, Lee Burridge, Loco Dice, Luciano, Mandy, Marcus Schulz, Monika Kruse, PanPot, Pendulum, Ricardo Villalobos, Robert Babicz Wankelmut and many many more…

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3º » 10 Days Party

 Can you imagine yourself 10 days relaxing on the beach, listening to good music, swimming and dancing? It´s only possible in KaZantip! 10 days, 24 hours daily of music and art. The atmosphere is so relaxing that you can enjoy every minute.

Massive parties during night-time, sunrise with after parties, during the day chill out tracks to relax, and warm up bits for the sunset… We have all hours, all moments, all days covered.


How you can get to KaZantip??

Now comes the practical information!

 » Location: Sihanoukville, Cambodia

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» Dates: 18 – 28 February/2015

 » The official website: http://kazantip-republic.com

» Facebook –  https://facebook.com/kazantip.official

» How to buy your ViZa (ticket): http://kazantipa.net/en/viza

» How to get there:

 If you’re out of Southeast Asia the easiest way is to fly to Sihanoukville, Siem Reap or Phnom Penh in Cambodia, to Bangkok in Thailand, or Ho Chi Minh in Vietnam. From those airports you will need to take a bus trip till the place of KaZantip.

 In the official website they explain all the routes, and we recommend to you to check online authorized bus companies. As you have to cross  borders you need a company that you can trust. When we travelled from Bangkok to Siem Reap we bought the ticket with the Transport Company,   and it was hassle free.

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 We didn’t visit Vietnam yet, but we did some researches and found a Cambodian website super  useful for local and international transport information.  There you can check the companies, timetables and prices, also some great cultural advice. As you are travelling to there I strongly recommend to you to go to Siem Reap and visit Angkor Wat, it´s a an amazing experience. We didn’t write a post about this trip yet, but here goes one picture just to spoil you 😉

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» Where to Stay:

Victory beach is the closest place to Z-Island. Another great place to stay is Serendipity Beach, plenty of hotels & restaurants. 

We suggest you to use our affiliated links: Booking.com and Agoda, where you can find the best Prices / Quality / Location. And doing your reservation by this links you help our blog! You get all the best deals and we receive a commission. 🙂

» Documents you need:

First you need your ViZa (the official ticket).

Second you need a valid passport.

Then you have to check at the Cambodian Embassy  all the documents you need to get your visa. Some nationalities need to apply in advance, others (like us Brazilians) can get the visa on arrival. Also, if you are going to fly to another country first, remember to check if you need to apply for transit visa too.

To help you organize your travel documents we wrote a really practical post: 7 Essential Tips Before Travelling. There you can find a checklist to plan a stress free trip!

» About Money:

The official Cambodian currency is Riel, but all the shops, restaurants and hotels accept US dollars. You will be surprised to see all the products on the supermarket shelves priced in dollar instead of Riel.

If you have an international bank card you can cash money from the ATMs, or you can always exchange currencies there. Keep in your pocket small bills that will help with daily purchases like water and tuk tuk rides.

Be aware that credit cards are only accepted in Big cities (like Siem Reap or Phnom Penh) and most of the time they will charge you a fee for paying with Visa and Mastercard (forget about American Express and other brands, they are not accepted in Cambodia).

» What to take with you:

Bring lots of love, happiness and great dance moves. Those are the most important items, than think about light clothes, swimming suits, towels, sandals and lots of stuff in yellow (the official color of KaZantip Republic).

Sunblock and mosquitoes repellent are a must too, especially if you are coming from european winter. You don’t need to be worried about dress code and fancy style. Although if you like to dress to impress pack lots of funny costumes, sexy bikinis and hats… You´ll rock it!

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Now that you already know everything about KaZantip 2015 Cambodia, go to the website and check the pictures from last edition, and make sure you´ll get to meet us there… If you think this too much for you, sorry you will regret your decision when you see our pictures from there (i know that´s sounds cheeky, but it´s gonna happen 🙁 ) .

So hurry up, we have one month to organize everything for 23º KaZantip Republic. But before packing your stuff let me know your thoughts, are you planning to go? Do you have any incredible “party moment” in your life? Share your story!

NOTE: The Cambodian Government cancelled the Festival on the last minute. Even though, several parties were organized around Sihanoukville.


33 thoughts on “KaZantip is not just a Music Festival – It´s an Experience!”

    • Definitely Zoe!

      It’s not just about the party. People from all around the world getting together to have fun, share experiences and make friends. The last edition we attended we made a bunch of great friends that we keep in touch till now!

      All the best,

  1. Wow, KaZantip sounds pretty amazing. Z-Island looks like an incredible place for a music festival. Unfortunately, can’t make it to Cambodia in February, but looking forward to hearing all about it!

  2. Dang, this does sound like a ton of fun! I’ve never heard of it before. It sounds like a combination of Burning Man and Tomorrowland. Definitely not an option for 2015, unfortunately, but who knows what 2016 will bring…

    • So lets make a deal Sky:
      We meet in person on Kazantip 2016! What do you think? 😀
      Jokes a part, if you have an opportunity to go to KaZantip I’m sure you will love it!

      Happy travels,

  3. Wow–looks like a crazy festival and definitely a good time! We always love music festivals! I will have to keep this one on our radar–would love to check it out someday!

    • Hey Jenna!!!

      Kazantip is a really nice experience, those type of festival that are worthy the travel and during the 10 days you never get bothered!

      If you plan to go(this year or in the next one) let us know, we can do a travel blogger reunion in the middle of the party! 😉
      Safe travels


  4. I haven’t ever been to a music festival, but this seems like a good one. From the way that you’ve described it, it sounds like Burning Man met Coachella and had a baby that was the KaZantip festival! 🙂 Love your photos–I bet you’re going to have an awesome time this year, too!

    • HI Natalie!!

      I love the way you explained Kazantip, it’s is a kind of magical mix between those two amazing festivals.
      Thanks to stop by, and keep tuned because there will be some awesome picture after Kazantip Cambodia!

      Nat 🙂

  5. Hi! I was wondering if you knew if there is going to be another Kazantip any time soon!?? I asked the “official” page on facebook and I am getting mixed/ vague answers. I hope I didn’t miss my opportunity!!! I know Crimea is out, seems for the foreseeable future.


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