5 Reasons to visit Koh Samui – Thailand

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Thailand is a paradise land! The country offers numerous places for a perfect vacation, whether it is just a weekend getaway or a month-long holiday. No matter which place you choose, you won’t regret it. However, Koh Samui is still one of the favorite islands when it comes to a beach holiday in Thailand. There are many reasons to spend your holiday on this beautiful island. Here we gonna list the top 5 reasons why you should visit Koh Samui at least once in a lifetime.

Luxury stays are among the reasons to visit Koh Samui.
Image via Flickr by Arnie Papp.

1st – Luxury stays

Koh Samui vacation rentals can be found everywhere on the island, on its beaches, jungle or even close to the airport. And the options for a luxurious stay in Koh Samui are endless. You can choose a villa with private pool, jaw-dropping view, outdoor shower or mini-golf. If you are looking for a luxurious holiday this is the right island. Doesn’t matter if you are staying only for a few days, or if you plan a month in paradise, you can rent a luxurious villa for the whole trip or just for a 5 stars weekend.  

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You will find incredible nature when you visit Koh Samui.
Image via Flickr by Sebastien Bertrand.

2nd – Incredible nature

Koh Samui pristine beaches with soft and white sand are waiting for you. The sound of the wind blowing into the trees seems to be the only thing disturbing the peace in this paradise island. The travelers that started visiting Koh Samui back in the ’80s often yearn for the island’s look as it once was, complaining about how the commercialization has changed it all. This is partly true, but there are still wonderful places that preserved the original look and can definitely count as the untouched nature.

Also, the underwater life is amazing and you can get a chance to go snorkeling, exploring the colorful reefs and dive with whale sharks. On the other side, you can find incredible green jungles, hiking trails, hidden waterfalls and cascades. As well as interesting tropical flora and fauna. The nature of Koh Samui is stunning in every single way and Mother Nature was very generous when it came to this heavenly place.

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3rd – Cultural and historical heritage

Even though Koh Samui at first might seem to be only about the beaches and luxury resorts, there is much more to it. The Thai culture is what makes this place so colorful and interesting. Especially for those who would like to get to know better the culture and history of the locals.

Buddhism is the religion that prevails on the island and that’s why you will mostly get across temples and monuments dedicated to Buddha. One of the most famous attractions, when it comes to religious buildings and sites, is the Big Buddha statue. An imposing 12-meter golden statue dominating at the top of a colorful stairway. There is also the fascinating Buddha Secret Garden, with human and animal sculptures, hidden deep in the jungle. If you want to see the life of locals, the one that differs from the one shown in the resort, visit some of the small fishing villages and experience authentic Thailand.


Delicious Thai food is one of the main reasons to visit Koh Samui.
Who doesn’t love great fresh seafood?!

4th – Thai cuisine

This should be one of the main reasons to visit Koh Samui. All of us have ordered Thai food at least once or twice at home, but that does not even get near the genuine and authentic delicacies of the traditional, local cuisine. It all tastes much better, smells stronger and when it is served in a place like Koh Samui, it is just perfect.

Some of the local specialties everyone has to try in Koh Samui are Pad Thai, mango sticky rice, papaya salad and this list goes on. If you are here for the first time, make sure to ask locals about the best places to try the island’s cuisine. And don’t forget to try the street food, it’s yummy too. Be prepared to try some spicy dishes and if you are not much into it, don’t forget to mention it.

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5th – Shopping and nightlife

If you are someone who can’t resist shopping, no matter where you travel, you will not be disappointed once you arrive at Koh Samui. Even though the focus is on beaches, spas, nature and culture, shopping centers are high on the list of attractions of the island. From the main street of Chaweng where you can find malls and shops, to Bophut and Lamai where you can find gift and souvenir shops with unique pieces that you can bring back home. If you prefer places similar to flea markets, your place to be is the Fisherman’s Village Walking Street where you can find all kinds of products and items, from delicious food to clothes and flowers.

On the other side, if you don’t like walking from place to place and would like to avoid the outdoor heat, we recommend you to visit the Central Festival Samui, which is actually a huge shopping complex where you can wander all afternoon through shops with world-famous brands. Also, there are cafes and restaurants where you can take a break from the shopping fever and relax with a cup of coffee or some of the delicious Thai dishes.

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This tropical heaven is waiting for you. Pack your bags and book a flight to paradise – once you visit Koh Samui you will definitely come back again.

Pack your bags and book a flight to paradise – once you visit Koh Samui you will definitely come back again.
Image via Flickr by Arnie Papp.

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