What To Do in Valencia – 2 Days Trip

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What to do in Valencia 4

Planning to travel to the Spanish coast? Here is what to do in Valencia in a 2 days trip. The city is full of history, flavours, modern buildings and street art. If you don’t mind wake up early and sleep late, 2 days are more than enough to enjoy the city.

Our journey through Spain’s Mediterranean coast started in Barcelona, after some days of great fun it was time to pack again, get a train and head to Valencia. We didn’t have much time to stay in the city, so we did a good research and planned what to do in Valencia in just 2 days.

To save time and learn about the city we booked a free walking tour with Tour Me Out Valencia, and it was a great experience. Our guide explained about the city´s history, local drinks and street art. Everything we Love!

What to do in Valencia 2

1º Day in Valencia

We woke up early, passed by a supermarket to buy some croissants and headed to the Jardí del Túria. An amazing 9 km river bed that in 1957 was transformed in a huge city park. Due to the severe flood the river was diverted and now, the old river bed is a green channel that cross the whole city.

What to do in Valencia 3rio

Through the Turia Garden we reached the old town. Our walking tour meeting point was at Plaça de la Verge and from there we started exploring the city main attractions:

What to do in Valencia 1

Our guide explained about Valencia`s cultural and architecture layers. Romans, Moorish and many other people were there, their influences are on the buildings, streets and the way people live.

After few hours walking we stopped by a nice café, but instead of drinking an espresso we tried “Horchata”. Hummm…. Delicious!

What to do in Valencia 5

This sweet and refreshing drink is made by tiger nuts and it´s kinda an official beverage of the city. The taste reminds soy milk, bit more sweet and flavored. I just love it!

Loaded with energy we kept walking around the city. Passed by La Lonja de la Seda, discovered some old and pretty streets and arrived at Torre de Serranos, where our tour finished.

What to do in Valencia 6

To celebrate our tour nothing better than another local beverage: Agua de Valencia! Our guide took us to a nice bar and we drink this fruity, delicious, dangerous drink. Made of Cava (Spanish sparkling wine), orange juice, vodka and gin, the tastes is so good that you can’t feel the alcohol. That´s why it is dangerous, after two glass it´s hard to get up from the table. 😀

 What to do in Valencia 7

In the afternoon we open our “what to do in Valencia” list and decided to visit some special places. One of the highlights was The Valencia Cathedral,  Rob got inside to see the stunning architecture and the Holy Graal displayed in one of the chapels. I stayed outside because I wasn’t feeling so good.

He is not a religious guy, but he told that the visit was amazing and in the Holy Graal Chapel he felt such a good and positive energy. Maybe was God blessing him, who knows?

What to do in Valencia 8

What to do in Valencia 8a

Later we went back to the La Lonja de la Seda de Valencia. The building constructed between 1482 – 1533 is on the top of the list of what to do in Valencia. A former market for trading silk, the palace is a masterpiece of Gothic style and it is a UNESCO Heritage site. Inside the walls the orange trees and blue flowers invite you to sit in the garden and relax for a while.

What to do in Valencia 9

What to do in Valencia 9a

Till the end of the day we walked around the old town. More we discover the city more it enchanted us. The day passed so fast, but we manage to see all the main attractions and even enjoy some delicious food.

We stopped by a nice local restaurant and tried the of the famous rice recipes. On Rob´s plate prawns, mussels and seasoning rice.

What to do in Valencia 10

2º Day in Valencia

Buaaaahhhh…. I woke up sick!!

Actually I didn’t sleep all night because of urinary infection. 🙁

Early in the morning Rob went to the pharmacy to buy me some medicines and we stayed in the apartment the whole morning. When I was feeling less pain Rob went to his run training and enjoy a little bit more the city.

The second day was time to go explore the Paseo Marítimo, Marina Real Juan Carlos I, F1 Valencia Street Circuit and Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias. And here is Rob´s opinion about what to do in Valencia´s beach area:

“Around Paseo Marítimo what called my attention was the beach and the promenade full of bars and restaurants. Although the Marina Real and the chance to jogging in the F1 track was the highlight of the afternoon.”

What to do in Valencia 3

“After the jogging I headed to the Ciudad de Las Artes y Ciencias, and my first impression was: I´m in front of simcity´s arcologies. The impressive architecture stands out in the landscape. One of the buildings also reminds Darth Vader helmet 🙂 Totally worth the visit!”

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What to do in Valencia 12a

Our 2 days trip has come to an end. Valencia is not as famous as Barcelona or Madrid  but is a beautiful city to visit, full of bars, restaurants and the traditional Fallas Festival that happen on march every year.  We didn´t get to see the giant doll and fire festival, but this is a good excuse to come back to Valencia one more time 😉

Have you already visit Valencia? What to do in Valencia during Las Fallas Festival? Leave you tips here!


  • Where to stay in Valencia

Airbnb – there are lots of options for sharing apartments and rooms. If you book your first stay from this link you get a $20,00 discount. Check it out!

  • Getting Around Valencia

Valência is pretty easy to walk, you just need public transportation to go the beach area: Paseo Marítimo, Marina Real, Valencia Street Circuit and Cuidad de Las Artes y Ciencias. The metro, buses and tram are very easy to use and connect all the city.

  • How to get to Valencia

You can reach Valencia by car, by bus, by train or flying. From Barcelona the cheapest way we found was by train (one fast train + a regional train).

To leave the city we used BlaBlaCar.


  1. What a great post. I would love to visit Valencia. I’m sorry you got sick though. I have some experience with that myself. I got so ill when we were in Ireland. I would love to visit Valencia some day and that church looks absolutely gorgeous.

    1. Hi Annie!!
      So glad that you like the post, Valencia is a beautiful city… And definitely I have to come back there.
      I’m sad to hear that you got sick n Ireland, hope you had the chance to enjoy that gorgeous country.
      All the best and safe travels.


  2. Some amazing buildings (that last photo makes me think of fishbones)!

    In Mexico, the Horchata is made from rice rather than nuts, but is delicious nonetheless…

    That said, the Spanish influence there and all across Latin America has at times made us wonder if we aren’t in Spain (somewhere like Valencia)!


    1. Hi Chris,
      Valencia has an incredible architecture!
      Horchata goes really well on a warm day, we drank a lot.
      That`s true the influence in South America is in every corner.
      Safe travels!!!

  3. Another great post! I am so excited to travel around Spain during Christmas holidays, though would only be able to cover Madrid and Barcelona. Have read all your posts about those cities. Will have to visit Valencia another time.

    1. Hi Chandrika!!!
      You have no idea how happy I´m while reading your comment!
      Thanks for following us!
      Valencia is definitely a gorgeous city, save it for your next trip to Spain. Then go to Valencia, Málaga and Cabo de Gata Park! You will love them!
      As you are travelling to Madrid, save some time to go to Toledo. And if you have spear time venture yourself outside Barcelona. Many tiny beautiful cities to explore there.
      All the best,

  4. Also when in Valencia you can visit Taberna La Marrana http://www.lamarrana.com/
    We are in the historical center of Valencia, really close to Plaza del Tossal, we are a tipical spanish bar, we offer tapas, really good jam and sausages, also salads, and tapas from around Spain
    Visit our Tripadvisor to check us https://www.tripadvisor.es/Restaurant_Review-g187529-d2489401-Reviews-Taberna_La_Marrana-Valencia_Valencia_Province_Valencian_Country.html
    Thank you!

    1. Hi Jesper!!
      Valencia is a nice city, indeed. I´m not sure if it´s all the cases, but many developers are facing problems to finish the buildings because of the ancient ruins found underground the city, so they have to stop the work till the have license or approval.
      Thanks for stopping by!
      Nat :-9

  5. Hi All, could you please guide me, how to find the local tourist at Valencia, Spain. I’m travelling to Valencia in July 1st week to attend the conference and i just have 2 days to explore different places in Valencia (Sat & Sun).

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