Cycling in Mauritius: E-Bike Tour Review

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Cycling in Mauritius is a great way to see the island.
Cycling in Mauritius is a great way to see the island.

Leisure in Mauritius goes beyond its beaches, the island is blessed with lush green forests, hills, and rivers. To get a taste of this side of the country you can go cycling in Mauritius, join a bike experience or even better an electric bike tour. I did a 5 hours e-bike tour with Discover Nous Zil in Souillac in the Southern part of Mauritius, and it was a great way to connect with nature and see a local side of the island.

First things first, do you know what is an electric bike is? It’s a bike with an electric assistance engine, you can switch it on or off and adjust the level of assistance you want. The popularity of e-bikes is increasing fast and it’s easy to understand why. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or a seasoned cyclist. With an electric bike, you can cover more ground with less effort.

If you like the idea of riding an e-bike, keep in mind that you can find e-bike tours at the destination you are traveling to, or you can bring your own e-bike conversion kit in your luggage.


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The company Discover Nous Zil offers 6 e-bike tours in Mauritius, from a half-day to a full day of adventure.  The regions covered are Grand Port, Le Morne, Pamplemousses, Chamarel, and Souillac. I’ve done the Souillac tour and was pretty happy with the route.


Mauritius e-bike tour review

Our cycling in Mauritius adventure started at the Place du Mouli in Bel Ombre. The guide Warren greeted us with a big smile, a few jokes, and a safety briefing. The e-bikes were in good condition, mine was a Trek size L, the right fit for me. He also taught us how to use the electric assistance, we practice a lit bit and we’re ready to hit the road.

In Mauritius you can join electric bike tours and cycle along sugar cane fields.
Gotta stick to the line.

Our first kilometers cycling in Mauritius was through a relatively busy road overlooking sugar cane fields. For our safety, we had to stay in line all the time, we couldn’t overtake and had to keep a safe distance from the next biker. People drive quite fast in Mauritius but in general, they do respect the cyclists and keep a reasonable distance.

After a few ups, downs and curves we arrived at Saint Felix Beach, the first stop of our e-bike tour in Mauritius. It was supposed to be a stop for photos but it turned into a strategic stop. I think the skies heard my complaints about the heat and poured rain down. Seriously, it rained heavily for a few minutes. I had my rain jacket on since the start of the tour because I’ve learned that the weather in Mauritius changes fast. The guide gave rain jackets to the rest of us and we were back on the road. This part of the route was along the beach, a mix of bike paths and offroad.

Saint Felix Beach it was the first stop of our e-bike tour in Mauritius.
Selfie time at Saint Felix Beach 😉

The rain followed us for a while, not strong anymore but it was there, cooling our faces from time to time. The sea breeze and the salty air were constant companions reminding us that the ocean was nearby. Our second stop was at the Riambel Beach, a good opportunity for photos and I had time to ride in the middle of pine trees and sand tracks. Happy kid!

Back to the main road, we are riding safely again and alert all the time. We rode past small villages where people greeted us as if we were friends. It is interesting to see a different side of Mauritius, away from the all-inclusive resorts.

Our next stop was a place where the rough sea hits the coast hard and gained an appropriate name: the Crying Rock. Most of the resorts are located in lagoons protected by reefs, this part of the island is exposed to the mighty Indian Ocean. The powerful waves crashing at the cliffs made us feel tiny and fragile. Our guide explained that between June and November it is possible to see whales crossing this part of the sea. Please be careful with cliffs and waves when cycling in Mauritius. The strong winds bring the spray from the waves leaving the rocks very slippery.

Cycling along the coast of Mauritius was an unforgettable experience.
One of many unforgettable views.

It was almost noon when we set off to Surinam village, lunch was waiting and we were hungry. I was particularly excited about our lunch because Warren told us that we would have it at a locals’ home and the cook was amazing.

We cycled about 20 minutes when Warren told us to park our bikes and follow him. As very obedient (and hungry) kids, we parked our bikes and asked where we could wash our hands, trying to cause a good impression.

Warren introduced us to Nala, a lovely lady that opened her home to us. She was flawless rolling the dough while talking to us, impressive. Nala announced the menu: vegetarian samosas, chili bites and roti with curries. When our guide mentioned that Nala was a great cook, he wasn’t joking. The chili bites were good but the samosas, OMG, gorgeous! The right mix of spices and veggies on a crispy dough.

The local food in Mauritius is delicious!
Local feast!

The main dish was a flatbread called roti served with 4 different curries: butterbeans, fish, pumpkin, and a local herb that reminds spinach. The dough was plain, not savory nor sweet, a perfect vessel for the curries. None of the curries were too spicy, for me they had the right amount of spices, a bit hot but not burning.

With a full tummy, it was time to head back. TBH this was the hardest part of our bike tour in Mauritius, not sure if it was all the food we had or sadness because we knew the tour was about to end. The way back was on the main road which means more traffic although the landscape was still beautiful.

We did a quick stop at the Riviere des Galets Beach where black pebbles stones cover all the ground giving the beach a unique beauty and a distinctive sound when the waves crashed over the stones.

The Riviere des Galets Beach is unique with its black pebbles stones.
The Riviere des Galets Beach is unique with its black pebbles stones.

In total we cycled about 35 kilometers, I was tracking the activity with my TomTom Spark 3 until it ran out of battery. Tip: charge your phone and/or smartwatch the day before the bike tour. I forgot to do it and ended up with half activity saved on my Strava feed.

It was pleasant to cycling in Mauritius, even with the rain. It was a great experience to admire the beautiful green landscapes alternating with pristine beaches. I would like it better if it was more off-road and far from the traffic, but I believe it would make the bike trip longer. For sure I enjoyed the e-bike tour in Mauritius and would do it again.

I can't wait to go back to Mauritius for more cycling!
Can’t wait to return to Mauritius for more cycling!


Cycling in Mauritius practical tips

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Cycling in Mauritius is an incredible adventure. We did a 5 hours e-bike tour in the Southern part of the island and love it. Our bike tour had stunning beaches, amazing cliffs, green forests, and delicious local food. Read everything about the bike tours in Mauritius here, what to expect, how to book and how to prepare for this adventure. #Mauritius #MauritiusIsland


Thanks Mauritius Tourism and Iambassador for organizing this trip.

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