7 Tips to book the best luxury ski chalet in France

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It's time to plan your winter holiday so follow our travel tips to book the perfect ski chalet in France.

Winter season is coming and your ski holidays in France are around the corner. You have thought about this trip the whole year, staying in a cozy and luxurious chalet in the French Alps, overviewing the stunning mountains and enjoying a hot cocoa in the morning. However, there is one small detail you haven’t been able to decide yet: where exactly you are going to stay and how to book the perfect ski chalet in France.

There are hundreds of different options for resorts and ski chalets in France, and depending on the location you might even find dozens of luxurious chalets near to each other offering similar services. The main question is, how do you choose the perfect luxury ski chalet that fits all your needs?

With this brief guide, we’ll provide you with the key factors to account when looking for that dreamy cottage that will keep you covered and entertained during your trip to the French Alps.

1 –  Your ski chalet in France is for a solo, a family, or a romantic trip

The first thing you must consider when searching for a luxury ski chalet in France is how large your group will be and how it’s composed. Your accommodation options will vary greatly depending on whether you’re traveling with your family, a group of friends, as a couple, or alone. A luxury ski chalet can accommodate six or more persons and offer every possible facility. But if you’re going alone or with your partner a small, yet comfortable, room in a French Alps ski resort might be better for you. Once you know your group’s size, you can start narrowing the search to account for the next items on this guide



2 – Consider your skiing skills when booking a ski chalet in France

The second most important factor to account is your personal skiing skills and your purpose for the trip. Don’t think that because your skiing skills are minimal or inexistent, you can’t stay in a luxurious ski chalet in France and miss out the fun.

There are ski instructors, beginner facilities, and dozens of activities for those who still haven’t mastered the sport. And if you’re not into skiing, you can still enjoy the Après Ski and the overall experience of staying in a French ski chalet. On the other hand, if you’re an intermediate skier who loves going down the slopes, look for chalets that have direct transportation or are close by the ski parks.

Some luxury ski chalet in France offers ski-in, ski-out facilities what is perfect for ski enthusiasts.


3 – Ski-in, Ski-out chalets in France

The best option for hardcore skiing enthusiasts is Ski-in, Ski-out chalets, an excellent choice that allows you to start skiing right from the cottage. That way you don’t have to waste time on ski lifts, transportation, and going up and down the slopes. Keep in mind that this option is much pricier than traditional French ski chalets and finding one at bargain prices might be difficult.


4 – Location and transportation

Now think about how close the chalet is to the towns, restaurants, and other entertainment options. Some luxury ski chalets in France have magical views, and you can start skiing right from the front door but getting to the nearby markets will require you driving a car or taking a bus for several minutes.

If you want to be closer to the activities offered in the ski resorts, like bars, restaurants, cultural and historical tours, you must search for a ski chalet that’s either nearby to the experiences you’re looking for or one that offers easy access to transportation.

You must think about location when searching for the best luxury chalet in France if it's close to town or the ski facilities.


5 – Lodgings and facilities

Luxury ski chalets in France have everything you need to feel at home. Spacious areas, comfortable furniture and rooms, excellent kitchens, and every possible combination of environments, from rustic, classic looking chalets, to modern architecture with state-of-the-art appliances.

Most French ski chalets are standard and cater to most travelers. If you have special requirements like access to handicapped persons, or you want some specific comforts and amenities in your chalet, you’ll have to contact first and look around for them before making a reservation.


6 – Cooking, cleaning, and planning

These luxury ski chalets don’t hold back on lodging, and neither do they on services. You’ll find a beautiful and fully equipped cottage ready for use, where you’ll be able to live and relax like it was your own home but without the worries of maintenance.

With self-catered chalet you can do your groceries, cook at your on time and enjoy the facility of your cottage. Some luxury chalets offer cleaning service during your stay and you can talk to the cottage management to choose the best days and time.

However, for those seeking to relax to their fullest and not spend time cooking and cleaning up the dishes after a whole day of skiing, there are serviced luxury chalets. They can provide a steady supply of meals and drinks at the snap of your fingers.

Some luxury ski chalets in France can take your holiday experience to a higher level, helping you with drivers, booking ski passes, groceries, and other services. When booking your luxury chalet or villa in France ask them what services are available you will be surprised by what they can do to make your ski holidays a memorable one.

If you want a relaxing ski holiday in France book a luxury ski chalet that offers catering and cleaning service. so you won't need to worry about a thing.


7 – Après Ski & nightlife activities

If you’ve never had the chance to come over and stay in one of the beautiful chalets that populate the French Alps and skiing parks you don’t have any idea of how busy the nightlife gets.

After the ski or Après ski, as the locals call it, is a combination of experiences and people looking to enjoy the nightlife of the ski resorts after a day of exercise in the slopes. There you can find cafes, bars, restaurants, terraces with live performances, clubs, and excellent cuisine all mashed up in one single place.

That’s why for some groups of tourists, being close to these busy centers where the best Après ski are located is a must and they book chalets as close as possible. Although, groups like families prefer to stay cozy in chalets situated further away but with different commodities.


Final thoughts about renting a ski chalet in France

Luxury ski chalets in France are a fantastic experience everyone should have at least once in their lives, and no matter which type of ski accommodation you book, you’ll feel at home and enjoy some of the best services in the world. However, picking that perfect place that matches and fulfills every single need can make a great experience become a magical moment. If you manage to find the perfect luxury chalet in the French Alps for sure it will be a holiday that you will never forget, an exciting story you can tell everyone and always remember with a smile in your face.

Whether you’re coming with your family and want to spend a wonderful holiday in the mountains, or you’re there to hit the slopes day in and out, take your time and review every option of accommodation in the French Alps. You can use this article as a guide to make the correct decision and choose the best luxury ski chalet in France for your next winter trip.

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How to book a luxury ski chalet in France? Here are 7 practical tips that to help you search and find the perfect ski accommodation for your next winter trip. There are plenty of ski resorts in France and you must think wisely about your needs and style of travel to choose the perfect ski chalet in the French Alps for you, your family or friends. #SkiChaletFrance #SkiResortFrance #SkiFrance #FrenchAlpsHotels #SkiHolidays

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