10 Tips for Your Perfect Holiday in  Bali, Indonesia

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Pristine beaches, ancient temples, delicious food, world-class surfing, rice fields… Countless are the reasons that make Bali in Indonesia a dream holiday destination. If you are planning a trip to Bali, look no further, here it goes our list with 10 tips for your  holiday in Bali:

1 » Sunset at Uluwatu Temple

Sunset in Uluwatu

There  are many beautiful places to watch the sunset in Bali. One of our favorites spots, if not the favorite one, is the Uluwatu temple. The temple is located on a cliff, overlooking the sea. In addition to the breathtaking views you can enjoy the sunset while watch a traditional Kecak dance.

Kecak dance


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2 » Sunrise in Kuta Beach

Sunrise over Kuta beach

You may not be a big fan of early mornings, but in Bali it’s worth waking up early. The reward is colorful sunrises on an empty beach. Even in Kuta, the busiest beach in Bali you can have the beach for yourself if you arrive with the sun. We love to catch the sunrise in our early morning run.

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3 » Learn how to cook Balinese food in Ubud

Cooking class in Ubud

Balinese food is a mix of influences, different ingredients and spices. To learn more about the rich Balinese food take cooking classes in Ubud. We spend half a day exploring the market, getting to know the best spices and of course cooking and eating!


Temples of Bali

4 » Visit the temples and admire the Balinese spirituality

Bali is known as the island of a thousand temples. Maybe there are more than a thousand, and one thing is sure, they are stunning. “Pura” is how the temples are called in Bali. Different from the rest of Indonesia which is predominantly Muslim, Bali main religion is Hinduism. The ones you should not miss: Besakih Temple, Uluwatu Temple, Tanah Lot Temple, Tirta Empul Temple, Berdugul Temple, Goa Lawah Temple and Taman Ayun Temple. Just remember to dress respectfully when entering a “Pura”.

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5 » Bali nightlife

When the sun goes down in Bali it’s time for cocktails and music.  Bali offers a huge variety of bars and clubs. In Kuta beach, the crowd usually is in their early 20’s looking for cheap booze and electronic music. Seminyak gathers a different crowd in a fancier selection of bars and clubs. The clubs get packed during weekends and the party lasts till the sunrise.


6 » Visit  and work in the rice fields

Rice fields in Ubud

You probably heard about the rice fields in Bali. Despite being a tourist attraction the rice fields are part of Bali’s culture. Rice is so important to the Balinese that they even have a goddess for rice, Dewi Sri. Head to Ubud where you can visit the rice fields and give a try on your farmer’s skills.

Working in the rice fields


7 » World-class Surfing

Bali is THE place for surfing. You will find several surf schools, surf shops and surf rentals all around the island. There are waves suitable from beginners to pros which makes surfing in Bali an experience like no other. From May to September is the best season to ride the waves on Bali’s west coast. During the rainy season, the swells hit the East coast more often.


8 » Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary

Monkey Forest Ubud

This lush green forest is home to hundreds of Balinese monkeys, conservation and researches are performed there. The 3 temples in the sanctuary were built in the 14th century. Just be careful with your belongings, the monkeys will come after you if they smell any food.


9 » Indulge yourself in a luxury hotel

source from : http://www.traveloka.com/hotel/indonesia/karma-kandara-161688
source from: http://www.traveloka.com/hotel/indonesia/karma-kandara-161688

A holiday in Bali is not complete without a luxury stay. With stunning views, impeccable service, exclusivity, perfect location,  The Luxurious Bali Villa – Karma Kandara has it all. The private pools overlooking the ocean are to die for. For the best deals check Traveloka.

If you are traveling to Bali on a budget then you might want to stay in one to the best hostels on the Bali island.


10 » Yoga classes in Ubud

The movie “Eat, Pray, Love” definitely put Ubud on the map. Among many activities to do in Ubud, Yoga classes is one of the most popular. Enroll in beginners classes or master your craft on Yoga instructor classes. Maybe you can find your love in the streets of Ubud…

We gave you 10 amazing tips for your holiday in Bali, but there are many many more. The island is beautiful, the people are welcoming and the food is delicious. We have been there once, and our second trip is already booked… Book your flight, choose the best villa and enjoy the island! And bear in mind that there are other amazing places to visit in Indonesia. Hope to see you there for a sunset cocktail or for some surfing sessions!


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