5 Awesome Activities to Try in Boston

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Boston Skyline

There is no wonder why Boston attracts so many visitors each year, as the city has important historical significance, impressive landmarks, prestigious colleges and art institutes with breathtaking collections. There are so many activities to do in Boston, that you will be surprised.

Boston has amazing historic spots to visit and learn essential information because the city is the birthplace of the American Revolution and one of the oldest towns in the USA.

If you are a nature lover, Boston is also a great location, as it has several outdoor activities, like kayaking in the Charles River or wandering around Boston Common and Public Garden.

Plus, as the city is ranked periodically among the top ten most-visited places in the USA, it must be on your checklist as it will not disappoint. 

So, if you want to discover some awesome activities in Boston you can miss, keep reading. 

Fun activities in Boston you must do

Boston, Massachusetts at the Public Garden in the spring time.

1 – Visit Boston Common and Public Garden

The Boston Common and Public Garden are parks in the city’s heart, and you can easily visit them because of their central location.

Also, combining the two, you have approximately 74 acres of land to wander, enjoy the fresh air and have a quiet moment away from the city’s bustle. The area also has a lagoon, which is splendid to see, and you can also ride the famous Swan Boats, which are patiently waiting for you as you enter the park.

Plus, as the Public Garden is one of the oldest botanical gardens in the United States, constructed in 1837, you can spot several beautiful landmarks and admire plenty of species of trees and flowers. 

The area is open all year, and you will fall in love with the landscape from each season, as every one of them will give something unique to the park. 

2 – Attend a show at the Boston Opera House

After many years when the place was quite abandoned, in 2004, with the help of some much-waited renovations, the building recovered its original beauty and now has incredible shows that amaze Bostonians and worldwide tourists.

With its fairytale décor of terra cotta details, crystal chandeliers and gilded moldings, the building is the home of several award-winning impressive theatrical performances. You can attend plenty of shows, from ballet to amazing Broadway musicals, and you surely want to see the famous production of The Nutcracker, which takes place every year during November and December. 

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View of the courtyard of Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston.

3 – Wonder around the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum

The Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum is an architectural gem, a Venetian-inspired palazzo representing the former house of an important American art collector, Isabella Steward Gardner. 

Precisely as she wished, the place is now a museum open for the public to enjoy the impressive art collection, and the courtyard, which is also remarkable, as it has vast species of flowers that bloom all year round. 

You will have the chance to wander along a collection of more than 7,500 stunning art objects, over 8,000 historic items collected from around the globe, like sculptures, ceramics, textiles and furniture, and a selection of over 2,700 manuscripts and books. 

She collected all these unique objects during her life, so visiting the museum is the best way to keep her memory alive. Plus, on the first Thursday evening of every month or on your birthday, you can enjoy a free visit, and you are even luckier if your name is Isabella, as you will also have free admission. 

Old State House on the historic Freedom Trail in downtown Boston Massachusetts USA

4 – Follow the historic route along the Freedom Trail

The Freedom Trail is an extraordinary experience, as the route is composed of 2.5 miles, where you will encounter 16 important sites from the American Revolutionary War, which began in Boston. 

Every step from this path tells a story, and along the way, you will visit meeting halls, cemeteries, historic churches, and battlegrounds. 

If you don’t have much time but want to track some historic steps along the trail, you shouldn’t miss the Old North Church, the Paul Revere House, and the Copp’s Hill Burying Ground in a neighborhood known as Boston’s Little Italy.

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5 – Walk along Charles Street

Along Charles Street, you can soak up the classic New England charm with its iconic cobblestoned streets in one of the most historic areas in Boston. 

This location contains all the little details that make people love this fantastic city, such as historic architecture, great restaurants, brick sidewalks and endless shopping possibilities.

Make sure you take your time to enjoy the charming place and also bring your camera, as every corner can be the perfect background for your Instagram photos. 

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Alternatively, you can linger over a coffee at the many restaurants in this area and watch how the locals come and go to attend the usual activities of their daily life.

Which of these amazing places will you visit the next time in Boston?

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