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Man cycling a foldable bike with an e-bike conversion kit installed on it.
The PikaBoost e-bike conversion kit is tiny, and you can carry it everywhere, on the bike or in your bag.

Imagine being able to carry your e-bike with you wherever you go on your travels. It would be a game-changer, right? You’d be able to effortlessly move around the places you travel to, eating up the miles and being able to see all the sights while staying active and keeping fit. Plus, it would help you travel greener and save money. 

Well, dream no more. With the all-new Livall PikaBoost, you can have your electric bike with you no matter where you are in the world. From the bustling streets of New York to the Gold Coast of Australia, the tropical islands of Bali, cycling routes in Taiwan, and everywhere in between. It’s the most convenient way to get around, whether it’s a simple commute to the shops or a longer sightseeing adventure. Mountable, rechargeable, versatile – PikaBoost has it all. 

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Let’s dive into some of the top features of the PikaBoost e-bike conversion kit and why you should own one yourself!

Photo of a PikaBoost e-bike kit installed in a foldable bike. It shows how small this device is.
The e-bike kit is easy to install and doesn’t require any tools.

PikaBoost e-bike kit seamless installation 

One of the best features of the PikaBoost e-bike kit is that no tools are required to attach it to your bicycle. That’s right, a completely tool-free installation that is quick and easy to fit any existing bicycle by simply pushing it onto the seat post. No other modifications need to be made to your bike and no brackets are required.

The PikaBoost is also compatible with most tire shapes and thicknesses, whether on your mountain bike, road bike, or single-speed fixie. With a simple push onto your seat post, the PikaBoost will convert your bicycle into a mountain machine or a city slicker, ready to crush some mileage and make your cycling trip both fun and easy.

Auto-maintain function

Another fantastic feature of the PikaBoost is the auto-maintain function. It maintains an average speed for your bicycle as you move along over different terrains based on your riding pace. This ensures that you will be in a constant state of flow as you navigate over your chosen terrain and that you can exercise or commute stress-free.

The rendering image of the PikaBoost e-bike battery system which doesn't need to be recharged and is eco-friendly.
Good news! The PikaBoost e-bike kit doesn’t need to be charged after use.

PikaBoost e-bike charge-free technology

The best part is that the PikaBoost e-bike kit doesn’t need to be charged after use. It features a regenerative mechanism that charges as you ride, removing the need to charge the battery after every use. Which is both eco-friendly and also acts as a safety feature for long rides, allowing you to cover some serious distances.

The PikaBoost features three different user modes to suit your needs:


Cruise ensures that you always maintain the same moving speed, even after you have stopped pedaling. The regenerative system also functions in this mode but only on the downhills. This means that it will self-charge when you are descending, allowing you to extend your ride time.


The roll function is designed to assist you on the uphills when you need that extra boost of power. Although it’s a mode for all to use, it is geared towards the youngsters, the elderly, and any other individual with lower stamina or any other impeding disability.

The regenerative system functions on the downhills and the flats for additional charging time to allow for that uphill assistance.


The exercise mode is designed for fitness junkies who want an extra bit of resistance when out exercising. The PikaBoost will force you to work harder in this mode by making the pedaling more difficult, resulting in helping to improve your fitness.

The regenerative system also functions continually in exercise mode on the uphills, downhills, and flats. 

Power on the move

The main design feature of the PikaBoost is that it is a portable e-bike converter. However, this doesn’t mean that there is a sacrifice in power – it still provides an impressive 230Wh battery capacity and 250W of power. This rivals many other fully functional E-bikes on the market. But that’s not all.

This powerful E-bike converter boasts an impressive range of 30 km or 18mi – that’s just shy of some of the well-known E-bikes on the market today. Not bad for a little 3kg add-on 

that fits in your luggage, and it’s compatible with most tires and bikes you can own or rent around the world.

Man cycling a bicycle that has been converted into an electric bike with a conversion kit.
An electric bike conversion kit that has some cool functions and features.

That’s not all! The pikaBoost e-bike conversion kit has other cool features

While the main features of the PikaBoost have been highlighted already, there are a few neat little features that come standard with every E-bike unit.

Smart rear light

The PikeBoost comes with a built-in rear light that lets other riders know that you’re there when it’s dark. The backlight can either be left on constantly while commuting in the dark as well as switching to auto-sensing mode. This will trigger the light when it senses deceleration and notifies other cyclists that you are slowing down.

Wireless locking mechanism

The PikaBoost features an impressive wireless Bluetooth lock that will automatically engage when your phone is out of range. So, there’s no reason to stress about whether or not you’ve locked your bike – PikaBoost does it for you. 

Photo of Pikaboost device under rain conditions showing it is waterproof and safe.
An e-bike that you can use in any terrain and weather conditions.

Caught in the rain, no problem!

The PikaBoost e-bike kit features IP66 waterproofing that not only allows it to function in the wet but also keeps out dust and sand. This allows you to use your E-bike in less-than-favorable conditions without the worry of damaging your battery or motor.

Safety is a priority

With a built-in safety mechanism, the PikaBoost will automatically stop if it detects that your bike has passed a certain upright angle. This ensures that if you were to fall off, the motor will stop running so that you don’t have a runaway bike on the loose.

Quiet running

The PikaBoost is an extremely quiet device, even when traveling at its top speeds, so there’s no risk of noise complaints.

USB outlet

Lastly, the PikaBoost e-bike kit converter has a neat little USB outlet for you to charge other devices from, whether your cellphone, headlamp or your power bank. The best part – the more you pedal, the more power you generate. 

Photo of Pikaboost e-bike kit installed in a road bike.
You can use it on almost all types of bicycles and tires. Easy to install and use!

Should you get a PikaBoost e-bike converter? 

The PikaBoost e-bike converter is the perfect add-on for any avid traveler who loves to discover a new city on their bike or a fitness lover who’s keen to hit the mountains. If you’re either one of these people, then a PikaBoost is the answer. It’s also an incredibly versatile little add-on that can be used for the whole family too, from mom and dad to granny and grandad and the grandchildren alike. 

With a host of other features and a size that fits in your luggage, the PikaBoost is the perfect gift for yourself or for a loved one. 

For more information, you can check out their website here.

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Imagine being able to carry your e-bike with you wherever you go on your travels. It would be a game-changer, right? With the all-new Livall PikaBoost, you can have your electric bike with you no matter where you are in the world.Here is an article with all the top features of the PikaBoost e-bike conversion kit and why you should (or not) own one yourself!

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