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We are in the Digital Era, I know! But I still believe in the power of writing and the benefits of journaling. I love the traditional way of writing, with a notebook and a pen! You can call me old school; I don’t mind. What I´m sure of is that a pocket notebook has been my best friend since I started traveling [don’t be sad Rob, you are my love and 2nd best friend].

For almost a year, I wrote down my feelings and information in an ordinary notebook, and I was quite happy with it until last month when I discovered Word Notebooks. Then I realized that I could keep all my stories in a better format, with additional details and even look more stylish.

I had the opportunity to receive from Word Notebooks a Notebook and an Adventure Log to try them out. I truly loved them. The pocket size, the functional layout, the colors and their own system for taking notes help you with everyday tasks and brilliant ideas.


The Word Notebooks Adventure Log is my new best friend [yes, I change my mind easily, but not all the friends are replaced, just the ones that deserve it]. The Adventure Log is a cool way to organize your travel notes. Each page has callouts for locations, dates, conditions of your trip, and whom you are traveling with. You just need to fill in the pages and your travel diary is done! Memories recorded for a lifetime.

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