Is Seychelles expensive? Find out here!

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Seychelles is an archipelago of 155 islands and is known for its gorgeous beaches and clear ocean water. Due to its tropical climate and exotic beaches, tourists from all over the world travel to Seychelles to enjoy the landscape and the beautiful views around here. Visiting such a unique paradise comes with a price, so is Seychelles expensive to visit?

Yes, a holiday in Seychelles can be expensive, but here are several ways to reduce your Seychelles vacation costs. 

Are you planning to visit Seychelles anytime in the future? Then here is everything you need to know about Seychelles prices. From accommodation to activities prices, this article will cover all Seychelles trip costs to help you plan a perfect trip to this wonderful destination.

A beach at Praslin Island, Seychelles. Read this guide with Seychelles travel prices and tips to help you to plan your Seychelles trip costs from luxury to budget.
This isn’t a dream, it’s Praslin Island in Seychelles!

If you are planning a luxury vacation in Seychelles, this post will give you an idea of Seychelles resorts prices, the best activities you can do there, and help to make the most of your money.

On the other hand, if you are concerned about your Seychelles holiday price then you must read this post carefully. To help you plan a budget trip to Seychelles, I have mentioned several tips on how to save money while traveling here as well. From using public transportation to booking cheap hotels in Seychelles or self-catering apartments, this guide will cover it all.

A quick note before we start our Seychelles travel guide: the currency of Seychelles is the Seychellois Rupee. But to make your life easy, we are using USD dollars for all Seychelles prices and travel costs shared in this post. 

Are you ready to fall in love (even more) with this beautiful country and learn how to spend your money wisely? So let’s start our Seychelles trip costs breakdown.


How much does it cost to travel to Seychelles? Is Seychelles expensive to travel to?

Yes and no, and here is why.

Seychelles is located in the Indian Ocean, off Africa’s East coast. The archipelago is formed by 115 islands, but only a few are inhabited. There is only one major international airport in Seychelles – Victoria Seychelles Airport on Mahe Island.

Now it becomes easier to understand why flights are one of the major costs of a trip to Seychelles and why it takes so long to get there. Despite de isolated location, it’s fairly easy to travel to Seychelles, as it is well connected to all major cities in the world via direct or connecting flights.

  • Seychelles flight prices

The cost of flying to Seychelles will depend on the originating country, time of booking, airline, and the date of flying. You can find flights to Seychelles ranging between 500 – 2000 USD or more depending on how far away you are from the islands.

Ideally, Air Seychelles offers good service and value for money. So, if you have an option of booking Air Seychelles flights, choose that.

If you are worried about your Seychelles flight cost, my suggestion is to search carefully and check the prices way in advance. 

Searching for Seychelles cheap flights? Then search and book your ticket via Skyscanner or

Cost of accommodation in Seychelles

Another expensive thing about traveling to Seychelles is accommodation. Seychelles hotel prices can vary greatly, between 45 USD to 900 USD per night. Actually, It can be even more if you opt to stay in a luxurious resort as Four Seasons Seychelles or in an all-inclusive resort like Anantara Maia Seychelles Villas.

Four Seasons Seychelles

The good news is that there are many options for accommodation in Seychelles to choose from. Think of resorts, hotels, apartments, Airbnb, hostels and Couchsurfing. You can choose the one that suits your pocket and style of traveling.

Below we listed all types of accommodation you can find in Seychelles, prices and where to book them. That will give you a good idea of what you can expect to spend and help you plan your Seychelles trip costs more efficiently.

We’ll start with Seychelles hotels prices, from luxury to budget, and then go to other types of accommodations.

  • Seychelles hotel prices 

You will find several hotels and resorts in Seychelles whose price will depend on the services offered, the location of the property and in which islands it is. If money it’s not a problem, then you will be spoiled by the number of unique hotels in Seychelles. 

Most of the best hotels in Seychelles come with beach access, great views and impeccable service. For luxury resorts and 5-star hotels prices start at 300 USD per night for a double room. If that fits on your Seychelles budget then have a look at Kempinski Seychelles Resort (click for the rates).

The price of 4-star hotels in Seychelles starts at 250 USD per night and most of them will be beachfront properties with all the amenities you need for an unforgettable stay. Have a look at the rooms and prices of Le Repaire Boutique Hotel & Restaurant.

Le Repaire Hotel

Here are the best hotels in Seychelles by islands/regions:

Seychelles budget hotels’ prices are between 80 USD to 150 USD, it depends on the property location, amenities, and if breakfast is included in the rates. 

Most of Seychelles’ cheap accommodation will have everything you need for a comfortable stay, although the cheapest ones might not have beach access or view. Palm Beach Hotel offers a good value for money, a great location and positive reviews. 

Palm Beach Hotel

Here are the cheapest hotels in Seychelles by island/regions:

It is possible to find cheap hotels in Seychelles for 50 to 80 USD when discount deals are going on. But that means you would be traveling to Seychelles during the low season and booking in advance. Read our Accommodation Guide (here) for more tips on how to find and book the perfect accommodation for any holiday.

  • Seychelles Airbnb prices

Renting an Airbnb in Seychelles is a good idea if you are traveling with family or friends and find that Seychelles hotel rates are too expensive for you. Airbnb says that the average rental price in Seychelles is 226 USD, but if you are on a budget and research well, you can find accommodation on Airbnb for 80 USD to 100 USD per night. 

Before booking any accommodation on Airbnb read carefully the property details to be sure that you are renting a place only for you, or if you are renting a room in someone’s house. Also, if the accommodation offers all the facilities you need such as kitchen, parking space and so on. 

You can book your Airbnb in Seychelles by clicking here

  • Price of apartments in Seychelles

Another good option is to stay in a self-catering apartment. There are plenty of villas or apartments to rent in Seychelles and the prices can vary a lot depending on how fancy they are. 

You can expect to pay something between 50 to 100 USD for a self-catering apartment in Seychelles. It can be a small studio in a big property or a bungalow in a resort, the most important thing is that you will have a comfy room and access to kitchen utilities to cook your own food. It’s a great option for those visiting Seychelles on a conscious budget. 

East View Self Catering Apartments (click here for the rates) is a great apartment that falls in the Seychelles cheap accommodation category. The apartment is for two people, has all the facilities you need, a gorgeous view, a pool, and a budget-friendly price.

A little bit more upscale but still affordable, Domaine Desaubin Luxury Villas will give the feeling of staying in a private villa by the beach without the price tag of a luxury resort.

Click here for the best self-catering accommodation in Seychelles

Personally, I would advise you to stay in a self-catering apartment as it costs the least if you are traveling solo and you get water, access to the kitchen, and sometimes even free breakfast, all included in the room rate.

  • Couchsurfing and hostel in Seychelles

If you are traveling to Seychelles on a budget then you can try to find a Couchsurfing host in Seychelles or opt to stay in a hostel. A night in a hostel in Seychelles will cost you around 30 – 40 USD. Search for hostels in Seychelles here


Cost of tourist attractions and activities in Seychelles 

The sun setting at the horizon in Seychelles. Discover here all the information you need to plan your Seychelles trip budget
The best sunsets!

When it comes to attractions, activities costs, most of the questions are: is Seychelles expensive to enjoy? Are all the attractions and beaches paid? How much can you expect to pay for a snorkeling or diving experience? So, let’s find out!

First of all, If you have an unlimited budget for Seychelles, then you won’t miss out on anything. But if you are on a budget trip, then the information below will help you to make the most of your money. 

There are a lot of things to do in Seychelles, for both budget and luxury travelers. Here is a list of activities and attractions that you should include in your Seychelles itinerary.

  • Snorkeling or diving in Seychelles

One of the best things to do in Seychelles is to go on a snorkeling or scuba diving trip to experience the rich marine life. Scuba diving in Seychelles costs around 100 USD whereas a snorkeling trip costs around 25 – 40 USD. You have the option to do it on any of the nearby islands and the price remains constant in most cases.

Another option is to go on a boat trip for the whole day and visit a couple of islands and secluded beaches. These boat tours in Seychelles often offer BBQ lunch, snorkeling stops on different islands, and beach hopping. Have a look at this Curieuse St. Pierre & Anse La Farine Snorkeling trip that is highly recommended on GetYourGuide. 

  • Things to do in Mahe Island

Mahe Island is the biggest island in Seychelles and has a lot of places for you to explore. You can easily travel around Mahe using public buses and explore lots of beaches and viewpoints here. From botanical gardens to hiking trails, there are a lot of free activities to do in Mahe.

If you prefer to discover more about Mahe’s history, food, and beaches you can join a day tour around the island. This Seychelles 5 Beaches Adventure Tour (click here to book) costs 70 USD and has great reviews. 

  • Things to do in Praslin Island

Often known as the Garden of Eden (Bible reference), Praslin is a smaller island and is known for its gorgeous beaches. Anse Lazio and Anse Georgette are the most cherished beaches here that can be reached via buses or private vehicles without any additional entrance fees. The perfect spots for those who want to enjoy paradise without compromising their Seychelles trip costs.

Anse Source d'Argent beach in La Digue Island, Seychelles. Discover all the costs of traveling to Seychelles in this complete travel budget article. Prices of food, transport, accommodation and more.
A dream beach destination
  • Things to do in La Digue Island

My personal favorite is La Digue Island which is just 5 km in width and length and is home to the most photographed beach in the world. Although you need to pay 10 USD to enter this beach, you also get access to the coconut plantation, vanilla plantation, and Giant Aldabra Tortoise farm here. So, you can feed and spend time with these giant tortoises that are endemic to Seychelles.

  • Beach hopping in Seychelles

Beaches in Seychelles are stunning and you should visit as many as possible. 

For budget travelers, one of the best and cheapest things to do in Seychelles is to visit different beaches and spend time there. You can relax and sunbathe on these beaches, enjoy BBQ meals, swim or snorkel.

On the next topics will talk about the costs of transportation in Seychelles, so you can calculate how much you will spend to get from one beach to another, or traveling between islands.

  • Hiking in Seychelles

Hiking is one of the best and free things to do in Seychelles, perfect for those traveling on a budget. You have several hiking trails to choose from such as the Morne Blanc trail in Mahe Island, Anse Lazio to Anse Georgette trail in Praslin Island, Anse Cocos trail in La Digue Island, and so on. 

Don’t forget to buy your Travel Insurance before traveling to Seychelles!

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Seychelles food prices

A traditional local dish from Seychelles. We have covered all Seychelles travel costs in this complete guide to make your Seychelles trip budget planning much easier.
It’s yummy time!

Luckily, food in Seychelles is not that expensive and you can easily enjoy a meal for 5 – 25 USD. If you buy food from takeaway vans and local vendors, then it would cost you around just 2 – 5 USD and it will be extremely delicious as well. The local Creole meal consists of rice and curry and can be bought for 1 – 2 USD from most local vendors.

Seychelles food cost will vary according to where you choose to eat. If you are planning to have a meal in a nice restaurant, then Seychelles restaurants prices are a bit higher, expect to spend around 20 USD for each meal. 

For budget travelers, the best option is to buy meals from takeaway vans or prepare their own food by getting groceries and necessary condiments.

Also read: 20 Mauritius photos that will make you pack your bags and go.

Cost of transportation in Seychelles 

Finally, let’s discuss the cost of local transportation in Seychelles. This is basically divided into two sections: traveling on an island, and traveling between islands. 

If you wish to travel to different islands, then you have the option of boats, ferries, cruises, and helicopters. Boat tours in Seychelles are budget-friendly and perfect for people who wish to just explore a small island and then return back to the main island. Generally, a Seychelles boat tour will cost you around 45 – 80 USD and will cover your transportation, food, and drinks.

For traveling between major islands such as Mahe, Praslin, and La Digue, you either need to choose ferries or helicopter rides. Needless to say, helicopter rides in Seychelles are expensive and can cost upwards of 200 USD.

Ferries are the cheapest and more common way to travel between the islands. A ferry ride from Mahe to Praslin will cost you 50 USD, and from Praslin to La Digue will cost you 14 USD.

A photo taken from a boat with an island in the background in Seychelles. Planning a trip to Seychelles? Find all Seychelles travel costs here, from activities, food and drinks to transport and accommodation, we've covered it all in this post.
What is Seychelles daily cost?

For traveling on the island, you have several options as well. There are buses, cycles, car rentals, and taxis available to travel around an island. One of the cheapest ways to travel would be by taking a bus as it costs less than a dollar for a ride. And cycles are best for covering smaller islands such as Praslin, La Digue, etc. 

On the other hand, if you are looking for a more comfortable transportation option, then taxis or renting a car in Seychelles would be better for you. You can check the prices for renting a car in Seychelles on the RentalCars website, it compares different car hire companies so you can choose the one that has the best price or offer. 


Seychelles daily cost

Now that we know all the prices in Seychelles, let’s put the figures together and see how much a trip to Seychelles costs.

Overall, if you are traveling alone in Seychelles and choose to stay in a hostel or in a self-catering apartment, you will easily spend around 100 USD a day. This expense will include your accommodation, food, transportation, and sightseeing.

For those traveling as a couple or with friends, your Seychelles cost of vacation might be the same if you share budget accommodation, street food, and avoid paid experiences. 

A mid-range traveler that wants to go on boat trips, stay in a hotel, and travel around the islands, can expect to spend in Seychelles an average of 150 – 200 USD per day.

Luxury travelers can easily spend over 1000 USD a day in Seychelles, especially if they choose to stay in a top beach resort or 5-star hotel. Seychelles is world-famous for being a luxury beach destination, so you won’t be disappointed if you can afford the price tag. 


Is Seychelles expensive for you? Here is how to save!

A beach on Praslin Island, Seychelles. In this article we talk about all costs of traveling in Seychelles. Prices of food, drinks, transport, accommodation and attractions that will make your Seychelles trip budget planning much easier.
So, ready to go to Seychelles?

It is no surprise that Seychelles is expensive to travel to and that Seychelles hotels rates are definitely more than most countries. However, there are several ways to reduce your budget and have an amazing trip. 

The main thing to remember is to plan in advance and always be on the lookout for discounts and deals for stays, flights, tours, etc. to keep your budget.

Another tip is to avoid the peak season which is from May to August. This might be the best time to travel to Seychelles, but it is also the busiest and most expensive season. Hotels, restaurants, and tours are fully booked and prices are higher during these months.

Choosing when to go to Seychelles is key to save money. When planning your Seychelles holiday cost, have a look at dates in April, September or October, and you might find great deals for flights and hotels.

Being flexible with your food choices, cooking at your self-catering apartment and using public transportation instead of taxis are ways to save a few bucks and stretch your Seychelles travel budget.

You can find more tips on how to plan and where to book your trip and activities on our Travel Planning page (click here to read).

I hope this article about Seychelles prices and travel costs helps you plan your perfect trip and enjoy your time in this beautiful and unique paradise.

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Seychelles is famous for its beaches, crystal clear ocean and luxury resorts, but this expensive destination can also be visited on a budget. You will find on this Seychelles guide tips on how to plan and save on your holiday. We listed all Seychelles prices, from hotels to transportation, activities and food. All you need to know to plan your Seychelles trip costs are here.

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