5 Good Reasons to Visit Florida Soon

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Florida is one of the most visited travel destinations in the United States and in the world. In search of fun, sunshine, and excitement, people gladly head to The Sunshine State.

Even though theme parks are one of the most famous attractions of Florida, there is much more to see in this amazing state and plenty of reasons to visit Florida on your next holiday. And if you only have a couple of days, check out these 15 ideas for weekend getaways in Florida.

Here are some of the top things to do in Florida and some excellent reasons to make it one of your top destinations.

Top reasons to visit Florida on your next holiday

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1 – Florida’s Theme Parks

As already mentioned, Florida is a true paradise for those who like this kind of entertainment and Orlando is the world capital of theme parks. For many travelers, this could easily be the number one reason for vacationing in Florida and it is not such a surprise if you take into account that in Orlando you can find four theme parks.

Walt Disney World complex offers a spectacular experience with its theme parks, such as the Islands of Adventure, Universal Studios, and SeaWorld Orlando.

However, don’t forget to visit Tampa and its Busch Gardens Africa where you can get amused on the exciting coasters, but also see wildlife at a close distance. With a bunch of entertainment all over the place, you can spend days and days enjoying all kinds of coaster rides and fun activities.

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2 – Amazing Natural Sites

Florida has spectacular natural sites and one of the most important national parks on the east coast. They are an incredible experience for every visitor, no matter if you are here for the first or tenth time. Mother Nature has been very generous and given Florida some incredible places to brag about, like the amazing Everglades National Park or the colorful Florida Reef.

Another unique and wonderful attraction, one can see only once a year here in Florida, is the migration of monarch butterflies that fly from Mexico and take a break at the Gulf Island National Shore; it is a fabulous scene and something not many people in the world will have an opportunity to experience. A great number of natural parks and sites offer a chance for visitors to meet rare and exotic animal species and unique landscapes and areas.

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3 – Fantastic Beaches

One of the main things that come into your mind when someone mentions Florida must definitely be the fabulous beaches and endless coastline of the Sunshine State. With more than 825 miles of soft white sand, colorful pebbles, and seashells scattered all over the shore, Florida offers some of the clearest water beaches in the USA.

No matter if you are here to relax while tanning under the tropical sun if you are up for fishing and catching your own fresh meal, doing some water sports like surfing, diving, and snorkeling, or enjoying the nightlife on the beach, you can have it all here.

Think of all the things to do in Key West Florida, and the lovely days you can spend at Daytona Beach, Ponte Vedra and Miami Beach, just a few of the popular beaches to visit once you are in Florida.


4 – Florida’s Nightlife, restaurants, and shopping

These two things are inseparable for those who like urban life; perfect to add some spice to the vacation and shop till they drop.

When it comes to nightlife, Florida is known as a hive full of nightclubs and beaches that serve like open-air clubs. Besides Miami Beach, which is certainly one of the most popular places for nightlife in the state, places like the Ybor City area, Ft. Lauderdale, and even the Pleasure Island at the Disney World complex are excellent places to let yourself go and enjoy, not just clubbing, but visiting bars and restaurants too.

The food scene in Florida is delicious, and you will have a wide variety of dishes to try during your holiday. You will find local and international cuisine in most cities, but there are a few destinations where food is taken seriously. My suggestion is to add a few Sarasota Restaurants to your itinerary.

Shops are scattered all over Florida and even though for many it might be considered a synonym for luxury, you can find all kinds of malls, shops, and outlets with reasonable prices, just outside of Miami and South Beach.

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5 – Florida’s History and culture

Even though Florida is seen as a land of beaches and amusement parks, it is not even half of what you can see and learn about it, including its hidden treasures. One of the reasons to visit Florida is its diverse historical and cultural heritage that represents an exciting mix of British, Cuban, French and Jewish traditions and cultures.

On the other side, even if it may sound unbelievable, you can find many different kinds of museums in Florida; from art and science museums to military and history museums. There you can experience and get the picture of the events and all that made Florida what it is today. If you like concerts and theater shows, in Florida, you can find events happening in almost every town and all year round.


No matter which reason might be the one to lead you to Florida, it is worth visiting and discovering new things and places that adorn this state and make it one of the most desirable travel destinations in the world.

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