New Zealand trip costs: prices and money saving travel tips

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Skydiving in New Zealand is one of the best options if you're into adventure sports. Discover this and other New Zealand trip costs.
New Zealand at its best: nature, adventure and fun!


Located in the southwestern part of the Pacific Ocean, New Zealand houses a treasure of natural beauty and modern landscapes. People from around the world travel to New Zealand to enjoy adventures and experiences of a lifetime. If you plan to travel there and are curious about New Zealand trip costs, make sure you keep reading further to get detailed information about travel expenses and saving tips. 

Many people ask if New Zealand is expensive, well it can be, but it all depends on your style of traveling and how much you are willing to spend on your holiday. We wrote this post about the costs of traveling to New Zealand to help you make the most of your travel budget and vacation. Below you’ll find sections such as costs of transportation, accommodation, activities and attractions, so you can have a better understanding of prices in New Zealand and what to expect when arriving there.

So let’s get down to business, how much does it cost to travel to New Zealand?


Costs of traveling to New Zealand

Reaching New Zealand is easy as nearly all the major cities worldwide have direct or connecting flights. For many travelers, flights to New Zealand might take the biggest cut of their travel budget. Although being far, the increasing number of flights significantly lowers down the cost of traveling to New Zealand, making the journey more affordable for a lot more tourists. 


The major international airports are Queenstown, Auckland, and Wellington. Christchurch & Rotorua are also connected to a few countries. The cost of flying into these cities would vary depending on your country of origin, time of booking and airline. The price for a return flight can range between $700 to $2000, and as far as you live from New Zealand, the more expensive the trip will be. 

Use Skyscanner or to find the best flights to New Zealand

Generally, brands such as Singapore Airlines and Air New Zealand offer a good value for money, as their flight prices include luggage. They also have a good degree of reliability and have a better baggage policy.

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Your New Zealand trip costs can go down or skyrocket depending on the type of hotel, resort, hostel or Airbnb house you choose to stay.
Think I’ve found the coziest accommodation?

Cost of accommodation in New Zealand

Your New Zealand trip costs can go down or skyrocket depending on the type of accommodation you choose. While deciding on a place to stay, it is better to base it around your travel plan. This will make you stay close to the areas you want to go to, it will save a lot of time and money on transportation. 

So, how much does accommodation in New Zealand cost?

There are several options for Airbnb, resorts, hostels, and hotels in New Zealand. You can choose by price or by what type of experience you want to have.

Airbnb is very popular among people traveling in large groups or families. The average cost of Airbnb in New Zealand is around NZ 60 or above for 2 people.

Did you know you can rent a house, a chalet, or a room in New Zealand via Airbnb? Curious? Sign up here and get a discount on your first booking!

If you prefer to stay in a hotel, you can get 3,4,5 star hotels for an average cost of NZD 210 per day for basic double bed suites. Of course, the price of hotels in New Zealand can vary greatly depending on the destination, the property’s location, and if it’s during the high or low season…

Our recommendation is to always book in advance to get the best rates. Search and booking your hotel in New Zealand via or Agoda, they offer the best prices, and some properties have a comprehensive cancelation policy in case you need to change your plans or if you find a better offer. 

Find the best and cheapest hotels and hostels in New Zealand here!

You might find it a bit tricky to find the perfect place to stay in New Zealand, so before getting lost doing endless research, click here and read our Accommodation Guide. In this post, we share tips and tricks to find that excellent hotel or hostel that matches your taste and pocket. 


New Zealand trip costs: activities and attractions

Here is where the fun starts. You are sorted if you have an unlimited budget to travel to New Zealand. On the other hand, if you need to save, have a good look at the information below, and you might choose to book cheaper accommodation to spend more on the activities and attractions. Also, keep in mind that depending on the season you are traveling o New Zealand, you might spend more or less on activities. So you better choose the best time to visit New Zealand according to the seasons and your pocket. 


Costs of activities in New Zealand

There is no shortage of things to do in New Zealand. As it is a top-rated destination, it is suggested that you book your activities in advance, maybe even before starting your trip. One of the best websites to get that done is definitely GetYourGuide. You can check out the various attractions, read all the info and timings, and then simply book your session online in advance.


The following are some of the best activities to do in New Zealand for an unforgettable experience. Plus their prices, so you can calculate your New Zealand trip costs before getting there.

  • Prices of Skydiving in New Zealand

If you are into adventure sports, skydiving is one of the best options for you. New Zealand is filled with skydiving locations that are rich in natural beauty. The following are the 3 best drop zones that you can go for.

Auckland: This is the biggest city in the country, and the skydiving experience is totally unforgettable. You will get to see the spectacular view of the east and the west coast of New Zealand while gently dropping towards the ground at the speed of over 200 KMPH. Depending on your package, a single jump can cost as low as NZD 195 to NZD 335.

Check the prices and book your Skydiving in Auckland here!

Fox Glacier: Skydive above Fox Glacier is considered to be one of the best experiences in New Zealand. The skydive will give you a bird’s eye view of the beautiful Fox Glacier. The cost of skydiving above Fox Glacier can go from NZD 399 to NZD 599.

Wanaka: With an abundance of scenic beauty, including 6 different lakes, Mt. Cook, Southern Alps, and river Clutha, this is another major attraction for people who love to do skydiving. The average cost of skydiving here is around NZD 229.

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Glenorchy: Also called the gateway to paradise, this is the place where many scenes from Lord of the Rings were shot. Skydiving here will take you through the most breathtaking scenery, which will feature Mt. Aspiring and Fjordland National Park. On average, a 15000 feet drop here can cost around NZD 445.


Bungee jumping is a must-do in New Zealand.
That moment ? ?
  • Prices of  Bungee Jumping in New Zealand

Another favorite among adventure lovers, bungee jumping is a must-do in New Zealand. The country has some of the best bungee jumping spots that attract tourists and enthusiasts worldwide. The following are some of the best locations that you must definitely visit.

Auckland Harbor Bridge, Auckland: This bridge is built upon an ocean, and has the beautiful city of Auckland in the background. It provides tourists with a breathtaking and delightful experience. The cost of bungee jumping here is fixed at NZD 160.

Agroventures Adventure Park, Rotorua: The locality of Rotorua is filled with natural beauty and Maori culture. Within there lies the Agroventures Adventure Park, famous for its 143 ft high bungee jumping platform. It is a very famous spot for people who love bungee jumping. It costs around NZD 145 for a jump here.

Sky Tower: This is one of the most insane bungee jumping spots in the world. With a majestic height of 1076 feet, this is the craziest bungee jumping in New Zealand. Jumping from the sky tower will cost you around NZD 175 for kids between 5-15 years and NZD 225 for adults.

Nevis Bungy Jump: Probably the best bungee jump in New Zealand due to its height and location. Along with bungee, you can also do two other activities; swing and catapult. The bungee jump and swing are recommended. I found catapult to be the least exciting activity. The Nevis Jump costs NZD 230; the swing is NZD 225, and catapult is also NZD 225. However, there are combo options available. Also, they keep running offers & promotions, so check their website for the latest price. 


Woman enjoying a cruise trip to Milford Sound, one of the best activities to do in New Zealand.
This sweet breeze, oh my!
  • Prices of Cruise to Milford Sound

Taking a cruise trip to Milford Sound is one of the activities that you should pre-plan when organizing your visit to New Zealand. There is a wide variety of cruise trips that operate in the area, including day cruises and even overnight cruises. These cruises will take you through the Fjord and showcase some of the most mesmerizing and beautiful scenes you can imagine. Beautiful waterfalls, marine life, and mountain ranges are just a few of the many things you will see there. A cruise ticket can cost you around NZD 80 for a single person and around NZD 160-180 for a couple. You can check all the Milford Sound Cruises and their prices here.

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Costs of attractions in New Zealand

You will find below some of the best spots to visit in New Zealand, places and attractions you should add to your itinerary. As usual, to help you plan your New Zealand trip costs, we add some info and the prices of each of them.


Find out all the New Zealand trip costs for a fabulous time.
You got me at the champagne pool!!
  • Wai-O-Tapu Thermal Park, Rotorua 

Located at the South direction of the Okataina Volcanic Center, this is one of the most popular attractions in New Zealand. You will be able to see a lot of seismic or geothermal activities there. Natural geysers, colorful and bubbling hot water pools are just a few of the many beautiful elements that have been formed after centuries of geothermal activities in the region. Champagne pool, Waimangu volcanic valley, and Lady Knox Geyser are popular attractions in the thermal park. 

The cost of entry in the park for adults is around NZD 32, and NZD 11 for kids below 15 years.


  • Hell’s Gate

Tikitere, more commonly known as the Hell’s Gate, is one of the best spots to witness geothermal activities. This is one of New Zealand locations with the highest amount of geothermal activities, and it’s located between Lake Rotoiti and Lake Rotorua in the suburb areas of Rotorua’s State Highway 30.

The area is a bit secluded, which is why its natural beauty is almost untouched. The location is quite picturesque, and you will be able to explore the wilderness. The cost of tickets to go there are fixed and NZD 120 for adults and NZD 60 for 5 to 15 year olds.


The Queenstown Skyline is a fun, adventurous and exciting activity to add to your trip to New Zealand.
The last one is a rotten egg!
  • Queenstown Skyline

This is a skyline that will take you to a height of 450 meters above Queenstown. From there, you will see the astonishing beauty of the city and the mountains around. You will get a top view of Coronet Peak, Queenstown city, the remarkable Walter and Cecil Peak. 

It is a fun, adventurous, and exciting activity to add to your trip to New Zealand. There are gondola rides and luge rides also. The luge rides can cost you around NZD 61 for adults and NZD 43 for children. No doubt this is one of the tops things to do in Queenstown with kids.


  • Polynesian Spa

Popularly known as the priest’s bath, this is now a developed geothermal spa facility. It has been in use since the times when Maori tribes used to populate the islands. The water is somewhat acidic and is believed to offer a lot of benefits. A lot of saints and religious leaders have been there and bathed in the pools. Back in 1972, the government leased the area out to Polynesian Pools Limited, and since then, the developed spa facility has been called Polynesian Spa by tourists. The cost to enter the spa starts from NZD 22 for adults and NZD 9 for kids.

Now that you know the price for activities in New Zealand, let’s move to another important topic: the price of food in New Zealand.


Find out the main New Zealand trip costs, including food.
Take a sec to appreciate this garlic bread.

Cost of food in New Zealand

Being a country surrounded by the ocean, many dishes in New Zealand have seafood. There is no issue regarding variety, and you will easily find restaurants serving international cuisines. With so many options, the price of food in New Zealand can vary a lot. A regular tourist in New Zealand spends somewhere between NZD 8 to NZD 15 on breakfast and NZD 20 to NZD 40 on dinner.

The cost of lunch can be between the price range of dinner and breakfast, depending on what type of lunch you like. While you are in New Zealand, try out Kaikoura, one of the most famous seafood spots. Other dishes items like roast lambs, fish & chips are also popular foods in New Zealand. 

Also, try to find a restaurant known for Maori Hangi, a traditional cooking style of the Kiwis. You can expect meat, mutton, chicken, and other food items cooked by steam in the natural hot water pools.


Couple standing in front of car on New Zealand road.
What a place to take the wheel and steer!

Cost of transportation in New Zealand

Last but not least, it’s time to talk about the costs of local transportation. Getting around New Zealand is easy as there is an abundance of bus services, rental campers, trains, etc. 

Check the timetables and prices of buses in New Zealand here!


There is also an ample amount of domestic flights. They are the most convenient and effective mode of transportation. It might not be the cheapest, but if you want to see as much as possible in a short time, they are the best way to travel around New Zealand. Book the domestic flights in advance to get the best prices.

Search for domestic flights in New Zealand using Skyscanner or


The people in New Zealand are friendly, and people easily give a lift to hitchhikers. On average, internal transportation in New Zealand can cost around NZD 25 per day. Renting cars is another great option, and you can even share the bill among your travel buddies or a friend you made while on the journey.

One of the best options to rent vehicles in New Zealand is by using the website. It will allow you to compare the prices of various rental services to choose the right one for you. If you are not very picky in terms of the car’s condition, you can save a lot! Try to book rental cars in advance. Some have free cancellations, and by booking in advance, you can save even more. 

Uber is also available in New Zealand along with Ola, Uber’s Indian competition. However, they are expensive and at-least from the airport, you can consider buses.


New Zealand trip costs final thoughts

A traveler visiting New Zealand on a budget will spend an average of NZD 120 per day if traveling alone and choose to stay in a hostel or a small guest house. This expense includes their stay, food, and local transportation.

There’s no doubt that New Zealand is expensive to visit. The average cost of meals and stay per night is definitely higher when compared with the Southeast countries or even some European destinations. However, there are ways to save money, and all the amount spent in New Zealand is completely worth it! The country is lovely, and my trip to New Zealand is indeed one of the most amazing trips I had before this Covid situation escalated.

The key to keeping your New Zealand travel costs under control is to plan in advance. Search for the best accommodation options, transportation, and save on eating out, so you don’t need to cut down on activities and attractions. 

I hope you find this article helpful. Please let me know if you have any questions. Happy to answer in the comments section.


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