10 Amazing things to do in Puerto Pollensa

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One of the top things to do in Puerto Pollensa is to watch the sunrise at the beach.
Sunrise in Puerto Pollensa is incredible.


When I think about Puerto Pollensa in Mallorca two colorful memories come to my mind. First is Formentor Beach hypnotizing blue water; second is the orange golden sunrise in Puerto Pollensa Bay. These two amazing moments bring other great memories, like the delicious food we ate there, the beautiful mountains, viewpoints, beaches, sunny days and fresh breeze. There are so many amazing things to do in Puerto Pollensa that I dare to say that this small Spanish town is a perfect summer destination.

Of course, the whole of Mallorca Island is stunning and deserves to be explored. That’s why you must stay on this incredible island at least 2 weeks or 20 days. Trust me, the biggest Spanish island in the Mediterranean Sea is worth your time. But if you only have a week, my suggestion is to travel to Mallorca and find your way to Puerto Pollensa. Enjoy your Summer getaway there with sun, sea, sports, incredible views, culture, and food. 

Puerto Pollensa, also called Port de Pollença, is a small town located in Northern Mallorca, 58 Km from Palma de Mallorca, the capital of the island and the busiest hub there. Although there are many things to do in Puerto Pollensa, this fisherman village turned in a resort beach is not the most famous region on the island. An excellent option for travelers that seek a peaceful beach to stay away from the hustle and bustle of Palma.

Before we jump on what to do in Puerto Pollensa beach area, let’s talk about another important topic: accommodation in Puerto Pollensa.

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Puerto Pollensa accommodation is amazing, you can find villas, apartments and hotels.
The lovely garden from our villa in Puerto Pollensa.

Where to stay in Puerto Pollensa

This little paradise receives tourists since the 1920s. However, despite being a famous destination, it still has old-fashioned charm. The town has small buildings, hotels, and apartments that offer all comfort you need but without blocking the views and without hurting your eyes with massive building blocks. 

There is a wide variety of accommodation in Puerto Pollensa, from beachfront hotels, apartments for rent, villas, all-inclusive properties, and budget hotels. To help you find the perfect accommodation in Puerto Pollensa we researched and found the best hotels for all travelers and budgets. Click on the hotel name to see the property details and book your room in Puerto Pollensa:

  • Beachfront hotels in Puerto Pollensa

Hotel Eolo

La Goleta Hotel de Mar

Hotel Miramar

Hotel Illa d’Or

  • Hotels in Puerto Pollensa Pine Walk

Hoposa Bahia

Hotel Sis Pins

  • Villas in Puerto Pollensa

Villa Pollensa 81

Villa Pollensa 35

  • Apartments in Puerto Pollensa

Apartamentos Massol

Anita Apartments

You can also rent an apartment in Puerto Pollensa via Airbnb, which is a good option if you travel to Puerto Pollensa with friends and family. Or if you are planning to stay longer there. 

Now that you know the best places to stay in Puerto Pollensa let’s move to the fun part: the 10 best things to do in Puerto Pollensa, Mallorca.


10 Unique and fun things to do in Puerto Pollensa


Puerto Pollensa beaches are amazing. You can have urban beaches and also secluded bays.
it’s beach time!

1 – Visit the best beaches in Puerto Pollensa

Puerto Pollensa has a central beach that offers bars, restaurants, chairs and umbrellas rental, and even sports facilities. It’s a beautiful beach, but not the prettiest one. If you want to discover the small beaches, swim in crystal clear water and try cliff jumping you must go beach hopping around Puerto Pollensa. 

Here are our favorites beaches in Puerto Pollensa and the way you must visit them:

  • Puerto Pollensa Beach – perfect for families, young crowd and for those who want to enjoy the sun and sea a few steps from the hotel
  • D’Albercuix Beach – small quiet bay close to Puerto Pollensa center. From the port walk towards the Passeig Vora Mar, also known as the Pine Walk, in the end you will find the beach. 
  • Can Cap Bou Beach – walking on the opposite way from Puerto Pollensa you will leave the town and reach a long beach with narrow sand. It’s not so popular due to its proximity to the road. But if you want to stay alone and enjoy watersports this is the perfect spot. 
  • Cala Boquer – secluded beach with crystal clear water surrounded by rocky mountains. It’s beautiful and you can pair your beach day with a great hike there.
  • Cala San Vicente – this small resort village belongs to the Pollensa region and you gonna find 3 beautiful beaches there. Calla Barque is the biggest one if you keep walking on the beach road you will find Cala Molins a smaller beach, and then Cala Carbo tucked in the middle of the cliffs. This last one is perfect for visiting with a kayak or boat as it doesn’t have proper sand, only pebbles. You can reach Cala San Vicent by car, by bus [20 minutes], cycling, or hiking [we gonna talk about hiking and cycling later on].
No doubt one of the best beaches in Puerto Pollensa is Formentor Beach.
Is this real?!
  • Formentor Beach – this is the most beautiful beach in Puerto Pollensa, we loved it. You can go there by car, bus or a ferry. We went by boat and recommended it, the trip is beautiful and you can sit on the top deck to admire the stunning coast of Puerto Pollensa. A visit to Formentor Beach is one of the best Puerto Pollensa boat trips. But many boat tours that can take you to small coves, sailing around the island or visiting beaches that can only be reached by water. 

Beaches worth visiting but not so close to Puerto Pollensa:

  • Cala Figuera
  • Cala Murta
  • Alcudia Beach
  • Cala de Sa Calobra

Bear in mind that not all the beaches have restaurant/shop facilities, so always carry with you a bottle of water, some snacks, sunscreen, a hat, and sunglasses. Because of the sea breeze, you might not feel the sun burning, but trust me, it burns. And you don’t want to spend the rest of your holiday in Puerto Pollensa hidden from the sun because you got sunburned on the first beach day. 



Another cool thing to do in Puerto Pollensa is to do SUP during sunrise.
My happy place ?

2 – Stand up paddle and kitesurf in Puerto Pollensa

Before traveling to Puerto Pollensa I had no idea this part of Mallorca was so sport friendly. It turned out it’s the perfect place to learn and practice SUP [stand-up paddle] and kite surfing with many schools and shops to rent equipment from beginners to pros. I love SUP, so I spent hours paddling in the sea, especially during the mornings when the wind is calm, and there were no waves. If you want to learn SUP these are the perfect conditions.

We didn’t try kitesurfing, but we met two girls who did classes and loved it. In the afternoon, Can Cap Bou Beach is packed with colored kites, even if you don’t feel like learning it go there to watch it. 

The best of Puerto Pollensa, Mallorca.
Another spectacle!

3 – Wake up early for the sunrise 

I know it’s your Summer holiday and the last thing you want is to set your alarm clock for 6 am, but please do it, at least one time. Get out of bed early and rush to the beach for the most beautiful spectacle you can see in Puerto Pollensa. The sun rising above the sea is incredible, and It was so magical that Rob and I woke up early a couple of days to witness it. I even did SUP during sunrise, the feeling of the sun rising while I was floating on the sea is something I will never forget.

In our opinion the best beach to watch the sunrise is Can Cap Bou Beach, it’s close to Puerto Pollensa, you can go on foot or by bike. Plus, there is almost no one there, so you can have the beach only for you. 


4 – Hiking to secluded beaches

Mallorca’s Serra de Tramuntana is a mountain range that surrounds Port Pollensa giving to the region a unique landscape and endless possibilities for hiking. If you are a passionate hiker, you can visit Puerto Pollensa in Spring and Autumn to enjoy the trails without the heat of Summer. At Puerto Pollensa Tourist Information Office you will find all the details and maps of the area. Most of the hotel’s concierge can help you planning your hike adventure as well.

Hiking in Puerto Pollensa is awesome.
I’m not lost!

We did two amazing hikes, both ended on stunning beaches where we cooled down with a swim and beers. 

The hiking from Puerto Pollensa to Cala Boquer is reasonably easy, the trail is approximately 6.5 km round trip, and the ascent is only 150 meters. The path is rocky, so be sure to wear comfortable running shoes or hiking boots, flip-flops are a big no-no. This hike gives you stunning views from the Tramuntana Mountains and ends in a small bay where you can swim and do snorkeling. If you don’t want to hike there, another option to reach Cala Boquer is by boat. There are no facilities on the beach, bring water and snacks if you plan to stay on the beach longer.

Our second hike was from Puerto Pollensa to Cala San Vicente, 4.9 km one way with some hilly parts and stunning views. The good thing about this hike is that you can walk to the beach and then go back to Puerto Pollensa by bus. San Vicente is an urban area with restaurants, bars, kayak, and SUP boards for renting. My suggestion is to hike there in the morning and enjoy the day by the beach.  

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Puerto Pollensa in Mallorca is a paradise for cycling.
Not a bad place to cycle…

5 – Running and Cycling in Puerto Pollensa

Yes, many things to do in Puerto Pollensa are linked to sport and nature, but you don’t need to be a pro to enjoy them. In Puerto Pollensa everyone can go cycling or jogging, it doesn’t matter how skilled or fit they are.

I loved to ride a comfy bike along the beachfront road to Alcudia Old Town, or through the fields to Pollensa Old Town. We gonna talk about these two places soon, but both are circa 8.5 km from Puerto Pollensa. You can also go to Cala San Vicente by bike, 5.2 Km on a hilly road, or 8.5km on a more flat route. Some hotels offer bikes for guests, or you can rent one in the many shops in town.

If you enjoy riding a bike, then read our cycling in Spain guide here, one of the bike routes we mention is in Mallorca.   

Morning runs are another cool thing to do in Puerto Pollensa.
Run Rob Run!

Rob is a triathlete, so he went for some intense biking and early morning runs. It was inspiring to see Rob and many other people running and cycling there. It feels like Puerto Pollensa is the perfect destination for travelers who want to enjoy the beach and keep up with ongoing training or start practicing a new sport.


6 – Visit the Mirador d’es Colomer for the best views 

Be ready for the best view in Puerto Pollensa, and even if you are afraid of heights, you must go there. The Mirador d’es Colomer is in the middle of the road that connects Puerto Pollensa and the Formento Peninsula, at 300 meters above sea level with breathtaking views. The viewpoint is located on one of the peaks of the Tramuntana Mountains range and from there you can see Puerto Pollensa, the bay of Alcudia, and the Mediterranean sea towards Menorca island. 

The best view of Puerto Pollensa, Mallorca.
Smile 🙂

You can go to Mirador d’es Colomer by bus or driving. We did it by bike, and despite being an awesome and exhausting activity in Puerto Pollensa, we do not recommend it. The road is busy, very steep, and with endless curves. Do it only if you are an experienced cyclist and have safety equipment like a helmet, otherwise, stick to public transportation or taxi.  


7 –  Discover what to do in Pollensa Old Town 

Puerto Pollensa was a fisherman’s village and Pollensa was the central city of the region. Nowadays, the beach area of Puerto Pollensa is more famous among travelers than the old town. During your holiday in Puerto Pollensa take at least one day to visit the Pollensa Old Town. Go there to admire the roman history, see the unique architecture, and try one of the many outstanding restaurants.

A visit to Pollensa Old Town is a must for any traveler staying in Puerto Pollensa.
Lost in time.

Pollensa Old Town is small and you can visit it on foot with many stops for juices, coffees, wines, and tapas. You can go from Puerto Pollensa to Pollensa Old Town by bus [20 minutes ride], by car or cycling. We went by bike and it was a pleasant ride.

A place you must visit in Pollensa Old Town is the Calvari Steps and if you like shopping go there on weekends and enjoy the Sunday Market. 


8 – Visit the historic Alcudia Old Town

Alcudia is another old town with Roman ruins and tons of history a few kilometers away from Puerto Pollensa. Alcudia also has a port and beach area but is the old town that stole our hearts. We went there one afternoon to explore the cobbled alleys while cooling down with a delicious gelato. 

Alcudia Old town is another place to visit near Puerto Pollensa.
Gelato is always a good idea 😀

I would suggest going to Alcudia Old Town for an afternoon and evening. You will have time to walk on the top of the old walls – it’s free and gives you a different perspective of the town, visit the Roman ruins, the church, and its museum. End your day with a nice dinner in one of the charming restaurants there. If you visit Alcudia Old Town on Sunday or Tuesday you can also enjoy the local market. 

If you are short in time and want to make the most of your day, there is one tour that combines Alcudia Old Town, the Formento Beach, and the Mirador d’es Colomer. Book it here: Alcudia and Formentor Tour – bus and boat day tour.


9 – Fitness Bootcamp in Mallorca

We went to a Fitness Bootcamp in Mallorca and that’s how we discovered this region and enjoyed all the fantastic things to do in Puerto Pollensa. So we can’t talk about Pollensa without mentioning this excellent experience. 

Our Fitness Holiday in Mallorca was in Puerto Pollensa.
Keep going Rob, we want six-packs.

If you want to take time to look after your health, body, and mind, there is no better place to go than Puerto Pollensa. You can combine all the activities we mentioned above with a week of balanced food, mindfulness, and exercises. The best part is that you don’t need to be a sports enthusiast or a gym fanatic to join the fitness holiday. All people are welcomed, and your limits will be respected. Read a complete review of Fitness Holiday Mallorca here and be inspired to travel to Puerto Pollensa to look after yourself.


10 – Try Spanish tapas, fresh seafood, and local wines 

You can find all sorts of cuisines in Puerto Pollensa from burgers and sushi to traditional dishes like the tumbet, a vegetarian dish made of aubergines, potatoes, red peppers, garlic, tomatoes, and olive oil. 

Local dishes to try and things to do in Puerto Pollensa.
Delicious Spanish food.

Our favorite restaurants in Puerto Pollensa are:


How to get to Puerto Pollensa, Mallorca

Over 50 airlines offer flights to Palma de Mallorca Airport (PMI), one of the busiest in Spain. To save time and money, search for the best flight deals on Skyscanner, a website that compares the rates from several airlines.

Ferries are also an option, regular services are departing from Spain and France. You can check the schedules at Balearia, Trasmediterranea, and Corsica Ferries.

You can take a bus, taxi, or rent a car to go from the Palma de Mallorca Airport to Puerto Pollensa. For a hassle-free experience, book a private transfer with 89transfers from Palma de Mallorca Airport to any hotel or destination on the island. 

Some hotels offer pick-up service, double check when you are making your booking to see if it’s included in the room rate. 


How to get around Puerto Pollensa

Walking and cycling are the easiest way to get around Puerto Pollensa. If you are not keen on cycling, you can use public transportation, taxis, or rent a car to reach the beaches and viewpoints that are a bit far from Puerto Pollensa town. Public transportation works pretty well, the timetables are reliable, and the fare was cheap. All the places to visit in Puerto Pollensa can be reached by bus if you don’t mind spending 15 to 30 minutes on the ride.  

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How is the weather in Puerto Pollensa? When is the best time to visit?

The weather in  Puerto Pollensa is absolutely fabulous, Mallorca gets an average of 300 sunny days per year. Usually, it rains on the island during Spring and Autumn, but nothing that can compromise your holiday there. We were there during the first week of Summer and it was quite hot during the day with a light breeze at night. July and August are the hottest months, the temperature can reach over 30C, it’s the high season so expect the beaches and hotels to be full. 

Now it’s time to start planning your trip to Puerto Pollensa, Mallorca. Follow our tips on what to do in Puerto Pollensa, where to stay, and have fun. If you have any doubts, drop us a message in the comments below. 



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