Bootcamp in Spain: all you need to know about the Ultimate Fitness Holiday in Mallorca

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Woman stand up paddling through the ocean in a bootcamp in Spain.
Stand up paddling in bootcamp’s crystal clear water.


The first day was tough, and the second day was even harder. My muscles were sore, my abs hurt and the beach was calling us, but I was happy to push myself to my limits and have fun while doing it. I kept my focus and stuck to the plan, the week of bootcamp in Spain was flying by and I wouldn’t give up.

The idea of joining a fitness holiday has been in our minds for quite a while. Rob is the sports enthusiast of our relationship [he already raced the Singapore and Paris Marathon, and 3 Ironman Triathlons, and although I love running and working out, the thought of compromising one week of my summer for a healthy holiday didn’t sound like too much fun.

However, Rob convinced me and after searching for the best fitness holidays in Europe, I found a bootcamp in Spain that appealed to me. We made a decision, let’s start our summer in Europe by attending the Ultimate Fitness Holiday in Mallorca, Spain.

Getting in shape, resting my mind, making friends, and, on top of that, having a great time on an island, our bootcamp holiday in Spain was everything I expected and even more.

It wasn’t easy, but it wasn’t as difficult as I thought and the results were amazing. So if you are thinking about joining a health and fitness retreat in Europe keep reading, it’s time to share our ultimate fitness experience in Mallorca and also give you some information about what a bootcamp holiday is and what to expect from a healthy retreat.

Woman exercising abs at bootcamp in Spain.
Lots of working out!


What is a Fitness Holiday?

A Bootcamp or fitness holiday is basically a place you travel to to work out a lot, practice sports, eat healthily, and see positive results on your body and mind.

Some people might choose a wellness retreat focused on yoga and meditation, others choose martial arts activities, and there are fitness vacations that mix everything.

It doesn’t matter what type of health and fitness holiday you choose, the idea is to move your body, look after your health and learn some good habits to take home.

People at bootcamp in Spain doing yoga exercise.
During the Fitness Holiday, we had time to work out, go hiking and do yoga.


Why should you travel to a bootcamp holiday?

There are many reasons to book a healthy vacation, for me, these are the most important ones:

1st – You take time to look after yourself.

2nd – Qualified instructors will help you to work out every day.

3rd – You can travel to a nice destination and if it’s summer you can book a healthy fitness holiday in the sun.

4th – Meet new people.

5th – In an all-inclusive fitness vacation you don’t need to worry about anything for a week.

6th – Go beyond your limits and discover new abilities.

8th – Be surrounded by nature and rest your mind.

9th – Learn how to keep fit and have a better lifestyle.

10th – Feel good!

Man and woman running at bootcamp in Spain
One of the good things about going on a fitness vacation is that you meet like-minded people from all around the world.


What type of person travels to a fitness camp?

Before traveling to the bootcamp in Mallorca, I was worried about how the crowd would be like. Will they be super fit and strong? Will I be able to keep their pace during the activities?

All these questions were positively answered during the first two days of our fitness holiday in Spain. All kinds of people go on a healthy vacation, they might be fitter than you or not, but a well-organized bootcamp will make you feel comfortable and confident even if you are not the strongest one.

I was so happy with our group, a mix of girls from the UK, Ireland, and Switzerland, all of them with different targets and different levels of fitness, and we all worked together to reach our personal goals. That week Rob was the only man, laughing at us during the push-ups but complaining like a baby during the squats.

Some girls were into sports and wanted to get fit or lose weight. Others were traveling alone for the first looking for a great time and discovering how fun solo travel can be.

I was there to get a 6 pack for the summer and go paddleboarding every day. Rob was focused on the outdoor activities more than the HIIT sessions. There was no pressure, of course, our instructors were tough, and they made us work hard, but they always respected our limits and goals.

Stunning nature view near bootcamp in Spain, Mallorca, with its blue sea and warm weather.
Perfect location for people who love nature – I mean, just look at this!


Why travel to a bootcamp in Spain?

Spain is always a good idea, especially in summer! I can’t think of a reason not to plan a fitness retreat in Spain, but if you still need to be convinced, here are some healthy excuses that will make you book a fitness holiday in Spain:

1st – The weather is sunny and warm, perfect for outdoor activities and bootcamp routines.

2nd – Nature is gorgeous. Puerto Pollensa town in Mallorca, has stunning beaches and amazing mountains. [Discober what to do in Puerto Pollensa here and how to plan your Mallorca Weekend Trip here]

3rd – Mallorca really feels like a holiday destination, even if you are there to workout.

4th – In Mallorca, you can add cultural activities to your fitness holiday. [Discover what to do in Mallorca here]

5th – It’s super easy and quite cheap to travel to Mallorca. You can fly to Mallorca with low-cost airlines from anywhere in Europe.

Talking about flying, check out the best flights to Mallorca on Skyscanner and  

6th – If you decide to stay longer on the island, you can book a hotel in Palma de Mallorca, the busiest city on the island, or choose a guesthouse on a secluded beach.  

Check for the best hotels in Mallorca here!

7th – Mallorca offers good value for the money. You can find hotels, restaurants, and experiences for all types of budget and taste.

8th – Food! Spanish cuisine [and wine] is delicious.

9th – You can travel around and explore other destinations in Spain before or after the fitness bootcamp holiday in Mallorca.

Are you planning to travel in Spain by bus or train? Find all the routes, prices and book your tickets here on 12Go.

10th – Have you seen the Spanish people (OMG)?

Bootcamp in Mallorca, Spain, is a calm place by the beach to look after the body and mind.
A calm place by the beach to look after the body and mind.


Why did we choose the Ultimate Fitness Holiday in Mallorca?

Searching for bootcamps experiences we found the Ultimate Fitness Holiday website and they have great reviews about their fitness camps in Bali [Indonesia] and in Phuket [Thailand]. We were about to travel to Europe and they had just opened a bootcamp in Mallorca-Spain, more than a coincidence, that was a perfect opportunity for us.


Barcelona and Ibiza were on our itinerary, so we emailed them and in less than a week we had everything sorted out. From the 17th to the 24th of June we were set to work our asses off and get fit for the two weeks in Ibiza. 

The Ultimate Fitness Holiday in Spain was beyond our expectations and we loved it. So here goes our honest review of the fitness bootcamp holiday in Mallorca, what we liked and what we didn’t:

Woman sitted holding cup and smiling in the infrastructure of the bootcamp in Spain.
The Ultimate Fitness Holiday has great infrastructure for relaxing too.


– Ultimate Fitness Holiday infrastructure

The house is spacious, bright and super clean, it has a lovely garden and a terrace that are perfect for relaxing, reading or sunbathing. And yes, during your fitness holidays you have time for all this! Yoga-stretching activities happen on the terrace and the HIIT sessions at a resort nearby.

The house is beachfront, you only need to cross the road to sink your toes in the water. Meals are included [except for dinner] and they are served in the Beach House, you don’t need to worry about cleaning, organizing, or anything…

They have thought about everything, from workout equipment to instructors, bikes, and extra activities. You only need to wake up on time, be ready to sweat and wash your dirty closes later. It’s a true holiday by the beach, but instead of sipping cocktails you are doing push-ups and sprints.

Big shout out for Tereza, who took care of us, cooked our lovely meals, organized the house and guided us through some awesome hiking trails.

Porto Pollença beach in Mallorca, Spain, the bootcamp location.
Puerto Pollensa is a lovely town in Mallorca.


– The best time to travel to a fitness bootcamp in Spain

The bootcamp happens from May to September, but talking with them we discovered that they might run it until October. We were there in the second half of June and it was getting really hot, so I’m not sure how people will cope with the high-intensity training during July and August. When the wind blows it’s lovely, but the sun can be hard without the sea breeze.

I would suggest booking your bootcamp in Spain in May, September or even in October. The weather will be mild, it’s not high season then the prices on the island are cheaper, perfect for those who want to stay longer in this Mediterranean paradise.

Woman enjoying Beach House infrastructure at bootcamp in Spain.
We stayed at the Beach House in a double bedroom.


– Accommodation in the bootcamp

When you book the Ultimate Fitness Holiday in Spain you can choose from the standard package where you stay at the Beach House in a shared dorm, or the deluxe package where you stay in a resort just beside the Beach House where some of the activities happen. There is also a possibility to book only the fitness bootcamp training package and plan the accommodation and food by yourself.

We stayed at the Beach House, in a double room with a shared bathroom. Some of the girls in our group stayed at the resort and enjoyed a room with a bathtub, a big outdoor swimming pool and spa facilities. It’s up to you, we chose to stay in the Beach House as we really wanted to have a social experience with the group.

The house has two shared bedrooms, a double room, two bathrooms, a kitchen and a living area. Outside there is a nice backyard and a terrace. In front of the house is the beach, a very calm and warm bay, and in the back is a Natural Reserve with a few houses and endless tracks for running or cycling.


– Bootcamp routine: activities and free time

Now comes the fun part, the bootcamp activities and training routine. When I was reading the bootcamp schedule, I thought it was a lot of workouts, not enough meals and not much free time. But after the first day, I changed my perspective, and for me, it was a great balance of intense workouts, delicious meals, and a lot of free time to relax, explore the island or exercise.

Here is the bootcamp training schedule:

People performing bootcamp exercises and activities, such as high-intensity training, SUP, yoga and hikes.
Some of the bootcamp activities and training routines.



Arrival day, time to settle in, meet people and go out for dinner together. Depending on what time you arrive, you can enjoy the beach or explore the area by yourself.


From Monday to Friday

7:45 – 8:30: Yoga/stretchings

8:30 – 9:00: Light breakfast

9:00 – 10:00: HIIT – High-Intensity Training [it’s hard but it gives amazing results, and Melissa is an insanely good instructor]

10:00 – 11:00: Breakfast and announcements

11:00 – 12:30: Stand Up Paddle [on Monday you have a class and on the other days you go paddling by yourself]

12:30 – 14:00 – Free time

14:00: Lunch

15:00 – 18:00: Free time [on Friday the free time ends at 16:00]

18:00 – 19:00: High-Intensity Training, beach training, beach volleyball or an outdoor activity [on Monday there was a hike to Cala Boquer and on Friday there was a hike to Cala San Vicente].

The activities start punctually and you don’t need to attend all the classes, but come on, you are on a fitness holiday so make the most of it. I skipped some classes because I was very sick for the first two days. I tried to exercise but I couldn’t stop coughing, so I decided to skip HIIT classes for one day. Rob missed a few yoga sessions as the roads were calling him. While we were stretching, he was finishing his 10K morning run.

Man running along the ocean in bootcamp in Spain.
Rob skipped some yoga sessions and went for his morning run.

All the classes in the workout schedule are included in the fitness holiday package. There are other extra activities you can do, but they need to be paid separately like kitesurfing classes, relaxing massages or chiropractic sessions. Two of the girls in our group went kitesurfing and they were super excited about, I didn’t know that Puerto Pollensa is a first-class destination for kite and windsurfing.



Free day! You can choose to stay in, go explore the island or go on a tour. Our group decided to take the ferry to Formentor Beach and spend the day soaking up the sun and working on our beach photos.

Woman from the back staring at Formentor beach on the free day of bootcamp in Spain.
On your free day you can explore the island. We visited the Formentor beach and spent the day relaxing in the sun.



Time to say goodbye.

My recommendation is to make the most of your time during the health retreat. Give your best during the sessions, feel your muscles burn, lose your breath running and get exhausted from paddling in the ocean, but also take time to relax your mind. The break before lunch is perfect to relax, sunbathe or read a book.

After lunch, grab one of the bicycles [at the Beach House you have free bikes and stand up paddleboards to use whenever you want] and go explore the nearby villages. For those who want to exercise, there are many hiking trails where you can venture yourself.

Check out our travel guides to Spain and discover other destinations to add to your holidays.

Woman walking over stairs in nearby village of bootcamp in Spain.
You can add some cultural activities to your Fitness Holiday.


Activities we did and recommend:

– Cycle to Pollensa Town and climb the Calvari Steps.

– Cycle to Alcudia Town for an afternoon gelato or an evening meal.

– Enjoy your dinner at Puerto Pollensa’s lovely restaurants.

– Go running or cycling around Puerto Pollensa and in the back streets of the Beach House. Malloraca is one of the best places for cycling in Spain.

– Visit the viewpoint on the way to Cape Formentor. We cycled there, it was super tough but amazing. If you can’t cycle long distances uphill, book a taxi.

– Sunrise SUP, or just wake up early and watch the sunrise from the beach, it’s majestic.

Don’t forget to read our guide to where to stay and things do to in Puerto Pollensa – click here!

Woman stand up paddling in bootcamp in Spain during the sunrise.
My favorite activity was to stand up paddle during the sunrise.


– Meals during the fitness retreat

I was worried about the food because I have a few food allergies, but it turned out the meals were AMAZING! The food is healthy and you can eat as much as you want, so if you are on a diet you can stick to your small size meals or if you need to eat a lot to build muscles you will be sorted out too. The meals were divided into a small breakfast, a real breakfast, and lunch. Dinner is not included, so you can explore the town, try the local restaurants and the Spanish cuisine.

After yoga, they serve fresh fruits as a snack. After the High-Intensity Training was the real breakfast with eggs, fruits, nuts, cereals, yogurt, coffee, tea, toast, everything you need and want. Lunch was a mix of vegetables, chicken or fish, and carbs like quinoa or brown rice, followed by fruits, coffee or tea. I didn’t feel hungry, and I ate very well. Simple, nutritious and healthy food, perfect for a fitness holiday in the summer.

Plates of healthy and nutritious food served during the bootcamp in Spain.
The food served during the bootcamp was delicious – simple, healthy and nutritious!

When it comes to food in the bootcamp, there are four things you need to keep in mind:

1st – You are not allowed to cook in the house, neither to use the fridge.

2nd – Think about your food routine. In order not to feel too hungry before dinner we took some small protein bars with us. They were the perfect snack when we were out exploring the island and before hiking.

3rd – You can have coffee and tea during the day, but you will need to pay for them. Only the drinks during the meals are included in the package.

4th – If you have any food allergy or intolerance tell them as soon as you book the fitness holiday so they can organize special meals for you.


– Bootcamp Spain location

What I really liked is that the bootcamp is located at Puerto Pollensa, away from the busy beaches in Mallorca. Nature there is superb, you have a calm bay to go swimming and practice watersports, mountains with nice hiking trails, flat roads to run and cycle on, and secluded beaches to explore. It’s a summer holiday destination with great restaurants and cafes, and the best part is that you can get anywhere in 10 or 20 minutes by bike.

We cycled every day from the Beach House to Puerto Pollensa for dinner, there is a cycle path all the way, it’s easy and safe. The town has markets and shops selling everything from swimwear to protein shakes and mosquito repellent [yes, there are some nasty mosquitoes there, be prepared].

Road surrounded by nature near bootcamp in Spain.
Nature in Mallorca is an invitation to do outdoor activities like cycling, running and hiking.


– What do you need to pack for a bootcamp in Spain?

My suggestion is to pack a couple of workout outfits, a good pair of trainers [we wore a New Balance 247 and an Adidas Clodfoam, perfect for working out and they also performed ok on the hiking trails], beachwear and comfortable clothes to cycle and explore the region. Don’t forget a hat, sunscreen, mosquito repellent, and toiletries. You don’t need to bring any sports equipment, everything is provided by them.

And don’t forget to pack a lot of energy, commitment, and smiles. It will be hard, but rewarding.

Don’t forget to buy your Travel Insurance!

We use and recommend World Nomads and SafetyWing, click on the name of the company and book your insurance now. If you need more information read our Travel Insurance Guide here.


– Was the Ultimate Fitness Holiday in Spain worth it?

Yes, yes, yes! It’s worth the money, the time and the energy. Rob and I felt great after a week of exercising, eating healthy and exploring Mallorca, even being sick I enjoyed every single day. The people who run the fitness holiday have a lot of experience, Tereza who takes care of the travelers is lovely and the instructors are great.

When we booked the fitness holidays the price was 859 Euros per person in a double room. For that price we got 7 days of accommodation, 7 days of bootcamp fitness training sessions, free usage of bikes and SUP boards, and 3 healthy meals per day. I believe it’s a hell of a good deal. If you need more information about the packages, prices, services, and reviews, check out the Ultimate Fitness Holiday website and message them.

Hope you enjoyed our guide/review on the Ultimate Fitness Holiday in Mallorca and feel inspired to look after yourself on a fitness vacation. We had so much fun in the bootcamp in Spain that we are considering booking the next one in Southeast Asia this time.



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Take care of your body and mind at the Ultimate Fitness Holiday in Mallorca, Spain. But before you book your fitness vacation lets talk about a few important things like what is a bootcamp in Spain, why you should go to a fitness retreat and how to plan a fitness trip. We spent a week in Mallorca working out, eating healthy and doing outdoor activities and the result was amazing. #FitnessHoliday #FitnessVacation #Bootcamp #SpainHolidays #FitnessHolidaySpain

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