Bali prices – How to enjoy Bali on any budget?

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Balinese Temple. All you need to know about prices in Bali can be found in this article.
Majestically beautiful and sacred, temples in Bali are not to be missed.

Bali, Indonesia, is on the bucket list of many travelers and the Island revolves around tourists enjoying all it has to offer. From the perfect surf spots, amazing restaurants, an array of shopping experiences, luxury villas, hidden waterfalls and endless rice fields to the welcoming nature of the friendly Balinese people.

The good news is that Bali can be enjoyed on every budget. Whether you’re experiencing the island on a backpacker budget or you’re coming over for an unforgettable five-star luxury trip, the prices in Bali suit any pocket and any style of travel. 

But before booking your flights to Bali and choosing the perfect accommodation on the Island of Gods, there are a few questions to be answered. Is Bali expensive? How much does a trip to Bali cost? What are the prices in Bali? Can I calculate my Bali budget before the holiday? Can I travel to Bali on a budget?

Our Bali price guide is here to answer all these questions and a few more. Below you will find all the information about Bali hotel prices from hostels to resorts, the cost of getting around the island, prices of things in Bali and places to visit, plus food costs and even shopping prices.

Everything you need to know about prices in Bali is here, so you can calculate how much you can or want to spend during your unforgettable Bali holiday. If you are planning to stay longer in Bali, a month or more, then read our Bali Digital Nomad Guide, which has tips on how to live in Bali and work remotely. 

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Beachfront hotel in Bali with infinity pool. Find all information about prices in Bali through this trip budget guide.
Sandy toes and sunset cocktails by the pool? Bring it on!

Bali trip cost –  Arriving in Bali, Indonesia 

Bali only has one airport on the entire Island, it’s located in the South of Bali in the city of Denpasar. Ngurah Rai International Airport receives international flights from big carriers and also low-cost airlines. Bali flight costs can vary greatly depending on where you are coming from, dates and airline. This is one of the costs of traveling to Bali that changes according to each traveler.

We recommend using Skyscanner or to find the best flight deals to Bali. For those traveling to Bali on a budget, have a look at flights to Jakarta, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and Bangkok, and from there a low-cost flight to Bali. You might end up stretching your Bali trip budget.

Arriving at Bali airport can sometimes be an overwhelming experience. The immigration lines can be long and once you exit the airport you are offered transport from hundreds of people trying to get your business. It’s from here that we can start breaking down the travel prices in Bali and how you can use your money wisely.

For luxury travelers we recommend investing in the VIP Immigration Fast-Track Service, it costs around 700,000 Rp (USD 48) per person. Your host will meet you right after you land and guide you to a private lounge for refreshments while you skip the immigration queue. The host will collect the luggage for you. 

You can also book a transfer to your accommodation in Bali. You will be escorted out to your car without any lining up or juggling with your luggage. For example, private transfers from Bali Airport to Seminyak start from 200,000 Rp (USD 15) per car. The price of transfers from Bali Airport to Ubud are around 500,000 Rp (USD 34) per car. Bali airport transfer costs can go up for more luxury vehicles.

If you want to keep your Bali vacation cost down, we recommend downloading the GRAB app before flying to Bali (best option) or when you arrive at Bali Airport and be able to connect to the free WIFI. Sign up and book your ride online. A GRAB taxi from Bali Airport to Seminyak costs around 150,000 Rp (USD 10) per car. A GRAB taxi from the airport to Ubud around 300,000 Rp (USD 20). This is one of the cheapest ways to get around Bali. You can order both motorcycle rides and car rides, the payment can be with cash or by connecting a credit card to your GRAB account. 

To travel to other islands in Indonesia you can search and book your tickets on Bookaway.

Luxury resort private balcony spa pool. Discover all you need to know about prices of accommodation in Bali for any trip budget in this article.
Can your holiday in Bali get any better?

Bali hotel prices – Where to stay in Bali for all budget 

The good thing about planning a trip to Bali is the endless options of places to stay, and often even the most budget accommodation is still very clean and well serviced. The first thing you need to consider when planning where to stay is which area or areas of Bali you want to stay in. Having a well-located accommodation is important, it will make your holiday in Bali so much better. You might want to think about what you want to do in Bali first and then choose a good hotel/resort or hostel in the area/s you want to explore. 

Once you know which area you want to be, luxury travelers have a choice of many five star hotels, all-inclusive resorts, or private villas that often come fully staffed with drivers, cooks and housekeepers. Many of the villas and resorts in Bali will offer floating breakfast experiences, flower baths, romantic rooms set ups and more. You simply only need to ask the staff for anything you need and they have an amazing way of making it happen! 

You can find many options for a luxury stay in Bali, resort prices can vary from 2,000,000 Rp right up to 15,000,000 Rp (USD 140 up to USD 1,000) per night and the inclusions can vary – think private butlers and chefs, drivers, meals, massages, minibars and more!

Here is a good example of a luxury hotel in Bali for this price:

This beachfront 5-star hotel in Seminyak offers a large outdoor pool, full service spa, free valet parking and a 24-hour fitness center. The service is outstanding and the rooms are super spacious, you can choose between ocean or garden view. Guests can enjoy a great selection of food served at both their restaurants, as well as drinks over sunset or some late night partying. The hotel is centrally located and is also surrounded by hip restaurants and bars.

Click here to see the rooms and book your stay at W Bali Seminyak! 


Mid-range travelers will find that Bali hotel prices can be anywhere between 800,000 Rp to 2,000,000 Rp (USD 55 to USD 140) per night for two people. In some cases this will include breakfast and almost always include free wifi. If you book in advance or travel before/after the high season (June to August) you can find some amazing Bali hotel deals.

Here is an excellent option of mid-range hotel in Bali with good price and reviews:

One of the best hotels in Seminyak, this 4-star hotel features modern and contemporary design as well as a great location, only a short ride away from the beach and nightlife. The hotel offers a gym as well as a rooftop pool with a stunning view. The rooms are great and all feature a private balcony, the breakfast is super yummy, plus the free WiFi is accessible in all areas. A great option for couples.

Click here to check out the prices and book your stay at U Paasha! 


Budget travelers will find a huge range of hostels, homestays and cheap accommodation in Bali. Homestays are always run by locals and offer exceptional value for those wanting a boutique and traditional feeling for their stay in Bali. Even when traveling on a tight budget, the staff at these places will be very accommodating in helping you with any of your requests.

Affordable homestays and hostels in Bali costs from 200,000 Rp to 450,000 Rp (USD 15 to USD 32) per night, some will include breakfast at this price and almost all will include free wifi. Below is a great option of hotel you can get for this Bali price:

Located in the South of Bali, near Ngurah Rai International Airport, this 3-star hotel features an outdoor pool, a restaurant, and rooms with private balconies with either a garden or a pool view. Not only is it walking distance to the beach, but also to Waterbom Park and Discovery Mall. Their restaurant with pool view, live music in the evenings and buffet style breakfast also contribute to a lovely stay.

Check out the rooms and book your stay at Febri’s Hotel & Spa here! 


No matter which area or areas of Bali you choose to stay in, you will find budget, mid-range and luxury accommodations. The only exception to this is the Nusa Dua beach, where it is harder to find decent budget hotels. Click here to check the hotel prices in Nusa Dua, Bali.

Did you know you can rent a house, a bungalow or villa in Bali via Airbnb? Curious? Sign up here and get a discount on your first booking!

Don’t forget to read our Accommodation Guide if you want more tips on how to book the perfect hotel for your trip. After reading, bookmark it for your next holiday planning.


A Bali scooter ride through rice fields. This article will provide all information travelers need about getting around Bali and Bali activities.
A ride through the rice fields. Can your Bali trip get more authentic than this?

Cost of getting around Bali – bike rentals and taxi prices

Depending on when you travel to Bali the traffic can become quite intense in certain areas. This is for sure something to consider when planning where to stay in Bali and how to get around. The quickest and cheapest way to get around Bali is by motorbike/scooter. You can rent bikes everywhere all over the island for a small daily fee. Bali motorbike rental prices are around  60,000 Rp (USD 4) per day for the small bikes. 

We only recommend renting a bike in Bali if you are an experienced and licensed rider. If you are not fully internationally licensed to ride a motorcycle, even if you aren’t pulled up by the police for a license check, your travel insurance won’t cover you if you are involved in an accident. We see this all too often, and medical care for foreigners is not cheap in Bali! By using the GRAB app and booking a GRAB rider to take you on trips, you can still enjoy the speed and freedom of riding a bike through traffic, without risking your safety.

Talking about travel insurance, don’t forget to buy yours before traveling to Bali!

We use World Nomads and SafetyWing. Just click on the name of the company and book your insurance now. If you need more information, read our Travel Insurance Guide here.

So let’s talk about Bali taxi prices. A GRAB bike starts as little as 10,000 Rp (USD 0.70) per trip. The price for a GRAB car for short distances starts at 16,000 Rp (USD 1) per trip. For longer GRAB car trips, for example, Seminyak to Uluwatu or Ubud to Sanur, the cost is around 150,000 Rp (USD 10). GRAB cars and bike rides are a cheap way to get around the island. Transportation is an expense you can’t avoid on your Bali trip cost unless you will not leave your hotel area, which is a pity as there are so many incredible places to go in Bali.

If you are on a luxury vacation in Bali then we recommend booking a driver and car for your stay. Your driver will stand-by each day and you simply send a WhatsApp message each time you want to be picked up/dropped off. Hiring a private drive in Bali cost around 650,000 Rp (USD 45) per day in a regular vehicle, you can get more luxury vehicles for a higher price. 

The bonus of having the same driver during your stay in Bali is that these drivers are also guides and can explain different areas and different parts to the island to you. They can also recommend where to eat in Bali, shop and arrange all of your activities for you too! Vehicles range in luxury levels, depending on how much you want to spend in Bali and how fancy you wish to travel. 


A Balinese table with a mix of typical dishes. If traditional Bali food is what you are searching for, this article will help you find all the best options.
Holly Warungs! We love Bali food.

Where to eat in Bali – food and alcohol prices

Bali is home of amazing foodie experiences, right from street food to the most exquisite degustation menus you will find anywhere in the world. Indonesian food is full of flavor and known to be spicy, if you are not a spice lover it’s important to let the staff know before ordering. As its taste, Bali food prices can satisfy any traveler and pockets too. 

When traveling on a budget we recommend checking out Bali street food scenes where you can get amazing meals like nasi goreng (fried rice with meat and egg) for as little as 15,000Rp (USD 1). You will see street food being prepared and sold on carts and you can also visit the many small warungs (warung means local restaurant), where they all specialize in different dishes. 

Eating from the street vendors and in the warungs is perfect for those traveling in Bali on a budget, you will still have amazing food experiences, but without a high price tag. 

If you are a foodie and traveling in luxury you are spoiled for choice in Bali. For the past 10 years some of the best chefs from all over the world have been setting up restaurants in Bali. Whether you are indulging in one of the many five star brunches offered across the luxury resorts every Sunday, or trying some of the degustation menus at high end restaurants, the only disappointment you will experience is not being able to fit in all of the fabulous foodie on offer. 

Here is a quick round-up of Bali food cost. Mid-range restaurants in Bali serve delicious meals from between 50,000 Rp to 150,000 Rp (USD 3.50 to USD 10 )per dish. The best way to experience fine dining is via the many Sunday Brunch options, these range between 400,000 Rp to 800,000 Rp (USD 2.75 to USD 55) per person and often bottomless alcoholic drinks packages can be added for between 500,000 Rp to 1,000,000 Rp (USD 34 to USD 70) per person also. 

A full top of the range food experience in Bali can cost as little as 1,200,000 Rp (USD 83) per person which often includes 8+ courses and some drinks! 

Talking about drinks, Bali alcohol prices can vary a lot depending on where you are buying. Supermarkets offer the best prices, of course. Bali beer prices are between 25,000 Rp to 35,000 Rp (USD 1.70 to USD 2.40) for local brands. If you fancy an imported beer then the prices are a bit higher. Soft drinks and water prices in Bali are 20,000 Rp and 15,000 Rp (USD 1.40 and USD 1) respectively. 

Apart from the affordable prices, another good thing about Bali food scene is that most of the restaurants are well accustomed to catering to food requests such as gluten-free, vegan, etc.


Shopping prices in Bali – Where to shop and how to save

The Balinese are incredible Artisans and have many skills. There are wood carvers, painters, silversmiths, tailors and more. The good news is that you can shop on any budget in Bali.

The many markets in Bali are the perfect place for someone on a tight budget to get their shopping fix. You will need to haggle to get a good price, but shopping in Bali markets can be super cheap and a lot of fun. 

You can get everything from clothing, homewares, imitation designer goods, leather pieces and more. T-shirts, shorts and sunglasses can be purchased for around 30,000 Rp to 50,000 Rp (USD 2 to USD 3.50) each, and small souvenirs start at just 10,000 Rp (USD 0.70).   

The boutiques and galleries in Seminyak, Canggu and Ubud are the perfect places for those who are not worried about Bali shopping prices and want to put their hands on the finest arts, jewellery and homeware.  You’ll find many luxurious items, incredible fashion and unique pieces of art at those shops. Budgets for these stores can range greatly! 

Sunrise from the top of Mount Batur. Discover all activities and tour prices in Bali while reading this travel budget article.
Mr. Sun surely gives a special early show to those on top of Mount Batur.

What to do in Bali – tour prices and free activities

A Bali holiday can be as relaxed or as busy and action packed as you want to make it. There are many adventure activities such as white-water rafting, canyoning, ATV riding and sunrise volcano treks. On the other hand, if you want you can go beach-hopping or just stay by your hotel pool sipping a cocktail. There are so many attractions in Bali that one trip there is not enough to see it all. 

Where to go in Bali? What to do? Read our Bali Guide here and be inspired. 

Visiting the many beaches, waterfalls, rice fields and temples are all fun things to do in Bali that either cost nothing or involve a minimal entry fee. Perfect activities to keep you busy and your Bali trip costs under control. 

Another option to maximize your Bali budget is going on group tours. The sunrise hike to Mount Batur is an unforgettable experience and it might be cheaper if you book a group tour rather than going there by yourself. 

Click here to see the prices for tours to Uluwatu Temple with sunset ceremony.

A boat trip is another unmissable thing to do in Bali, and boat tour prices can vary a lot. Check the tours listed below, they have good reviews and are great valeu for money.


Luxury travelers may want to add to their itinerary some days at Bali’s famous beach clubs, with infinity edge pools, day beds and swim up bars. Visiting a beach club is a five-star way to enjoy the Bali beaches. Another unique activity to do in Bali is join a cooking class. There are many cooking experiences in Bali to choose from, and for sure it will be a unique and yummy experience. 

Of course, indulging in some massages and spa treatments can fit any budget in Bali. A massage at a local street-side parlor or on the beach costs as little as 80,000 Rp (USD 5.50) for a one hour massage. For a luxury pampering session you can try one of the many high-end spas that offer everything from flower baths to facials to the latest aesthetic treatments.

And it doesn’t matter how much you’re planning to spend on your holidays, a trip to Bali is not complete without visiting some of the most instagrammable spots on the island. We know it’s a very touristy thing to do, but those locations are stunning and deserve to be seen. Check the top instagrammable places in Bali here



So, is Bali cheap or expensive for you?

Now that you know everything about prices in Bali, is the island a cheap destination for you? Or you will need to organize your Bali trip budget carefully to enjoy the island without ruining your credit card?

We hope these tips help you to enjoy the best of Bali on any budget. Keep in mind that Bali prices can vary depending on the season and the activities you choose to do. The good thing is that your money can stretch a lot there, and even a luxury trip can be relatively cheap in Bali. 

Flights to the island and accommodation will be your biggest expenses, so if you can save on them your Bali travel costs will drop a lot. You can find more tips on how to organize a trip (luxury or budget) on our Travel Planning page. And if possible, add to your trip to Indonesia a visit to Komodo Island, Wakatobi and Borneo.

It’s time to start dreaming/planning your Bali holiday. Drop us a message below if you have any doubts or comments about Bali trip prices or how to calculate your Bali cost of travel.

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A Bali price guide as you have never seen before. We listed all travel expenses you can have in Bali, Indonesia, for a luxury holiday or budget trip so you can relax while planning and enjoying your Bali holiday. We breakdown Bali hotel prices, costs of getting around the island, activities, food, and shopping. More than a guide, we also give you tips on using your money wisely to make the most of your trip and how to save. Bali is a great destination for any budget; you only need to know to plan the perfect Bali vacation.

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