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We all know that James Bond fought his battles all around the world and in some astonishing locations worth visiting for every 007 Agent lover and eager traveler. We have listed some of our favorites spots in Europe so you can plan a 007 getaway and visit some of James Bond movies locations.

Casino Royale Movie Locations

Venice is a stunning destination featured at James Bond movie Casino Royale.

– Piazza San Marco, Venice, Italy

One of the memorable scenes of the Casino Royale movie is when Vesper and Bond come to Venice along the Canal Grande. The stunning view at the Piazza San Marco and all the iconic attractions of this place are displayed in the movie as shown from a luxury hotel on this famous Venetian square. However, don’t be surprised if you don’t get to see this amazing hotel once you arrive here; it doesn’t really exist in Venice and it is actually the building of the National Museum in Prague.

– Grand Hotel Pupp, Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic

And we are off to the south, to the Adriatic land of Montenegro and Hotel Splendide – or are we? The fictional Montenegrin hotel where the famous poker tournament took place in Casino Royale can be found in Karlovy Vary in the Czech Republic. This early 18th century hotel earned the name it got in the movie, thanks to its impressive architecture, high-class service and luxury spa treatments it offers.

– Danube House Prague, Czech Republic

This place is known as the spot where Bond was supposed to get his 00-status by making two killings. The Danube House is located at the banks of the Vltava River and represents a modern edifice made of sandstone and glass and with its futuristic look represents a perfect location for scenes like the ones filmed in Casino Royale. Unfortunately, you will have to settle for the exterior of the building and some restaurants and cafes you can find at the ground floor, since the entrance to the upper floors isn’t allowed.

Skyfall Movie Locations

James Bond went to Istanbul on Skyfall. A breathtaking scene on the roof of the Grand Bazaar.

– Grand Bazaar, Istanbul, Turkey

Definitely one of the most exciting scenes in Skyfall is the wild motorcycle chase through the heart of Istanbul, the Grand Bazaar. In the movie, they literally destroyed the Grand Bazaar, which can be very shocking for Istanbul fans, but don’t worry; you will find it all in order today. Despite the tearing and crushing, the movie shows all the beauty of this amazing market in Istanbul and the perfect harmony of the traditional East mixed with modern West.

– Parliament Square, London, UK

The scene where M is driven to meet with Gareth Mallory was filmed at the Parliament Square in London. There are a few filming locations in London to visit, but we warmly recommend to start with this one; plus, interesting attractions like London Bridge can be found nearby.

Spectre Movie Locations 

James Bond movie Spectre had many of its scenes filmed in Italy's capital, Rome.

– Roman Forum, Coliseum and Ponte Sisto, Rome, Italy

The eternal city was for the first time host to James Bond in Spectre. One of the main reasons was the spectacular and unique architecture that only this city can offer, especially places like Roman Forum, Coliseum and Ponte Sisto. The architecture of the Roman Empire was so impressive and picturesque, that directors didn’t have any dilemma where to shoot the scenes for this sequel. Most of the famous attractions and symbols of Rome were captured on screen is this fantastic movie and if you want to follow the steps of the Special Agent, don’t miss to see these amazing spots.

– Ice Q Restaurant, Solden, Austria

A beautiful area in the Austrian Alps, full of amazing hotels, high-class ski runs, and fantastic restaurants. One of those amazing places is the Ice Q Restaurant, showed in the movie, which is located on the Gaislachkogl peak at Solden ski area. If you really want a glimpse of the James Bond atmosphere, this is a place to have a meal.

– Westminster Bridge, London, UK

What would be another James Bond movie without a metropolis like London and a legendary spot like Westminster Bridge? The run along the Thames was a new and fresh perspective of showing the hometown of the Special Agent and to shoot iconic attractions of the city was just inevitable. Visitors who are eager to experience London in a different way just have to take a cruise down the Thames or choose a place to stay near the banks of the river to get the feeling of re-living the scenes from Spectre.

What are your favorite James Bond movies locations? Are you ready to book your flights?

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  1. Hi Robson,

    We visited the Grand Bazaar this past summer; felt like I was in Skyfall 😉

    A blast from the past that place is. You step back a few centuries. From bartering to the background to the overall vibe, it is a Turkish treat all the way.

    Thanks for sharing 🙂

    Signing off from Thailand.


  2. Interesting list, thanks for the post. It’d be great to see most of these places even without the 007 connection. Next list needs to be of Jason Bourne! These are always fun though- Game of Thrones, Lord of the Rings, etc. Thanks again.

    • Hi Mark,

      It’s interesting when you walk in a place that was featured in a movie, right?
      We just realized that one of Berlin’s metro station was on Hunger Games, we passed by the place a couple of times last month.



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